A/N: In this story Jacob is already a werewolf before he becomes close friends with Bella.

No. That was the only thing running through my mind. He was gone. Before I could blink, let alone speak, he took off.

He told me he didn't love me anymore. And I believed him. What would lead him to do this anyway? He just didn't love

me. Than in an instant I felt my legs start pushing me forward. I didn't know I was running until I turned just as I was

about to hit a tree. "EDWARD!!!" I called repeatedly, thinking he would run back and take me in his arms. But by the

20th time I said it, I knew he wasn't coming. But my legs kept on pushing. I was surprised that I hadn't fell yet knowing

my clumsiness. And of course right when that thought ran through my head my foot caught on a branch and I fell onto

the ground. Tears fell down my cheeks as I rolled onto my back and looked at the sky. Thunder rolled over head and one

raindrop hit my cheek. My head was throbbing, so I moved my hand to the back of my head where the pain was coming

from. I pulled my hand back and examined the red blood and for once I didn't feel sick. I felt nothing at all. He wasn't

coming back. That's when I heard a faint sound.

"Bella!!" someone called. How long was I gone? I heard the call again and attempted to turn but my whole body was

stiff. The voice sounded slightly familiar. The rain was coming down harder now and my body started to shiver

frantically. I heard someone move closed and my heart jumped. Was it him? Did he really come back?

"Bella?" the voice asked. I opened my eyes to see Jacob Black. He looked down on me with worried eyes.

"Jake" I whispered. He smiled at me, not a toothy grin, but a sweet smile that almost warmed my heart. "Let's get you

out of here Bells," he said as he picked me up. His body was warm and I pressed my icy body up against it. He felt me

hug him so he cradled me closer to his chest.

"Bella!!" I knew this voice. Charlie. "Oh thank God! Jake how can I ever repay you?" Charlie said as Jake carried me

into to the house.

" It was nothing Chief Swan" Jake said with a smile. "Just as long as I can visit her I'll be fine."

"Of course Jake, Bella would love that," said Charlie as he wrapped me in a blanket and brought me to the couch. Jake

walked out the door and threw me a toothy grin and promising to stop by tomorrow to see how I was doing. After I

explained where he and his family went to an enraged Charlie, I went to sleep and had one of the most restless nights of

my life. As I let out a loud scream during this nightmare, I swore I could hear a wolf howl somewhere in the distance.