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Caleb's Point of View

I pushed down the beast crawling up my throat. My grandfather was dead. Even though I never voiced it, I was hoping one day he could find out who I really was. Now all my chances are ruined. And Billy…what would Jake say? He would be furious. I knew E.J. and I would have to tell them. Just thinking of my mother's reaction hurt me. I wish I could kill Victoria one hundred times over for what she did. Ugh I needed to hunt. I turned to look at my brother. His jaw was set and he had no expression. Knowing him I could tell he was in deep thought, noticing how his eyebrows scrunched up every few seconds. No words were spoken until we returned home.

"Caleb," my brother whispered. I turned to him, startled by his sudden expression. His eyes were weary, and his face looked, well, old, worn. He's been through far too much. He couldn't handle anything else.

"Yes E.J.?" I asked. He looked down, his eyes focused on a crack in the ground.

"How are we going to tell them?" His eyes found mine again, pleading for an answer. I shook my head, finding no solution. I felt utterly lost, I have been for a while now. I hated not having answers, not being able to help the ones I loved. Knowing they were in pain…

My mother did not need this. She was too vulnerable, I had to protect her. I raised the hood on my back over my eyes. E.J. followed suit and we entered the main room. The guard stood upright at our presence.

Demetri came to my side immediately.

"Where is my family?" I asked him in a strong voice.

"The living room, Caleb," he answered. I nodded and continued with my brother. Ever since I've been spending more time with Aro, he elevated my brother, mother and myself to, pretty much, leaders of the Volturi. Not like we didn't' have power over him before….but it was more official now. My mother and Jacob were waiting for us at the door. She pulled E.J. and I into a hard hug. I gripped her tightly, drowning in her warmth. She pulled back and smiled brightly at us.

"Thank God you're both alright!" she exclaimed.

"Yeah, we were really worried," Jake added. "So what happened?"

"We have bad news," E.J. began. They looked at us expectantly. E.J.'s eyes clouded over and he couldn't continue.

"Charlie and Billy have passed away," I whispered. The following silence killed me. The air in the room was heavy, full of the emotion that Bella and Jake were feeling. It was killing me. Alice shook her head.

"Why didn't I see it," she said softly, collapsing on the chair. I felt immense guilt radiating off her.

"We didn't get there in time," I said. "If we just got there in time!" I screamed, kicking a chair. It rocketed across the room and shattered. Bella winced at my actions. "I'm so sorry mom," I sighed. "If I just got there in time…" I whispered. I heard her move behind me and she put her hands on my shoulders.

"Don't you ever think this was your fault," she whispered feverously. "You did the best you could. If you didn't get there when u did she could've killed so many more people. You're a hero Caleb. You and E.J. are heroes. Thank you." Her words moved me. Me a hero? Impossible. Not with all the sins I've committed.

"Where's Jake?" I asked, worried about him.

"He went to the training room," she said. "Probably to let off some steam." I jumped up and made my way down there. He was in his wolf form, and was tearing up everything in sight. I sighed and took my stance. I lunged for him and grabbed him by the throat.

"Caleb!" Bella shrieked. "What are you doing!" Jake snapped at me and growled ferociously. I put him eye level with me.

"Change back, I need to talk to you," I snarled. He was getting angry, but it was the only way my plan would work. I threw him to the side and he changed back quickly. He pulled some sweat pants on and turned to me. He was fuming.

"What do you want!" he bellowed. Tears were flowing from his eyes, but you could only see them for a quick second because they evaporated because of his body heat. That was good.

"Jake, listen to me. I need you to channel your anger. Channel it straight through your arms up to your fingertips."

"What the hell are you talking about!" he screamed. I didn't know how to get to him.

"God damn it Jake, just listen to me!" I threw a fireball at him in frustration. It hit him in the chest and even though he couldn't feel it, it still pissed him off. His body started to shake in tremors and I knew he was about to change. This was my last chance. "Jake…try not to change. Control yourself. Channel your emotions through your arms!" I was starting to get frustrated myself. His tremors became more violent. "If you can't handle that then fine, it just proves how weak you are." His eyes turned a deep black, blacker than a vampire's burning hunger.

"I am not weak!" he screamed.

"Then prove it!" I challenged. He let out a intimidating growl and shook once more. I thought he was going to change there so with a sigh I gave up and turned around. Then I heard him let out a surprised gasp. I spun around and saw that from his elbow to the tips of his fingers were fully engulfed in flame. I smirked, it worked. He slowly looked up to me. He saw me smirking and lunged. I moved out of his way and he skidded into the wall. He wasn't used to fighting without being in his wolf form. His arms were still on fire and he looked back towards his pack. They all looked very confused.

