Author's Note: Ok I know I said I was taking a break and I had fully intended to but then this story jumped into my head and I had to write it. At first I was going to write a revenge tale involving Kyle Boon, the serial killer from early in season 3. But I was thinking about Judgement Day and this was the result, hopefully all will start to become clear when you read. I don't know how frequent my updates will be and I refuse to guess.

The title is french for Revenge, Love and Betrayal

I don't own NCIS or any of the character's

Paris 1999

The park was quiet, something he was glad of, after all he had came here for silence, for the chance to get his head together. He sat down on the park bench and looked around, the cool breeze that fluttered through the air ruffled the bare branches of the trees and the lights that were wrapped around them, giving the wide pathway an almost fairytale look.

Tilting his head up he stared up into the inky black sky and studied the sparkling silver stars that broke through the darkness. In his mind he went through all the consolations he knew and tried to find them. It was at least another hour before he had to carry out his mission and he didn't want to spend it pacing up and down his hotel room. Out here it was a lot more soothing. Part of him wondered why this bothered him so much, after all he had done it before. This time though something seemed different, something was going to happen, something bad, he just knew it.

He shook his head, being around Gibbs and his infamous 'gut' was obviously rubbing off on him, he told himself it was just nerves, after all this was big target, one he couldn't afford to screw up. They had had one of those already, Jenny had been unable to pull the trigger on her target, Svetlana, and so Gibbs had done it. He shook his head that woman had definitely gotten under the boss's skin something he had never thought possible, at least they had stopped denying the relationship although neither one would confirm it either, it had been pretty obvious how close they were and they had been for a while, even before this mission in Paris started. He had to stifle a laugh as he wondered who's bright idea it was to put them undercover as husband and wife, it just meant they didn't have to sneak in and out of each other's rooms. Decker knew that their relationship wasn't why he had helped her out though by taking out her target, in everything else the woman was a master and would no doubt get further than anyone else on the team. It wasn't even that she hadn't killed before it was just that it had always been on the spur of the moment and to save a friend and colleague, she was just unable to contemplate shooting someone in what to her was tantamount to cold blood. He had seen how it tore her up though, that she had seen it as a failure on her part, he had also heard, although he was sure that he wasn't meant too, Gibbs's words of reassurance to her. Seen the way they had leaned into one another, their foreheads almost touching as Gibbs had run a hand down her cheek while telling her that not being able to pull the trigger didn't make her a failure and at least she had told him rather than pretend she had carried through with the kill. It wasn't even worth ending her career over, the chances that she would ever have to carry out such a ruthless task again were slim to none.

Decker pulled himself out of his thoughts and looked at his watch, it was time to go, time to finish this mission. He looked once more into the peaceful sky before getting up off of the bench and walking slowly but confidently out of the park.

Calvados club was home to the elite, only the richest and most influential were allowed entry, from looking around the bar you wouldn't think that anyone in there was even remotely special, there were no famous actors or models, no one recognisable. No the people who were allowed admission were far more powerful, they were mainly ruthless businessmen and a smattering of bent politicians who used the club to carry out their deals.

The club was owned by a Nikolai Tarasov and it was one of his few legal pursuits. He and his lover Svetlana Ivanski had came to NCIS's attentions when they began selling weapons and running numerous drugs rings, smuggling both the drugs and the weapons in and out of America. Unfortunately despite months spent investigating them they had failed to get enough to arrest them, they had caught and jailed plenty of their minions but never enough to close the entire operation and so the decision had been made to make them disappear, the appropriate paperwork had been signed and now Svetlana was gone and only Nikolai remained.

