My Baby Girl

Renee PoV

The day has finally here. My baby girl, Bella was getting married. These past two years I've missed having he around. Yes, I love Phil but I miss kissing her forehead every night, getting hugs in the morning and hearing her say "I love you Momma" as she fell asleep on our couch.

For so long it had been just me and her. Then I got married and when he was gone I missed him. Bella could see it, and took off for Forks. After all the summers she refused to go to this town because she hated it, she was giving up her friends to come here. My perfect, selfless baby girl. I always wished she'd find someone to love her forever, but she found more than that. She found someone who she couldn't live without, and vise versa.

Edward Cullen isseemingly perfect. He is Handsome, Kind, and Loving. Everything my girl needs.

As the Wedding March starts, I get flashes of Bella's childhood.

The day she was born.

Wrapped up in pink, smiling at me as I sang "You light up my life" a song my own mother sang to me but I couldn't remember until she was born.

Her first birthday.

Her first day of school.

Her last day of ballet class.

The day she left Phoenix.

Edward Grinned at her as she walked down the aisle, my beautiful Bella.

She slowly walks, trying not to trip, she turns her head around as she walks past me and mouths "I love you" Tears fill my eyes as I blow a kiss and mouth "Love you Baby"

And just like that….the flashbacks come again and I realize how much she has grown. From the little girl who fell out of the swing daily to this gorgeous young lady in front of me.

No matter what anyone says, I raised her well. No matter how many times shes told me "Mom, I'm not a baby." She will always the baby playing with my hair as I sung to her, the day an angel was born. My angel.

A.N So what do you think? I've always thought of Renee and Bella being really close like my mother and I am. I know it probley stinks, but its just an idea I got.