Trying to Get to You.

Written By; Harley-Mac.

Inspired By; Jeff Hardy.

Part 1;

Elgin, Scotland;

3rd September 2008;

Susan's POV;

It had been a super long day, revising for exams wasn't something that I had been intending on doing when I was thirty years old but when I went back to school I had known that I would have to at least do a little bit of studying. Pulling the covers back on my bed, my eyes landed on the photo of me and my long term boyfriend Jeff lying in the black iron Gothic style photoframe and I couldn't stop the smile from coming to my face.

Jeff and I had met two years ago when he had been in Aberdeen with the WWE doing a show. I had been living in the big city at the time working at the AEC where the show was being held. It had been a easy gig, booking acts, keeping the books in order and keeping the building secure and safe by way of security but it hadn't been challenging enough for me after a while.

I was the kind of girl who liked to be constantly challenged by her work, otherwise it just became boring for me and that was why I had ended up leaving to go back to school to try my hand at something new.

Anyway, the WWE roster showed up in the middle of the day to get set up and settled in to the venue before the show that night. At the time, I was going through a painful break up with my boyfriend Spesh. We had met through a friend and had dated for a couple of years but the relationship started to go downhill when I lost our baby after being pregnant for only two months. It wasn't that we didn't love one another, it was just one of those situations that we blamed one another and there was really no recovering from that.

Moving in to the bathroom, with my thoughts on how Jeff and I had met. It still felt like fate had intervened and handed me one person that I really needed at that time in my life. I had been moving around backstage looking for who was in charge when Spesh had called to ask when I was getting home, which of course had ended in a huge arguement and before I knew it, I was screaming in to the phone.

Rounding the corner of the hallway I had crashed in to a huge solid body and fell on my ass, looking up my eyes met the crystal green of this unique looking man who instantly knelt down and gently helped me pick up the papers I had been carrying and his southern accent asked if I was ok.

From there we had gone to get coffee and spent the rest of the afternoon talking, hell I had even stayed behind to watch the show when I wasn't even a wrestling fan then we had gone out for a drink afterwards. We spent that whole day more or less talking and laughing. It had amazed me at how easy he was to open up too, how simple it seemed to just open up and let everything out when I had been holding it all in for as long as I could remember.

Nothing had happened between us until Spesh actually walked out on me, Jeff had called and Spesh had answered the phone, he had gone crazy that I was talking to another man and had walked out ending our relationship in the process. Jeff had instantly purchased me a plane ticket out to his home, where I spent a couple of months and it was at that point we had gotten together although both of us really knew that it would happen eventually.

It was really difficult having a long distance relationship especially with how much he was away working and the amount of time I spent in school but we always seemed to manage to find the time to get together every month but it had actually been two months since we had seen one another. I missed him much more than I had ever thought it was possible to miss someone but Jeff had taught me how to trust and how to love properly.

Finishing brushing my teeth, I moved out of the bathroom and along the hallway back in to my room and closed the door. Closing the curtains, I moved towards the bed just as the phone started ringing, checking the caller ID to see my mans name flashing.

"Hey handsome, were your ears burning?" I purred as I slipped in to the bed and pulled the covers up.


"I was just thinking about you, and you call..."

Instantly he was humming the tune to the twilight zone and chuckling softly. It really had become to be one of my favourite sounds in the world, to hear him laugh was like nothing else in the world. But then again there wasn't anything about this man that I didn't love.

"Thinking about me huh...? You naked?"

"Jeffrey Nero Hardy!" I giggled softly. "Why do you want me to be?"

"Evil...I swear you are the devil woman!" He growled desperately in to the phone.

"Oh you charmer, so come on what you calling me at one in the morning for?" I asked glancing at my alarm clock and groaning when I realized that I had to be up in five hours time.

"Shit I am so sorry baby, I don't think I will ever get used to this time difference between us,"

I knew it was difficult for him to remember that he was five hours behind me, but I didn't mind considering we hadn't talked in a couple of days, it was good to hear his voice and just one word from him I didn't care that I had to be up and in school in time for an exam in the morning.

"Its cool handsome, I don't mind,"

"Why are you sounding so nervous?"

With that we were talking about the exam, how nervous I was about passing when it wasn't my strongest subject but Jeff being the man he was, supported me and encouraged me in the only way he could. Then the topic of subject turned to why he was actually calling.

Instantly I was surprised by trying to think of ways to actually get it to work, I would need to find out tomorrow and call him back. I couldn't just make decisions on the spur of the moment but even if I couldn't I would find a way to see him even if it were just for a day or night.

"Go get some sleep gorgeous and I will talk to you tomorrow," He finally said an hour later.

"Ok babe, thanks for calling,"

"I love you baby," He said his voice soft.

"I love you too sexy," I replied blowing a kiss down the line which he returned then hung up.

