This chapter is rated M. I'm giving you fair warning.

6 Months later

Tapping his fingers impatiently on the desk, Gibbs glanced at the time displayed on his computer screen. Noting that it was just after six. His eyes moved over to where his team were sitting, each engrossed in their own little world.

"You finished writing up?" Their heads snapped up in unison.

Tony let the pen he'd been clicking against his mouth drop to the desk. "Um, yeah it's done," he replied nervously.

Gibbs gave a brief nod. "Then go home."

The team exchanged glances, quickly decided that this was an opportunity not to be missed, and gathered their coats; McGee and Ziva scurrying quickly towards the elevator without pause. Tony, however, slowly shrugged his coat on. Continuing to eye Gibbs warily as the man in question turned his attention back to the papers on his desk.

He could feel the younger Agent's eyes boring into him, as they had done for the past few months. He knew that Tony still didn't feel as though his mistake six months back had been completely forgiven, but equally Gibbs knew that nothing he could ever say would fully assuage that guilt. The only positives were that Jenny had recovered, and that neither Tony or Ziva would ever let themselves slip up on a protection detail again. Both realising that they would never be able to live with the consequences.

A small cough from Tony's direction made Gibbs look up again. Tony gave a weak smile. "We're going for a drink. All of us. Ducky and Abby too. If you wanted to join us .."


"Right." Tony gave a small nod, looking longingly in the direction of Ziva and McGee standing next to the elevators, waiting for him. "Shouldn't keep them waiting."

As he turned to head in the direction of the elevators, Gibbs's voice stopped him.


Tony looked back, his voice hopeful he replied, "Yeah Boss?"

"Have a good weekend."

The younger agent's shoulders visibly relaxed and a small smile crept across his face. Things were still slightly strained between him, Ziva and Gibbs but slowly they were beginning to improve. "Thanks Boss."

Gibbs watched him go, watched his team laugh as they headed into the elevator. He waited until the steel doors slid shut before pushing the paperwork aside and grabbing his jacket. Taking the stairs two at the time as he moved swiftly in the direction of Jenny's office.

The outer office was dark and gloomy, Cynthia having already left for the day. Which also made it possible for Gibbs to get into the office without interruption. He stalked into Jenny's office, shutting the heavy door and leaning against it. Watching as she looked up from her desk. She flashed him an easy smile and took her glasses off, folding them neatly beside her.

"Need something, Jethro?"

He moved forward, lifting her coat from the rack and looping it over his arm. "We're leaving."

Jenny gave a small laugh and shook her head slightly. "Are we?" She asked, thoroughly amused. "And just where are we going?"

"How did physiotherapy go today?"

A minute frown flittered across Jenny's face for a second before comprehension quickly dawned. "I've been discharged from their care, but," she added with a smirk. "you already knew that, didn't you?"

Gibbs smirked back at her held out her coat. "Come on."

She leaned back in her seat. "Where are we going?" She repeated easily.

"I'm taking you for dinner to celebrate," Gibbs finally replied.

Jenny pushed herself to her feet, and moved fluidly towards him. Taking the proffered coat from him and letting him help her slide it up her arms. Smiling when his fingers brushed the side of her jaw. She pulled her jacket straight and began to button it up as she spoke, "See how much simpler things are when you answer the question." He didn't reply, instead his hand slipped to the curve in her lower back and he ushered her towards the door, hitting the lights on his way out.

"So your place or mine?" Jenny asked as they headed towards the stairs.


Jenny's smile grew. "You're taking me out?"

"Uh huh."

"Didn't think you were into those 'rubber chicken' dinners," Jenny teased.

"Just thought I'd do something nice for my former partner," he said with a grin.

They chatted amicably through their meal. The tension that had haunted their relationship in the months before LA long forgotten, and the ease they'd had in the past was back. Allowing them both to relax.

After dinner they drove back to Jenny's townhouse and Gibbs fell into step behind her, watching her walk. He'd always enjoyed watching her because she'd always moved so elegantly, but now it had extra meaning. He'd watched over the past six months as she'd struggled to walk, and in the beginning even to stand. On the rare occasions she'd allowed him to drive her to and from her appointments, he'd seen the glimmers of frustration on her face and known that a lesser person would have given up, accepted their restrictions or spent at least twice the time getting to the stage Jenny had tirelessly pushed herself to reach. She'd stuck firm to her statement that they wouldn't start anything until she was well, but at the same time had been careful not shut him out. Although he'd been aware that she'd wanted him there just as much as he'd wanted to be there, he was careful to allow her space. To make it clear that he was waiting - just as she'd asked him to.

As Jenny pulled her keys out of her bag to unlock the front door, he moved up to her. His arms wrapping around her waist, his lips pressing a light kiss against her temple.

He could sense her smile as she told him, "Jethro, I need to open the door." The key suddenly sliding easily into the lock just as the words left her mouth.

"No more excuses, Jen."

She tugged the door handle and they both stumbled into her hallway. Jenny turned in his arms, her fingers deftly curving into the lapels of his jacket; steadying herself. "No more excuses," she echoed. One hand trailed steadily upwards curling around the nape of his neck, fingers toying with the short hair there.