The club was packed tonight but the most dangerous conversation was taking place in the darkened corner of the room behind a red velvet rope. Blowing out his cigar smoke Nikolai glared at his companions through the haze he had created and the men in his presence shrank back into their seats, averting their eyes, hoping to avoid being the subject of his wrath. He spoke in English, although his accent remained distinctly Russian,

"I want to know who was responsible"

"We are trying but the Police have no leads, they have no evidence and there were no witnesses"

His fist banged down on the table, anger flashing in his eyes as his voice sharpened and got slightly louder, although it was still quiet enough not to be overheard, "Yes! I am aware of that! Svetlana was shot and left to die in a filthy alleyway and yet no one appears to have seen anything!", Nikolai once again brought his cigar up to his mouth and inhaled deeply, not grimacing once, he exhaled again his eyes narrowed and when he spoke again his voice was calmer, "This is unacceptable, I want whoever is responsible for this, I want them to pay for what they have done, I want them found", he eyed each of the men in turn, "Do you understand me?"

They all nodded, "Yes Mr. Tarasov"

"Good", He sat back in his seat and waved his hand at them, "Go", They all obeyed his command leaving him alone with his thoughts. With his free hand he picked up his scotch and sipped at it while he scanned the club, noting that his head of security was making his way over to him, pausing at the rope. Nikolai had had security increased since Svetlana's murder and knew that they wouldn't bother him unless it was important so he nodded his consent and the man crossed the divide and knelt down next to his boss's ear,

"We scanned the perimeter hourly as per your request, there is a man hanging around the back alleyways, he's been there for at least an hour now"

Nikolai placed his glass down on the table, he knew what this was, whoever had killed Svetlana was after him, he met the man's eye as he told him, "You know what to do, I'll be there in an hour or so"

Decker circled the area again, he knew the likelihood of Nikolai leaving the Club before close was unlikely but he knew he had to be here just in case. The thumping music from the club drowned out any noise, which is why Decker didn't hear the footsteps behind him, in fact he wasn't even aware he was no longer alone until at least four strong hands restrained him and a rag was placed over his mouth causing everything to go black.

When Decker blinked his eyes open he found himself tied to a chair in what looked like a darkened store room, he pulled slightly on the bonds, relieved when he found them to be quite loose. A cold, heavily accented voice broke through the silence, "I wouldn't bother trying to escape, my security have the place heavily guarded and you do not have a weapon. I do however have a weapon, your's to be precise, so if I were you I would stay put."

Decker frowned slightly, "Why because you don't like a moving target?"

The darkened figure moved into the stream of moonlight that was flowing through the upper window and Decker's heart sank when he saw Nikolai Tarasov standing in front of him. The man let out a low chuckle, "No Agent Decker you misunderstand my intentions, I want you to stay put so we can talk, I have something to discuss with you"

"Really", He tried to keep the fear out of his voice, "What is it?"

Nikolai paced the floor in front of him, "As I'm sure you are aware my partner Svetlana was brutally murdered last week and obviously I would like some retribution for what happened to her. Now I find it a bit of a coincidence that less than a week after her death an American Navy cop is found wandering around the back of my club carrying a gun. So tell me who was responsible for her death?"

"What makes you think I wasn't the one who was responsible"

He shrugged, "Call it instinct but regardless I want a name"

"Yeah well you're going to be sorely disappointed, you may as well just shoot me now"

Nikolai laughed again, "Oh no I will not be so merciful, if you refuse to cooperate your death will be slow and painful", He leaned into Decker's face, "You will beg for death and still I will not grant it."

Decker couldn't help it, his breathing and heart rate increased as fear coursed through his veins, Nikolai of coursed picked up on it and grinned maliciously, "I think you may be ready to negotiate."

"No", He silently cursed himself when his voice cracked in fear.

"You know William", He took in the man's startled expression, "Sorry I thought if we were going to do this we should be on first name terms. Anyway as I was saying I can be very reasonable in my negotiation's and I am more than willing to make up for any inconvenience this may cause, after all everyone has a price"

'Well I don't'

"Let's get to the point, give me a name and I will not only let you go I will also pay you three million in your American dollars"

Decker blinked rapidly at this offer, he wanted to turn it down but the words wouldn't come out. The truth was he didn't want to die, especially not at the hands of this monster, he knew it wouldn't be quick or painless, more like the complete opposite. Also he hadn't been happy in his job for a while now and he didn't see why he should have to die for it. He swallowed heavily before asking, "What are you going to do with the name?"

