Victoria's Revenge Chapter one: After Prom

It's been a week since Edward and I went to prom. It's been so boring and I can't go over to the Cullens because everybody over there is to busy packing for a camping trip. I always ask Edward if I can come along, but he always says no because it's too dangerous because when a vampire hunts it's natural instincts kick in and take over. Edward says that he would miss me terribly and that he'll rush back as fast as he possibly could. He told me that while he was gone I should hang out with my friends. At six o' clock in the evening when Edward climbs in through the window. He leans down and kisses her and when he pulls away Bella smiles up at him and says, "I wish you would let me come along with you guys." He sighs and says, "Bella, Bella please can we please just forget about this because I don't want to put you in any more danger than you are just by being with me. I don't deserve the love that you give to me because I am a monster." Bella says to Edward, "No your not a monster because you and your family don't kill humans for their blood but drink animal blood." " Bella I know we drink animal blood but it's to dangerous for you to come and I don't want to risk getting you hurt, OK! If you got hurt while you were with me, while I was hunting, I would blame myself because it would be my fault, and I don't want that to happen to you because......because I love you to much for that to happen! So now do you get why I won't let you come?" says Edward to Bella. " Yes Edward I now know why you won't let me go with you." says Bella "And I love you to much for you to blame yourself for something that would happen to me if I went with you when you and your family go on your hunting trip." says Bella to Edward. " Bella your crying." says Edward to Bella. " Edward your crying too." says Bella to Edward. " Do you want to come back with me to say goodbye to everybody?" says Edward. " Yeah, I would love to" says Bella. " Ok lets go" says Edward. They arrive at the Cullen's house and we walk in. " Bella!" says Alice. " You guys Bella's here!" Everybody runs down stairs to see Bella. " Hey Bella." says Emmett. " Hey Emmett." says Bella. " Hello Miss Bella." says Jasper. " Hi Jasper." says Bella. " Hi Bella." says Rosalie. " Hi Rosalie." says Bella. " Ah, Bella welcome back." says Carlisle. " Yes welcome back Bella." says Esme . " Hello Carlisle hello Esme." says Bella. " I just came over to say goodbye to all of you before you left for your week long hunting trip." says Bella. " Well, I better get back to my house before my dad gets worried." " Bye Bella!" said everyone as I walked out the door with says to Edward, "I'm going to miss you so much Edward." Edward kisses Bella and when Edward pulls away he says quietly to her, "While i'm gone please don't do anything reckless and stay out of trouble, okay?" Bella smiles and says, "Okay. I promise and I love you so very much." Edward smiles and says, "I love you more than you'll ever know my dear Bella." Bella says quietly, "Umm what about Victoria?" Jasper joins them and says to Bella