So the requirements for this challenge were to include strawberry gelato, a sharpie, scissors, a bobcat, and an umbrella. In other words, a "Five Objects Challenge." Set in Venice during the Europe trip because, honestly, where else can you find truly magnificent strawberry gelato? Remember that reviews = love.

"Wait, catch the drip, right there…"

"Got it."

"No, it's dripping again, over there! …And there."

"No! Now it's gone all melt-y!" Lorelai looked mournfully at her once solid scoop of chocolate gelato that sat atop a waffle-esque cone. She glared at Rory who was carefully scraping off a bit of her fruity gelato out of her cup and sticking it in her mouth. She took a defensive step back.


"Why isn't yours presenting as much of a problem?"

"Because I got strawberry gelato which not only cannot be obtained back home but also tastes all wrong with the cone, so it must be served in the little cup and thus the melting is not an issue," Rory explained.

"Why didn't you tell me? My first Italian food experience has been ruined by your lack of attention!"

"I tried! But you were like, 'European chocolate! Mine!'"

"Then you should've explained that Germany was different! Or –"

"C'mon," Rory began pulling on her mother's hand as she started walking up the Rialto Bridge. "You lick while we shop!"

"Ooh! Italian shopping! I'm into that!"

"Yes! Now this is the Rialto Bridge, which is one of the most major bridges in Venice…" Rory commented, pulling out her well-bookmarked guidebook. Lorelai gasped.

"Look at these glass figurines! They're so pretty!" It was her turn to pull Rory over to the third stand.

"They are nice! I like the butterfly."

"I like the bobcat. Look! He's blue!" She held it up for Rory to see.

"So you go to Italy and want to buy a blue bobcat…. I'd have thought you'd go for the shoes."

"Eh, it's a quirk," Lorelai shrugged. "Hey –how much?" She asked the saleswoman.

"Twenty Euros."

"I say it's worth it."

"Well, if you say it's worth it, I don't suppose it matters that it's over half of today's budget," Rory commented as she looked skyward. Lorelai handed over the cash and used an antique pair of scissors on the display table to cut off a bizarre ribbon hanging around the glass bobcat's neck.

"It looks like it's going to rain, judging by the gray clouds."

"What? No! Isn't Venice supposed to be really, really sunny during the summer?!" Lorelai exclaimed, looking up frantically. The sky rumbled in response.

"Well, now that's just rude."

Rory quickly stepped over to the next kiosk which looked very tourist-y. There were some conveniently placed umbrellas near the front of the stand.

"They're five. Do we even have an umbrella back home?" She asked.

"Very doubtful," Lorelai said, handing the drunken salesman five Euros. "And look! The handle's white plastic, so we can etch our names on it, like so." She pulled a sharpie out of her jeans pocket and had begun the beginning of "Gilmore" when a couple of drops started to fall.

"Okay, screw the names we need to open this thing!" Lorelai exclaimed.

"I can't –the lock-thingy's weird! The lock-thingy's weird!"

"So, uh, what do we do?" Lorelai asked, bouncing on the balls of her feet.

"Um, run!"