"If I were you I wouldn't concern yourself with those minor details, come on William all you need to do is give me a name and all your troubles are gone"

Looking away from the man's steely gaze Decker choked out, "Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs"

On hearing the name Nikolai actually looked slightly surprised, "I thought it would've been a woman"

Now that he had started to talk Decker found that he couldn't stop, "It was meant to be Agent Jennifer Sheppard but she couldn't go through with it, since Gibbs is the team leader he dealt with it."

"Why did he not make her follow through?"

"They're involved, he loves her and making her go through with the killing would have hurt her"

Nikolai let out a bitter laugh, "Yes we do tend to do foolish things for the ones we love. Well Agent Decker I have what I need, I will leave the building and in five minutes my security will come in and let you leave. I will see the money is transferred into your account in a month's time, that way you will be free and clear of this mission"

"What do I tell them?"

"Tell them you completed the mission as required, tomorrow a news broadcast will announce that I was murdered while leaving my club last night. Don't worry they'll never discover your betrayal"

As he watched the man get up to leave Decker felt his conscience twinge and he called after them, "You won't hurt them? Will you?"

"Ask me no questions and I'll tell you no lies"

On being released Decker headed straight back to the hotel, wanting nothing more than to get into the shower and try to rinse himself clean, try to absolve himself. His heart sank when he entered into the hotel foyer and saw Jenny and Gibbs sitting on one of the sofas, obviously waiting for him. Needing a moment to collect himself Decker ducked behind a pillar so they couldn't see him, taking deep breaths he watched them together. Their guard was obviously down and they looked every inch the happy couple, Gibbs had an arm around Jenny, pulling her into his side while her hand rested on his thigh as she leaned into his ear, whispering something into it causing him to laugh. Jenny blushed slightly as he brought her hand up to his mouth and kissed her knuckles.

Decker could feel himself shaking, he had all but signed their death warrants, they were his team, his friends and he had sacrificed them to save his own skin. It was too late to go back now though, he had made his decision and he couldn't stop the wheels that had been put into motion. Taking deep breaths he stepped out of his hiding place and made his way over to them. It was Jenny who noticed him first, she flashed him one of her brilliant smiles as she let her hand discretely slip away from it's place on Gibbs's leg,

"Did everything go ok?"

"Yeah, went off without a hitch"

He saw Gibbs's eyes narrow as he observed him, he took his arm from around Jenny's shoulders and leaned forward as he asked, "You feeling ok?"

"Fine, just you know what it's like, I just need a drink and some time alone"

Gibbs nodded, "Fair enough, we can do the debrief in the morning then, I'll let you rest"

Jenny shot him a look of concern, "Are you sure you don't want company? You should join us for a drink"

"No", Decker shook his head, "Thanks for asking though Jenny but I think I'll leave you two alone, don't fancy being the third wheel", he shot them a small grin.

Raising an eyebrow and letting a small smile play across her face Jenny replied, "I have no idea what you are talking about Will"

Gibbs took a sip of the bourbon he had placed on the table in front of them and glared at him over the glass, the warning rife in his voice as he growled, "Decker…"

"Sorry boss, I'll be going now, you two enjoy your night", He turned and walked away, trying to push away the feeling of guilt that was bubbling away inside of him.

The next day the paper's were rife with the news that well known business man Nikolai Tarasov had been shot dead while leaving his club Calvados late last night. Police believed that his murder was connected to that of his lover's death less than a week ago but at present there were no leads. In the next few days Nikolai's business ventures began to wind down as there was no one left to take control. As the mission neared it's end Decker handed in his resignation, this move didn't surprise anyone as they knew he had been thinking about it for a while, so no one was suspicious of his motives.

Gibbs and Jenny remained in Paris on another mission, neither one aware that this was to be the last one they undertook together as partners.

The years passed and Decker began to believe that Nikolai was never going to seek his revenge and eventually the guilt subsided and he forgot all about his deal with the devil and just enjoyed his new found riches.

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