This will be my last new story for awhile peoples.

He was down, bleeding from multiple wounds.


He ground a fist into the sands.

He was dying, and he knew it. He had tried to destroy the espada, but he had been cut down, nearly destroyed.

Damn Aizen, he thought bitterly, darkly.

He was suddenly aware of many reaitsu signatures behind him.

"No!!" A voice screaming, rage tinting her pure voice.

"Yachiru-chan NO!" He could hear someone yelling at the girl, screaming for her not to fight, not to battle.

Not to die.

Stop, He moaned, though he did not, could not, make a sound. You can't beat him.

But the girl could not hear him, and did not heed the cry. She was angry, angrier than anyone had ever seen her. Her sword was out of it's scabbard, held in front of her, shaking in her rage.

"RAGE!" She screamed, her voice echoing to the sky. "KENJU-NEKO!!"

Pure pink reiatsu exploded around her, though there was no obvious physical change. He knew that the only change was the fact that her sword was thicker, and she was perhaps three inches taller.

"You think that a mere shikai will beat me?" Aizen asked softly, chuckling.

Yachiru's narrowed sharply, her body still shaking. Her mouth spilt into an vicious grin.

"No, but this might. BAN-KAI!" She roared.

Everyone could see that Kenpachi was shocked beyond belief. Anyone watching this would be shocked beyond belief. Who would have thought that sweet, young, innocent Yachiru Kusjishi would be able to achieve ban-kai?

The pink reiatsu swirled around the girl, though she was no longer so small. She seemed to have grown ten years, looking perhaps 17, then just 7. Metal gloves adorned her hands, and she had no visible weapon. Her kimono barely fit her body now.

She glared at Aizen, who was watching her coldly.

"Die." She whispered, and vanished.

His blade moved quickly, blocking something that was too fast to see.

Everyone knew that Yachiru was fast.

Perhaps she was fast enough.

But Aizen was faster, as he stabbed fiercely with his sword, impaling the girl on his blade. Yachiru's blood red eyes widened in shock, but narrowed in determination. The metal gloves on her hands flashed, and metal blades that looked like claws sprang from the fingers. Yachiru forced herself father upon the steel, and began slashing at him, not caring anymore.

Kenpachi leapt in with a wary cry, joining the fray soon afterwards.

Then Uryuu.

NO! Ichigo screamed in his head. But he could not move, could not do anything to help his friends, the only one's who truly cared. They were killing themselves to kill the one who tried to kill him. And he was unable to help.

A low growl was heard.

"Bastard! Bankai!"

That had to be Renji.

"Cry out, ZABIMARU!"

Yup. He thought lazily, as he continued to lose blood.

That was definitely him.

He could not bring himself to look as may more of his friends leapt into the fray.

Aizen shook his head and held up one finger.

"Cero Oscuras."

And they fell like flies.



A growl, a snarl, as he willed his body to move.


Aizen now looked his way, and tossed Rukia off his blade.

"And now you will join them."

"Get up, you fool."

He bit his lip.

The voice was sharp with disgust and reproach. Ichigo could not move to see who was speaking to him. A foot clad in a sandal appeared in his vision.

"Can't move. You're pitiful. I told ya not to die until I came back."

This is what we can hope from the strongest captain of the Gotei 13. I'm ashamed to be even associated with you."

Though it hurt like hell, he turned his head enough to the up the leg in front of him.

Ichigo was staring at what would have to be a pale reflection of himself.

It looked exactly like him, except there were absolutely no traces of color to be found anywhere on its person. It was almost as if someone had taken a big tub of bleach and dumped it all over him. The sole exception to this would have to be the black sclera and golden yellow irises. Those piercing eyes reflected a sharp intellect, a cold and calculating intelligence that he knew all too well...

His own.

Hichigo was back.

The hollow looked down at him, and shook his head, lips pursed in annoyance.

"Get up already." He ordered, glaring.

Ichigo could not speak, or else he would have told him to fuck off.

He narrowed his eyes.

"Now get up. If you ask really, really nice, I may even help you." He gave him a cruel smirk, and turned back to the fight.

Ichigo looked as well.

Yachiru was dying, but she had gotten back to Aizen. Long slashes adorned Aizen's face and chest, mostly his chin and collarbone. Yachiru had obviously been trying to but the man's throat.

"Fuku-taicho!" Ikkaku Madrame yelled, though he was in no condition to fight. Next to him, Yumichika was bleeding to death from a deep gash on his chest. Ikkaku's arm was broken, and he couldn't even lift his scabbard, let alone his sword. But Ichigo could see the look in the man's eyes, and knew that Ikkaku was planning on getting himself killed, if it kept Yachiru half-way alive.

