Chapter 1: In which the Hunter learns how to open a door and use a flashlight.

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(Hunter's POV)

I stared at the few remaining humans as they made their way across the street, dodging several of my brothers, including one just like me. I didn't relate to them very much though. Watching the remaining humans recently became a sort of game for me, I had no desire to leap after them while screaming, because that would involve me getting hurt, even though I don't feel pain too much. I didn't know why, but following them was more interesting than trying to kill them.

They made it across the street, even though one of my largest brothers was chasing them. He failed to catch them as they paused outside of the building with the darker skinned male cheering for some reason. The elderly male told him something that made him quiet down and the group began to head inside. Waiting until they had made it inside completely, I leapt across the roof and followed them through the open door.

They killed several of my lesser brothers as they headed for a door leading to a bright room. Realizing I would lose them, and against my better instincts, I made it into the room before they did and hid behind several large objects. They were indeed some strange humans. The lighter skinned male was always boasting about how many of my lesser brothers he had killed while the only female sighed in annoyance. The dark skinned one was always looking around, I will have to be wary of him, while the eldest one sat cleaning the object that had killed many of my fellow brothers.

My stomach protested its emptiness as I fought the urge to pounce. Watching these humans took my thoughts off of killing as they began to speak quietly to each other, in a language I had long since forgotten. If I was found now, I would surely be on the wrong end of that killing object and be killed.


The entry door was barricaded by large objects; there was no escape for me now. Watching them eat made me even hungrier, If I did not eat soon, I would be dead for I would surely pounce on someone. After they had finished eating, they began to lie still, sleeping. The instinct to kill began to fill my every thought; I had to eat. Now. Creeping over to the place where they had been eating, I checked to see if they had left anything. Nothing.

I glared at the humans, growling, as I looked for something to eat that didn't have a pulse. Just then, my keen nose picked up something edible. It was cleverly hidden under dark skinned one's sleeping bag. I reached over to him and eased my hands under the bag, finally finding a noisy object. Being careful to not wake any of the humans, I pried my prize out from under him and scampered back to my hiding place.

Safely back in my hiding spot, I uncurled my claws to reveal a colored bar wrapped in some kind of material. I managed to open the material with out making much noise, and then stared at the object in my palm. Was it food? What was it? It smelled like something I could eat, so it must be something I could eat. At least that's what I thought before cramming it into my mouth and barely chewing before swallowing.

AAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIEEEEE! THE TASTE! NOT GOOD! NOT GOOD! Whatever I had just put in my mouth was too sweet! The taste forced me to gag as I rolled about on the floor, clutching my throat. I knocked over a large object which crashed to the ground. Recoiling, I crawled under the large object I had been hiding behind and lay still. All of the humans began to stir, the elderly one coming close to inspect the object I had knocked over.

Satisfied that it was just an accident, he turned back to the group and told them "False alarm." before preparing to leave.

The dark one snapped at the group." All right! Which one of you ate the last Twinkie?! I was saving that!" The female sighed again, brushing some of her hair away from her face before picking up her weapon again. The lighter one called them over to the door where they could leave, the elderly one putting his hand on the round part of the door, twisting, and pushing the door open. All of them left the room and closed the door behind them loudly, shouting all the way and I could hear the noises that their weapons made.

I had memorized their scents, so finding them wouldn't be much of a problem, but this door... well... It would require some work.

Remembering what the elderly one did, I reached out and put my hand on the round part of the door, clasped it, and turned it the same way. The door opened! I should remember how to do that, it would be very useful. Feeling pleased with myself, I dashed after the fading scent, I don't want to lose the only source of entertainment around here. I decided to follow these humans as far as I possibly could, to see how this goes.

But I will avoid any little colored bars in noisy material.

-- Day 2--

I had become accustomed to staying several feet out of sight from the humans as I followed them into their next safe house. I darted ahead of them into the room before they did and found a new hiding place and settled in. They all filed in, barricading the door just as tightly as they did the first time. They barricaded it well so they wouldn't have to worry about any of the lesser ones getting in. I would only hope that my largest brother wasn't headed our way; These humans were too fun to watch and I didn't want them dying anytime soon.

The elderly one, whom the others called "Bill" came very close to my hiding spot and I tensed, eyes alert and legs ready to spring at any chance of escape. He paused before reaching me, and instead turned when he heard the call of the dark skinned one, called "Louis."

" Hey man, Check it out!"he called as he held up a frozen object. " Hamburgers! I bet we can cook them if we get a fire started!" The other man, "Francis" and the female, "Zoey," all voiced an agreement as they got to work. They set up an area and set it on fire(I hate fire!) and set up a spot for the frozen blocks to sit upon, not too close to the fire. To my surprise, the blocks began to melt, and the smell of the food inside made my mouth water. After eating, they began to talk once more and then lay still again.

Curiosity (and hunger) getting the better of me, I approached the now-dead flames as I made sure that they were all asleep. They had left a few of the "hamburgers" on the rack! Grabbing them, I shoved them into my mouth and gorged myself. Wasn't what my instincts desired, but it was certainly enough to keep me quiet. And they tasted quite good. They had left a lot on the rack, so I ate all of them and crawled back to my spot.

On the way, I stumbled across a weird tube. Wasn't like anything I've ever seen before, it was large at one end and small on the other. It was attached to Bill's protective clothing, but that was easily removed with a gentle swipe of the claws that my kind are proud of. Holding the tube in my claws, I looked at both ends and ran my fingers along the edges. Chancing upon a mechanism of some kind, I pushed against it, with the side that reflected me pointing at me.

