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Trinity Cruor: nuptialis campana

The two watched as Abel Nightlord gazed out the window down at the blue planet. Seth leaned her head on Lilith's shoulder and sighed. Lilith smiled lightly and wrapped her arm around and gave her a light squeeze.

"He looks upset today." Seth spoke softly, hoping her older brother didn't hear her. Lilith nodded.

"Him and Cain got into another fight this morning." 04 stated.

"About what?" Lilith shrugged her shoulders.

"I don't know, but he's been staring out that window for at least an hour. Whatever it was, it's torn him up badly."

"Maybe we should talk to him." Seth thought out loud. Lilith shook her head.

"He'd probably blow up at us. Abel isn't in a very good mood right now. He'd probably electrocute one of if we tried to cheer him up right now." Seth nodded. She knew Lilith was right she hated it though. She wanted to take care of Abel, as he took care of her. She loved Abel dearly, more than she cared for Cain. Though everybody loved Cain. How no one not like him. So bold, charismatic, intellectual, but Abel had a smile that could melt the frozen tundra of the artic. He was more held back, shy and not sure of himself. Seth found it was just easier to be near Abel that way. Though there were times like these where it was practically dangerous.

Abel's worse flaw was probably his deadliest; his temper. She gazed over at him now and noticed how tightly he had his fist clinched. His knuckles looked as if they were ready to tear through the skin. He stood still; his long gorgeous silvery blond hair cascaded down his back. Seth watched his refection on the glass; his eyes seemed lost in another realm, like he was almost dreaming.

"Your brother has a lot of anger in his heart." Lilith spoke softly. "Cain is making it worse. I swear he gets a thrill out of getting Abel mad. It's amazing how much those two are alike."

"Huh?" Seth looked at the exotic redhead. "Alike? Abel and Cain are nothing alike. If anything those two are from different worlds." Lilith smiled and shook her head.

"Not the way I see them. Those two are more alike than you know. While Abel expresses his feelings outward, Cain tends to hide them. Their like a mirror to each other." Seth shook her head.

"Those two have nothing in common." Lilith shrugged her shoulders.

"Suit yourself." She smiled. Seth looked back at Abel. He seemed to breath in and relax. He turned around and looked at the two.

"Do you two have anything better than to sit there and stare at me?" Lilith smiled at him.

"Apparently not." She spoke softly. Abel shook his head and turned to leave. "I see the pain in your eyes Abel and how it torments you so. I just want you to know that Seth and I are always here for you. We want you to be happy." Seth nodded in agreement. Abel turned and glared at them both.

"I'm fine." He scowled. Seth tensed up and tried to hide behind Lilith. She hated it when Abel was angry with her. She looked back at her brother as he made his way down the corridor.

"He has much to learn about life." Lilith spoke sadly. "Abel is lost within himself. Maybe one day he'll stop looking at all the bad and horrible things in his life and start focusing on the positives."

"Like what?"

"Like what?" Lilith repeated. "Like you for instance and me. We're two positives."

"Like how we're all together and we always here for each other."Seth added. Lilith nodded.

"How Abel can't resist those 13 spoonfuls of sugar in his tea?"

"How he stutters when you prove him wrong." Seth smiled.

"See..." Lilith hugged her tightly. "Abel has all those positive things in his life." Seth nodded in agreement. She loved talking to Lilith; she always knew how to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. How she could find the sunshine in anyone's life. "I have a feeling that your brother's anger hasn't hit its peak yet."

"Why do you say that?" Lilith shrugged.

"I don't know. I just have this feeling that Cain will finally do something drastic to get Abel to snap." Sadness filled the redhead's eyes. Seth had a feeling that Lilith knew what it would be too. "And when that time comes..." She looked sternly at Seth. "You have to be there for Abel. Let him know that he's not alone, that the world is not against him. Could you do that for me?" Seth nodded.

"What about you?" she asked. Lilith kissed her head lightly.

"Don't worry about me. I'll be fine. Worry about your brother." Lilith smiled and giggled to herself. "At the rate he's going, I don't think he'll ever find a suitable wife." Seth's eyes widen.

"Abel, marry? Ha! Like that will ever happen." Seth laughed.

"It will." She smiled, unfazed by Seth lack of belief. "Trust me, Abel will find the one he is destined to be with. I just know."

"What will she be like then?" Lilith sighed and leaned back in her seat.

"Well...I think she'll be a little like your brother. She'll have some sort of temper, but loyal to the ones she loves, probably shorter too." Seth laughed.

"And she'll be this rough and tumble kind of girl that's not afraid to stand by his side." Lilith nodded.

"She'll want to stand on her own two feet. I have a feeling that she'll be as stubborn as Abel as well." Seth shook her head. "What?"

"Abel is never going to marry, Lilith." The younger crusnik crossed her arms. "Abel is Abel and nothing is ever going to change the way he is. No woman would even give him a second look. Not with Cain there for that matter." Lilith smiled and shook her head.

" have so much to learn about the world."

"Like what?" 04 shook her head. "He won't marry."

"Fine then." Lilith smirked. "Why don't you and I make a little bet then."

"Fine." Seth grinned back. "I bet you a hundred thousand dinars that Abel will never marry."

"And I'll bet you a hundred thousand that he will." The two shook hands sealing the deal.

"It's a lost cause. No woman would ever put up with him."

"Oh! There will be one. Just you wait, you'll eat your words one day and I'll be there laughing, telling you I told you so."

"Yeah right. It'll be the other way around." 04 shrugged and shook her head.

"Whatever you say Seth. We'll see who is the last one to laugh, but for now I think I should go check up on Abel. I'm sure he has quite a bit of venting to do."

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