Hell, he'd do the exact same thing.

"How strange." Aizen murmurred, voice curious, as he approached Ikkaku. "You all are the biggest group of barbarians and brutes, and yet you would sacrifice yourselves for each other."

Ikkaku's scream of pain ripped into his skull, and then he was unconcious.

What do you want? Ichigo thought, the closest thing he could get to talking.

The hollow glanced down at him.

"Want? I want you to get up. I want you to rise, take Zangetsu up, and make that bastard over there bleed"

The word rang through his body, making him blink.

I don't trust you. He thought hard, annoyed. You'll take over my soul!'

"I can give you the strength to rise, but do you want to?" The pale apparition taunted.

Kenpachi's eyes focused on his daughter, the pink haired little imp he had raised, and named. She was off of Aizen's sword, laying at the traitor's feet. She was dying, her eyes fluttering in pain. Kenpachi could see the gleam in Aizen's eyes, and watched at the traitior's sword rose.

"Teme!" He charged, throwing himself over Yachiur only to fall with a multitude of gashes all over his body.


Aizen raised his sword again-

And Ichigo snapped like a twig.

Aizen had frozen from his movements, sensing the rising reiatsu.

He stared at Ichigo, his eyes wide.

"Impossible" He whispered.

Ichigo stood up, but now held a massive scythe in his hand. His bleeding had stopped. The shinigami daijo said nothing, his eyes on his Yachiru. Her eyes watched him, a smile ghosting across her face.

"Ichi...." She whispered, though it seemed to tax her strength. Her eyes slid shut, and her breathing slowed.

He shunpoed across the sands and knelt down next to her.

Tenderly, so as not to hurt her, he scooped the child back up in his arms, then brought her a few feet away, to Unohanna, who had thankfully just now arrived.

"Stay alive. This'll be over quick."

Then he was gone.

"She's dying." The blade in his hand, the spirit next to him, said in amazment.

The black eyes settled on Ichigo. "Zangetsu and I haven't been released in the time we've been with you, and that's a lot of strength bottled up."

Ichigo was giving Aizen a death glare when he returned, his eyes roaming over his fallen friends.

White, pallid lips slid up into a sardonic grin. "You're about to be the fastest man to ever achieve it."


Hichigo chuckled, and held his sword out in front of him. Aizen watched him, frozen in shock. Out of the corner of his eye, Ichigo could see his friends staring at him, albeit a bit hazily. He ignored them.

"The third release."

Yachiru reached up a trembling hand, and slid it down his arm, and touched the sword. He noticed that her finger nails were the color of blood. Her other hand was placed on his shoulders.

He wathced as her hand fell seconds later.

"Rise." He forced out through near unmoving lips.

His heart began beating faster, until it was a dull roar in his ears.

'Again. Say it again!'

He coughed slightly...

And then barked out the release.

"RISE! Tenshagaigyaku Zangetsu!" (Translation:Heavenly reverse Scythe chain Slicing Moon)

"FINALLY!!" The hollow screamed in vicious joy, and Ichigo could feel pure power race through him, more then he had had on his own, or even with his mask. He felt the wounds on his body heal, or at least stop bleeding, and he rose to his feet, murder in his eyes.

For a second, the entire caste of Las Noches was blanked in black reiatsu.

Aizen's eyes widened as a a dark light, terrible and twisted, shone into the night.

It shone for only a moment, but when it cleared, he swallowed nervously, descending to the ground.

Ichigo no longer looked even remotely human.

With the exception of his eyes.

They were the same as his when he wore his mask, which was no practically a part of his face.

Ichigo cracked his neck, looking more like a hollow, now then ever. His yellow eyes gleamed out from his mask, his now long orange hair was practically and unruly mane, swaying whipping wildly about him in his energy. He gripped both a scythe in one hand, and nothing in the other. A long tail lashed at the ground behind him, and his twisted reiatsu nearly suffocated the life out of whoever was alive...

His bankai outfit, now left him shirtless, the bottom portion of it white and black, his skin crisscrossed with red lines, an eerie combination of silver and crimson. There was a hole there. He bore twin sets of spiky pads upon his shoulders. His chest now rippled with muscle as hot steam escaped his deadly jaws, along with a harsh, deep booming voice. His own, as well as his hollow's.

When he spoke, it sounded as if nails were being grinded against a chalkboard.


His clawed feet dug into the ground, preparing for a leap, as he gathered energy. His hands gripped at the zanpaktou, and Zangetsu began to spark with wild black energy. Whatever he was building up for...

It was something big.

With a mighty heave, he sprang!

"I will kill you!"