His hand moved from her waist. Cupping her arm gently, he angled it slightly and turning his head he placed a small kiss to the sensitive skin of her inner wrist, smirking at her soft inhale of breath. He caught her gaze, watched as her green eyes darkened considerably and knew that his were having the same reaction. He brought his mouth to hers, brushing his lips against hers in a feather light caress. Gratified when she deepened the kiss; his lips parting under the pressure exerted by her. His other hand curving around her hipbone and pulling it into him as he felt her moan against him. Briefly breaking the kiss, Jenny leaned her forehead against his, breathing harshly as she kicked off her heels.

"Upstairs, Jethro."

Gibbs nodded against her, catching her mouth again he backed towards the stairs, stumbling as the back of his ankles hit the bottom step. Beginning to feel vaguely like a desperate teenager again.

Eventually they reached the bedroom, although neither was really sure how they got there, and Jenny quickly pushed Gibbs's jacket off his shoulders, letting it hit the floor with a thud. He took a step back, swiftly removing his shoes and socks before pulling Jenny back to him again, his fingers briefly toying with the small buttons of her silk shirt before undoing them deftly and letting the material slide to the ground. At that he felt her actions pause, the hands that had been busy undoing his buttons faltering. He brought his mouth up from her collarbone and caught the apprehensive look that flickered across her face. He was just about to ask her what was wrong, when he trailed his hand up her side, his fingertip brushing along a slightly raised scar and saw her bite down on her bottom lip in response. Gibbs swallowed heavily, realising that the litany of scars she'd acquired was playing on her mind. He let his thumb idly caress the one on her stomach and lowered his mouth to the smaller one on her shoulder, the one that marked the bullet had torn through her flesh and pressed a kiss to it, feeling her begin to relax as he did until she'd fully leaned into his caress and restarted her pursuit in undoing his buttons, he unzipped her skirt and let it fall to a puddle on the floor. His shirt quickly joining it.

She ran the tips of her fingers down his chest to his belt, tugging on it, bringing his hips into closer contact with hers, revelling in the groan it prompted and cupping him through the fine material of his trousers, before undoing the buckle of his belt and shoving both his trousers and boxers to the floor. Turning them around, she backed him towards the bed and crawled over him, her knees on either side of his hips, her mouth seeking out his again. Gibbs hand's trailed up her sides, curving around her back until the reached the clasp of her bra, undoing it. Pulling it off he curved his hands round, catching her heavy breasts in his palms, rubbing his fingers over her hardened nipples. Smirking as she moaned, her lips briefly pausing in her exploration of his collarbone. Levering himself up on his elbows, he suckled one nipple into his mouth, angling his weight so that he could rub his fingers teasingly along the dampened material of her panties.

Jenny moaned and arched her back. Letting herself briefly enjoy the sensations coursing through her before knocking his elbow out, causing him to fall back on the bed so that she could continue her own pursuit.

Giving him a triumphant smirk, she trailed her mouth down his chest and abdomen, only pausing to briefly flick her tongue against his nipples before continuing. She skirted his erection, listening as his harsh breathing picked up pace as she did so. Turning her head she nuzzled one upper thigh briefly, her hand lazily caressing the other side, feeling him strain, trying to angle himself to where he most wanted her contact. She grinned against his skin, and continued to nuzzle the sensitive skin as her other hand trailed teasingly across his sac, her fingers caressing it mercilessly earning a choked moan in response. Keeping her hand in place, she moved her mouth to his base, glancing up in time to see his eyes fractionally and then ran her tongue up his pulsing length, pausing at the tip she met his eyes and lazily ran her tongue along the slit, her free hand lightly squeezing him as she did so, her other hand continuing it's slow tease. As she repeated the action she heard the hitch in his breathing and felt his fingers curl around her upper arms; insistently pulling her upwards until she was face to face with him.

Gibbs took some deep steadying breaths. it had been far too long and he wasn't sure he was up to her teasing. That and he was sure it was time to do some teasing of his own. He rolled her quickly, pinning her wrist above her head with one hand and using his other hand to tug off her last item of clothing. His mouth found the hollow of her throat as his thumb teased her clit and he slipped a finger into her wet heat, another one quickly joining it. She moaned loudly and her head fell to one side, her mouth open she gasped as her back arched and he continued his assault. She could feel herself hurtling towards the edge, but knew that this time she wanted him to fall apart with her. Her fingers curled as his lips found her jaw and she somehow managed to choke out, "Jethro, I want you."

His caress slowed before stopping. Feeling his fingers slid from her made her shudder and she arched her hips in a silent plea. Letting go of her wrists, he fitted his hand under her thigh and tilted her hips upwards before sliding inside her, his mouth seeking out hers as he did so. Her fingers curled around his biceps, her hips moving in rhythm with his, squeezing her inner muscles around him as he drew back, thrusting hard and deep.

Their eyes met, Jenny's hand curling into his, unable to form words she just moaned raggedly. He felt her muscles begin to flutter around him, and keeping his eyes fixed on hers thrust hard again, and felt the flutters change into spasms as she cried out, letting himself go, a harsh groan tore from the back of his throat as he toppled over the edge with her.

Eventually, once there breathing slowed and their heartbeats came back into normal ranges, Gibbs turned onto his side and pulled her into his chest, nuzzling into the crook of her neck.

He could sense her smiling, and hearing the small satisfied sigh that escaped from her he knew that he wouldn't have anymore regrets when it came to them.

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