"If you can stop attacking me I can explain this!" I yelled. He paused for a moment, contemplating. He looked to the pack once more and then looked at me. He held out his arms.

"How do I make it go away?" he asked. I smiled.

"Just calm down. Relax yourself completely." He took a few deep breaths and I could feel the anger start to disappear. It was then replaced with grief and sadness. I took him by the shoulder and guided him into the living room with our family close behind.

Bella's Point of View

My father was dead. I didn't even have time to process that when Jake and Caleb were fighting. Jake looked like he was really about to kill my son. What would I have done? Kill Jake? My best friend? But to save my son. My son, who I love with all my heart. Who is linked to me mentally and physically. Or would I have sacrificed myself. Throw myself in the middle of them and probably be killed. No…that would be selfish. I'm pregnant and that would kill the baby. I would never do that. Never. When Jake's arms burst into flame, at first I thought Caleb had done something. But when I looked at Jake more closely I could see that the fire originated from his elbows. I couldn't understand it. Caleb would give us answers.

When we were all comfortable, Caleb stood up.

"Now," he said. "I see you are all very confused. I can explain what happened to Jacob clearly though. His emotions were disturbed greatly at the news of his fathers passing. Now being a werewolf, Jacob immediately changed so he could channel his anger that way. But as a wolf Jacob is more emotionally vulnerable and prone to snap. Which could be dangerous to the ones around him. I've been thinking about an experiment I wanted to do with this for a while now but I didn't know how to approach it. I'm sorry I did that to you in such a state, Jacob." he said. Jacob nodded, understanding. Caleb continued, "now werewolves body temperatures are unusually high. The closest element they can relate to is fire. I had a feeling that you could channel it through your wolf powers." Zack spoke up at this.

"So, what you're saying is that we all can do that?"

Caleb nodded. "Yes with your body heat and the right amount of energy and concentration, you all will be able to do that. I will take much practice though." There was murmuring throughout the pack. John stood up.

"We want to learn how to do this…can you teach us?" Caleb smiled.

"Of course." He made his way over to Jake. "Billy would be so proud. There's been no record of any werewolf able to do that." Jake gave a small smile and nodded. E.J. stood by my side. He wrapped his arms around me.

"I'm sorry mom," he said. I nodded into his shoulder and gripped him tight.

"The baby will be here soon," I whispered.

"Yes, very soon," he responded.

E.J.'s Point of View

I could tell my nervousness was getting to Caleb. Our third birthday was in two days and the baby was going to be born in about two weeks. Our birthday was on December 13, exactly three months after our mothers. Aro was holding a Christmas Eve ball. Bella hoped the baby would be born before the ball so she wouldn't have to wear a maternity dress. I laughed at that. Bella and Jake have moved on from the deaths of their fathers. Booker has been preparing Bella for the birth and Aro, Caius and Marcus are very excited. I just hoped they wouldn't try to manipulate the child. I vowed to myself that I would try to be the best brother I could. I just hoped Caleb wanted that too.

I made my way to the ballroom where there were beautiful Christmas decorations hung everywhere. A large Christmas tree was placed in the corner of the room. It was decorated with blood red and white ornaments. Caleb was sitting by the fireplace with Booker. I walked over to them and joined their discussion about Bella's upcoming delivery.

"So are you guys excited for your birthday?" Booker asked. Caleb groaned and made a face. He hated attention, which no doubt he took after Bella.

"Well, I'm excited," I said, casting a glance at Caleb.

"I'm not sure what to get you…" Booker began.

"No!" Caleb exclaimed quickly. "No gifts are necessary, I assure you."

"Oh that's ridiculous. It's your birthday, of course you will receive gifts." Caleb pinched the bridge of his nose and exhaled loudly. I noticed that he took that after my father. The little time I spent with Edward, I noticed he did that when he was frustrated or upset. Thinking about all these traits, I couldn't help but think how the new baby would be. Would it be a girl and look like Bella? Or another boy? What color eyes would it have? Hair color? There's so many different things to consider. When the child was young, I wanted to act as a father figure, a role model. I want to set a good example. Caleb and I left Booker in the ballroom.

"Caleb," I began. "Can I talk to you about something?"

"Sure, what would you like to talk about?"

"Well I think while the baby is young that you should drink from animals," I said hesitantly. I wasn't sure how he was going to react to this idea. I just hope he won't get mad…

He took a deep breathe and fully angled his body towards mine. "I completely agree with you," he said. "It would be best for the child."

I smiled at him. He was being so responsible. I was now assured that Caleb felt the same way I did. He wanted to be a role model to this child. He cared.

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