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Chapter 1: Twin Trouble

"Karou? Karou where are you?" Hikaru Hitachiin turned another corner and tightened his hands into fists. Slamming the fist against the concrete wall, tearing the skin in the process, Hikaru felt a raindrop hit his cheek. Moment's later thunder rumbled and the rain came down by the bucketfuls. Hikaru took off running in search of some means of shelter. Once he reached the commoners grocery market (as Tamaki would put it) he stepped inside and flipped open his cell phone when he heard that familiar ringtone, "What is it my lord?" He didn't even bother to hide the irritation in his voice.


Hikaru was startled by the tone as well as the volume in Tamaki's voice. He then remembered that he had completely forgotten to inform the rest of the host club about his twin's sudden disappearance, "I'm at Konohai's grocery market. Karou's missing."

"Stay there; we'll come pick you up. Then we will organize a search party to find Karou." Tamaki answered after speaking to Haruhi in the background.

Hikaru flipped his phone shut and stepped back outsides standing underneath the hanging roof. He shoved his hands into his pockets and leaned his head against the concrete wall. Hikaru thought back to how he had wound up in that situation in the first place. All the blame was to be placed on the host club king and his ridiculous ideas.


"Until next time ladies." Kyoyua opened the door and waited for the last of the customers to leave before turning his attention to the rest of the host club, "Well I suppose I will see you all first thing Monday."

"Hey Haruhi, what are you doing this weekend?" Tamaki asked.

"Well actually there's a festival taking place this weekend and I planned on checking it out since I missed it last year." Haruhi answered. Seconds later she backed up and fell against the couch when Tamaki got extremely close, "Uh Senpai?"

"Then the host club will be joining you! What a day to spend with my wonderful daughter!" Tamaki went into full Daddy mode smothering Haruhi in the process.

Haruhi managed to release herself from her senpai and turned around, "I'm going by myself."

"Oh come on Haruhi don't be so mean to daddy!" Tamaki whined pulling out his puppy dog eyes causing everyone else to groan.

Haruhi rolled her eyes as she made her way to the door, "I'll be right back senpai." Moments later she returned holding a dictionary, "Tamaki-senpai, I don't believe you know the meaning of the word 'no' so I'm going to show you myself." She jumped when she felt the Hitachiin twins drape their arms around her shoulders.

"You do realize that definition is written in a language he won't understand." Hikaru spoke.

"Besides you know how Milord can it be when it comes to commoners activities." Karou added.

"So please just say yes and save is from the agony of watching him come up with some scheme to go anyway and of course drag us into it." The twins spoke in unison.

"Haru-chan I agree with Tama-chan." Hunny said as he swallowed his last bit of cake, "The host club hasn't done anything together for awhile. Besides a festival sounds like fun!"

Haruhi groaned, "Not you too Hunny-senpai!" She plopped down on the sofa and leaned forward resting her head in her hand, "I thought this was supposed to be my weekend." She sighed, "Ok fine, but I will meet you guys there at 10:30, don't be late."

Tamaki beamed, "Then it's settled. We go first thing tomorrow!"

Kyoyua pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose, "Now that we have that taken care of let's plan for next week's day."

(8 am next morning)

Karou groaned into his pillow. He had just woken up from a very strange dream and was trying his best to fall back asleep and not disturb his twin. He was failing miserably at both tasks.

"What's wrong Karou?"

Karou jumped when he saw his twin's eyes open, "Hikaru you startled me." He took a deep breath and waited for heart to stop pounding, "nothing wrong I just can't call back to sleep."

Hikaru smiled, "I'm sorry. Are you ok?"

Karou turned to he was on his back looking up at the ceiling, "Yeah I'm okay, just curious about a dream I just had. I don't really remember what happened but I think it had something to do about today."

Hikaru looked at his twin with a concern expression, "you mean the festival. Do you think something is going to happen?"

Karou shook his head, "I don't' know. I just know that the dream scared me." He let out a faint gasp when he felt Hikaru's hand on his bare shoulder.

"It's Ok Karou it was just a dream nothing more." Hikaru pulled his twin closer, "Besides today we can bug Milord by kicking his butt at all the activities and keeping Haruhi just out of his reach." He waited and sure enough a smile appeared on his look-alikes' face. Seconds later their cell-phone ran blaring out the ringtone that made them both groan. Hikaru picked up the phone and flipped it open, "Yes what is it Milord?" the then switched it to speaker so they both could hear Tamaki at the same time

"You answered after the first ring. That indeed is the first."

The twins looked at each other confused, "Kyoyua sempai- why are you calling us on Milord's phone?"

"Because I am at his mansion. We figured we would meet at the Suoh estate and head to the festival from there." Kyoyua answered, "His estate is the closest to where it's being held."

"How is it such a wonderful commoner's event was taking place every year without my knowledge?" Tamaki spoke in the background. Moments later he started dancing around the room.

"Could you meet us here in an hour?" Kyoyua asked ignoring the blonde's idiotic dance of happiness.

