A/N: To all current and possibly future readers of Trustworthy vs Untrustworthy. I highly regret to say I will no longer be updating this story. I have lost interest as well as a decent direction for the plot to go and trust me I have wracked my brain as hard as I could for somewhere to go with it. I do apologize for all who were interested in in what was going to happen but to be perfectly honest even I didn't know. Also this story wasn't getting anywhere anyway considering I refused to 'copy everyone else' by putting Kaoru in danger and having Hikaru rescue him. Plus in my opinion it was one of my least popular ones anyway. Also for those of you wondering what twincest intentions there would have been I will give an all out spoiler. I would have had two kisses happen between them. One would indeed be the 'wedding kiss' and two at the very end but as mentioned earlier I could not seem to get an idea to flow correctly. I humbly apologize to anyone I have am or will be dissapointing. I may return witha new story but this time lol. I promise it will be completely thought out. Happy reading to all! And good luck to all writer's facing writer's block. Also I may update this in the future if any ideas spring on me so I will keep it up but for now please do not look for one any time soon. Again I apologize.