Chapter 1

Isn't she wonderful, the Slayer? Look at her! She is a predator with superb fighting skills and access to pre-life memories both secular and divine. She has access to the other lives within her without the threat of abomination. This gives her and her kind a unity and focus of purpose that transcend the trivialities of her environment that transcend the trivialities of the local now.

How so much like my Fish Speakers she is! This is what I wanted from the human race. This is what I have been looking for. This is where I start my search for the elements to build the road that will become the Golden Path. Who would have thought that after thousands of years and untold worlds the fate Humankind would be found in the nursery we abandoned before the dawn of time. A planet called Earth.

-Leto II

From the Unbound Volumes

Tleilaxu Archives

Face Dancer Translation

Leto the second, God emperor of Dune, The Great Worm and sole and absolute ruler of the Human race was on safari. In the Spice rich bowels of his citadel he meditated in an intense and vivid spice induced trance. Safari is what he called it. He was hunting memories. Down a chain of memories he would go greeting ancestors, long dead and turned to dust, as if they were here in the chamber with him right now. Not only was he seeking memories, he was seeking perceptions, understanding, wisdom.

In the infinite sea of billions and billions of memories Leto the second, sole remaining heir of the House of Atreides, a Human-Alien hybrid that has lived for over three thousand years came across something in his memories that was just flat out freaking weird. And this thrilled him to no end. After millennia of sameness, after millennia of knowing everything, after the aching sameness of thousands of years the Universe gave him a reward. It gave him a surprise.

What could be described as a thrill swept the length of his pseudo-sandworm body. He came across a string of memories that changed everything he understood about the possibilities of the Bene Gesserit , the Fish Speakers and even the Honored Matres. In prehistoric times there existed a class of female warriors, that fought to preserve the Human race at any cost up to and including sacrificing their own lives. They were called Slayers. There was one Slayer in particular that held his attention, one Slayer which after a deep and meaningful meditation on the implications of her actions, held him in the grip of a terrible awe.

Leto the second, God Emperor of the known universe paused for one full minute out of respect for her. He had questions that needed answering. Chief of which was what sort of name was Buffy?