My eyes!! This thing blinded me! Shaking my head furiously to clear the light in my eyes as I put the tube that had angered me so next to Bill again. Thankfully, in my haste to get rid of it, I got rid of the light somehow. Still partially blinded, I located my hiding place again and made sure I was well hidden before easing myself into a peaceful slumber.


(survivors, out of POV)

Bill glared at the others once they were all awake. " Who's been messing with my flashlight?!" Francis shook his head. " Don't go hallucinating on us now, old man." Bill brought up his hand in a rude gesture. Zoey pointed at the ground. " Look, your flashlight just fell off. The material holding it must have been loosened when that Hunter pounced you yesterday. We're just lucky it fell off in here and not in the street somewhere.

Louis gasped when he saw the rack. " All of the hamburgers that were left over! They- They're gone!" All of them turned to look at the rack. " Wow, you're right." agreed Zoey. Francis's face fell. " There goes breakfast. Where did it go? Not like it grew feet and walked outta here." Zoey rolled her eyes.

"No sense worrying about it right now, we have to keep moving."


(Hunter POV)

When the noises of movement reached my ears, I remained still and quiet so that I wouldn't be found. Once they were gone, I came out of my hiding place. Making my way to the door, I tripped over the tube again. One of them must have dropped it. Without it, they can't see in the dark like I can. I don't know why I wanted to help them, It just seemed... natural.

I picked up the tube and slid it into the pocket of the clothing that my kind wear and opened the door. A useful ability indeed. I raced after the scent and leaped into a hole in the ground after them. Only when I had almost caught up to them did I realize: How was I going to return it? I couldn't just walk over to them, they'd kill me!

While trying to make up some kind of plan, I absentmindedly took the tube out of my pocket. I turned it on and off while trying to think. Moving it around, I made a slight game out of shining the light onto objects and moving it. Left, right, left, right, up, down, and through the door...

"Screeeeeeeee!" my fooling around with the tube had startled one of my sisters! She hurtled at me with the same speed of one like my own and chased me. In my haste to escape my angered sister, I realized that upon entering the room, I failed to check around for any of my kind. Cursing my own stupidity, I ran out into the open street, leaping over dead lesser and even one of my own.

How far is she gonna follow me?!


(Survivors, out of POV)

Bill stopped to light a cigarette as Francis cleaned the remaining Boomer vomit off of himself. Zoey looked around and felt in her pockets. " Has anyone seen my flashlight?" Louis helped her look around the area a bit. "Nope, not here. You must have dropped it when we left the safe house. We can always get another one, not like there's anyone around to say no."

"Screeeeeeeee!" all heads snapped up as the Witch's screaming could be heard. Was there another survivor? All of them exited the alleyway and stood staring as a Hunter, running like mad, tore across the street, a Witch not too far behind him. Francis, not wanting to leave any zombie un-dead, fired on the Witch as the others joined in, not quite knowing what to make of the sight at hand.

The Witch was subdued, and as her remains fell to the ground, Bill turned to go find the Hunter, who had long since left.

"Now that was weird."

Louis looked around. " Yeah, that was really weird. Never seen a Witch chase anything except us."

Francis chuckled. " Maybe that Hunter startled her somehow?"

Bill whirled to look at him. "With what? A hug?"

Zoey laughed at her companions as she walked towards one of the buildings. " Let's laugh about that later, for now, let's get on that roof so we can get a better view."

Once on the roof, the Horde somehow climbed up there as well and the fight was on. Zoey was carried off by a Smoker while a Boomer vomited on Louis. Francis stayed to help Louis fight the growing Horde while Bill ran to help Zoey.


(Hunter POV)

I saw the commotion on the roof. I had been hiding after my sister had chased me all over the street but when her screams stopped, I knew it was safe to stop running. Jumping onto the roof myself, I saw one of my brothers, who usually just shoots his tongue out, snag Zoey and carry her further away from the group. The hell he will!

Leaping over a fragile window, I put my claws into his tongue, severing it. I might have picked a better time to do that though, she fell into the window and to the ground below. I am so stupid. Throwing the "Smoker" as they called him off the roof, I leaped into the hole in the window. Wasn't that far of a fall to the floor, she wasn't dead. Reaching her, I stopped. Now what?


(Zoey's POV)

Stupid Smoker! When I get out of this hole I'm going to give each and every one of them what's coming to them. But first, smack Bill for shooting it while I was on a window. Clearing away the shards, I searched for my flashlight but realized, duh, I don't have it. My only hope now was that Bill and the others knew how to open the door from the other side. It was locked on my side. A low growl made me stiffen. Hunter.

They can see better than we can in the dark. Please be outside, please be outside. A Hunter came into my field of vision. Crap. I'm gonna die.


(Hunter POV)

I stood before her as I watched her ease backwards. Her weapon lay too far for her to reach and try to hurt me, so I stood with some confidence. I reached into my pocket and took out the tube. She flinched at my actions, but I rolled it to her feet. She took the tube, dumbfounded, and stood up. I watched carefully as she retrieved her weapon before grabbing her and leaping back out of the window. Her screams hurt my ears, but my intent was to return her to her group before she shot me.

Dropping her gently onto the roof, I backed away cautiously as she stared at me with disbelief. Keeping her eye on me, she yelled to her comrades below, who were trying to force the door open. "Guys! I'm up here!" They made their way back onto the roof while I tried to get off it. Fail. Francis pointed his weapon at me. " Zoey! A Hunter!" He was quick, but I was quicker.

Leaping off the roof, I avoided several shots as I took cover under the machinery below. Mission accomplished.


(Survivors, out of POV)

Louis and Bill wheezed as they managed to catch up to Francis, who was yelling at Zoey. " Why didn't you shoot it?! That Hunter was in point blank range!" Zoey stared at the spot where the Hunter vanished. " He brought me my flashlight."

End Chapter 1

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