Based sometime after 'SWAK' but before 'Twilight'. Kinda obv lol, but I thought I'd mention it anyways ;)

Kate looked up as she saw Special Agent Antony DiNozzo walk in. What puzzled her was not the pale colour of his skin, nor the clear lines of sweat running down his face, or the fact that he looked like he was about to pass out. What puzzled her was the fact that his hair hadn't had anything done to it, and unless her eyes were tricking her, she was sure the clothes he was wearing were not the designer fabrics she'd gotten accustomed to seeing him wearing.

"You ok Tony?" She asked, careful to keep her tone as nothing more than polite and slightly scathing.

"M'fine thanks Kate." He replied, sounding so chipper and upbeat that she just put his appearance at the back of her mind, even when he started to shiver and sweat more, pulling at his collar with shaking hands and looking more than once like he was going to throw up there and then.


All was quiet in the bullpen as Gibbs came smoothly out of the elevator doors and went to sit at his desk. Nodding as both Kate and McGee said 'Good morning' he frowned as he came upon the fact that his senior field agent was sleeping fitfully at his desk, feet resting on the desk as he leant back in his chair.

"DiNozzo!" Gibbs yelled, not caring if Tony hadn't got much sleep last night if he 'knew what I'm saying Boss'. The sharp marine shout got Tony leaping up and croaking,

"Morning Boss." He then rested back down, about to have another nap, before the need to vomit overwhelmed him and he shot out from behind his desk. Raising an eyebrow, Gibbs turned to Kate,

"What's wrong with DiNozzo?" Kate shrugged, forgetting to mention the pallor of her partner's face or the shaking and sweating she'd witnessed during the morning. Nor did she mention the shuddering, hacking coughs she swore she could hear from the men's toilets a few seconds after Tony had left. Tony didn't get sick, he just had a cold, and was milking it for all he was worth. The only time he'd ever gotten properly sick was when he'd opened that letter with the plague in it.

No, she decided quietly, she didn't want to annoy Gibbs by saying she thought there was something wrong with her co-worker, only to have Tony marched down to Ducky by the Boss, to then be told he had a slight cold.

No, best to leave it as it was.

Ok, it's a work in progress people, I didn't really have a plot, so I might have rambled a bit ;) Hope you liked it - review? I don't usually write NCIS, I'm more Boosh :P Oh yeah, hopefully the next few chapters will be exceptionally longer, so don't take the size of this one as how the rest are gonna be, I just have coursework I should be doing lol. Hope you survived my ridiculously long A/N :D xx