"Sure we'll see you in an hour." Hikaru flipped the phone shut and turned to see Karou already heading towards the bathroom.

(1 hour and 10 minutes later)

"Did Haru-chan say where she wanted us to meet her?" Hunny asked clutching his bunny close to him.

"Mori-senpai, why don't you lift Hunny-senpai on your shoulders and let him look around?" Hikaru suggested.

Mori nodded as he lifted Hunny on his shoulders. "Take a look around and see if you can find her." He slowly turned in a circle so Hunny would be able to see in all directions.

"Oh wait I can see here. She's standing next to one of the booths." Hunny pointed in a direction opposite to where they were standing.

Mori set Hunny down and the host club followed him through the crowd. It didn't take them long to reach Haruhi who was trying her luck at the goldfish scooping booth.

"Haruhi!" Tamaki ran and glomped his 'daughter' from behind causing her to drop the fish, "Oops!"

Haruhi shrugged her senpai off and started to walk away, "I knew this was going to happen. That's why I wanted to come here alone…" she grumbled as she started to walk away.

Tamaki revealed, "You didn't say anything like that."

Kyoyua slid into the scene, "It appears he was too excited about the festival he wasn't even paying attention to what you were saying."

"Haru-chan, wait for us!" Hunny ran after his kouhai and gave her his cute eyes, "Don't be mad at Tama-chan. We couldn't find you when we first got here. Tama-chan was just glad that we found you."

Not even Haruhi could resist her senpai's cute features and knew Tamaki had no clue what she had been doing, "It's ok Hunny-senpai. Come on you guys let me show you around." She jumped when she felt two arms drape themselves on her shoulders. Haruhi mentally slapped herself in the face, 'Should have expected these two to do that." Moments later she heard a squeaking. She turned around to see Tamaki frozen in place. Clearly he had been trying to glomp his 'daughter' again but was beaten to the bunch by Hikaru and Kaoru.

As the young female host showed the rest of the host club around the festival, each of them spotted something that sparked their interest. The whole time the twins kept Haruhi just out of reach of their lord. After a few hours they decided to break for lunch.

"Haru-chan this has been so much fun!"

Haruhi smiled, "I'm glad you're enjoying yourself Hunny-senpai." She turned to see Tamaki sulking in the corner, "Now what's wrong with him?"

"Milord hasn't had a chance to spend anytime with you today so he's trying to make us feel sorry for him." Hikaru explained.

"It's not our fault he wasn't quick enough to escort you around the festival." Karou chimed in causing to Tamaki to start yelling in the background. Of course everyone ignored him.

"Well why don't we order our food so wee can return to the festival." Haruhi pleaded.

After some minor complications due to Tamaki's fascination with the commoners menu the host club ordered their food and were not patiently waiting for their dishes to arrive.

Karou stood up, "Be right back." He then headed in the direction of the restrooms.

15 minutes later Hikaru was starting to get antsy, "I'm going to go check on Karou." With that he excused himself from the table and headed towards the bathroom, "Karou, Karou are you in here?" To his surprise the restroom was empty. Hikaru suddenly doubled over by a sharp pain in his stomach. Something was wrong. He ran out of the restroom and looked franticly around the restaurant. When he saw no sign of his twin Hikaru ran out of the restaurant. He didn't' know exactly where he was going. All he knew was he had to find his twin, "Just hang on Karou I'm coming."


Hikaru was brought back to the present when he heard a car horn beep. The older Hitachiin twin ran and climbed into the limo, "Thanks." He was answered with a slap across the face, "Haruhi what the hell was that for?"

Haruhi took a deep breath, "That was for running off and scaring us half to death. What the hell were you thinking running off without telling us? Do you have any idea how worried we were?"

Hikaru clutched his cheek shaking his head, "I'm sorry. I just couldn't find Karou and I panicked. Karou said he had a bad feeling about today. It doesn't' happen very often but Karou will have a dream that seriously scares him. Once in a great while the dreams will prove true." Hikaru tightened his hands into fists, "I just want my brother. I'm so worried about him."

Hunny climbed off Mori's lap and scooted closer, "Hika-chan you can hold my bunny if it will make you feel better."

Hikaru smiled, 'No that's ok Hunny-senpai. I appreciate the offer though." He brought his legs up onto the seat and hugged his knees to his chest, "To be honest I'm getting scared. I can't shake this feeling that something had happened to Karou."

Kyoyua pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose, "Hikaru tell me where have you looked so far."

Hikaru thought for a moment before explaining all the places he had searched for his twin. He then turned and looked out the window, "Do you have any ideas Kyoyua senpai?"

Kyoyua flipped out his phone, "Just leave it to me. After we called you Hunny-senpai called the troops (episode 7 for the anime the troops that attacked Honey when they went to Kyoyua's jungle paradise) and organized a search party. He told them to call me if they had any news." Moment's later Kyoyua's phone went off, "Yes? Hmm, I see. Yes than you." the vice president of the host club flipped his phone shut, "They found him…"

Hikaru turned, "Where is he senpai?"

Kyoyua sighed, "He's at the hospital…"

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