After talking to him on the phone, I always seemed to miss him that little bit more than other times, I missed falling asleep in his arms, I missed talking to him before we turned in, I missed breathing in his powerful scent and I missed the feel of his arms holding me throughout the night.

Cameron; North Carolina;

Jeff's POV;

Being in a long distance relationship was hard, it was one of the hardest things that I had ever had to do but I wasn't walking away from her. I would fight tooth and nail to keep her with me. Just the thought of her and I was more happy than I could have ever hoped to be and the thought of seeing her again left my heart leaping in my chest desperately.

Staring at the photo of her on my phone screen, taken when she had come out to visit the last time, lying in my bed here at Matt's house, fast asleep, she looked so peaceful and calm. After a few days of being here she had confessed that she hadn't been sleeping all that well and for a whole day she had been out of it, sleeping in fits and starts.

After she had, had her miscarriage, the doctor had booked her in for some tests where she was diagnosed with Endometriosis; a disease that caused her to be in a hell of a lot of pain and then just two weeks ago she had been diagnosed with something called fibromyalgia, which was an immune disease that caused her bones and joints to ache continuously. At present I knew that the doctors were trying to get her on the right cocktail of medication that made her life a little easier for her to lead.

"Yo Jeffro...where you at man?" The sound of my best friend Shannon crashing through the front door of my brothers house filtered up to where I was lying staring at the ceiling thinking about my girlfriend and how much I hated being so far away from her when she was going through all of this.

The sound of what could only be described as a hoard of elephants came pounding up the stairs at thunderous speed, then the door opened and my friend crashed in to the room.

"There you are...what's talked to Mac?" He asked closing the door and moving to the bed and flopping down next to me.

Shannon Brian Moore, had been my best friend for as long as I could remember, it was important to me that he got along with my girlfriend because in the past we had always seemed to hate one anothers choices in partners but when he had taken to Susan, it had made me feel like my life had shifted a gear in to the right lane. In fact they had taken to one another so well that they called each other brother and sister.

"How is my big sis doing?" He asked resting his head on to the pillow next to mine and followed my gaze to the ceiling.

"She's good, a little nervous about tomorrow..."

"Why what's happening tomorrow?"

"She has a huge exam coming up,"

"Awe she'll be fine, she always gets so worked up and then passes with flying colors,"

"I know that is what I told her, but you know what she's like, she is just so stubborn and has absolutely no self confidence when it comes to her achievements but we all know that things will work out right,"

"So what is bothering you then?" He asked me.

Looking at my life long friend and realizing that he really did know me far to well but the problem with that is that I have absolutely no idea what was bothering me. I knew that I hated having my girlfriend so far away and not being able to see her whenever I wanted and then the thought of her facing all this health stuff alone was kind of scary not only for her but for me too.

It would be just like her to not tell me the true extent of what was happening or how badly she was feeling. I knew Susan better than I had ever thought that I could and I knew that she worried about everyone to the point where she put a brave face on to make sure that no one saw that she was suffering.

"...Jeff?" Shannon asked waving his hand in front of my face.

"What? Sorry...I don't really know what is bothering me to be completely honest man, I just...I know that I need..."

"You want my opinion?" He asked.

"Oh God has it really come to this...? I am really lying here and getting Reject knowledge...?" I chuckled.

Shannon chuckled along with me before slapping my arm and grumping loudly where he lay next to me. It wasn't often that Shannon came out with deep and meaningfuls so now that he was offering, I knew that it had been something that he had clearly been thinking alot about.

"Alright, hit me with it, what do you think?"

"Ok I know Mac pretty well, we talk you know...?" He started and of course I knew they talked, by phone and by email. It seemed that every other day he was telling me about a mail that he recieved from my girl and it made me happy to know that they were actually so close. So I nodded my head. "Well I know her and I know that she misses you terribly man, just as much as you miss her and I really think that what you both need is your heads knocked together when the solution is pretty fucking obvious to everyone around the both of you,"

"Excuse me?"

There was a solution?

If there was, why wasn't anyone telling us what it was?

"You want to be with one another all the time, the answer is obvious dude...ask her to move here?" Shannon announced as if it were the most natural reaction in the world. "I mean I know the girls would love to have her here permanently, Matt and I would love to have her here too if it meant that, that miserable look on your face disappeared for good,"

Through Susan, Shannon had met the love of his life, Calire and Matt had met the one girl who had managed to truly get in to his heart and he loved more than anything else in the world, Brittany. The three girls were as tight as could be considering they lived hundreds and millions of miles apart.

"Hey...!" I started to object knowing that it was fruitile considering I had witnessed my own misery many a time. "Ok so I really can't argue but do you really think that I haven't thought about it over the months and years?"

"I don't know; have you?"

It was true, I had thought about it until my head hurt. I had tried to think of ways to ask her, what her reaction would be and then when she started to get sick and expressed that she just wanted to be with her Family, I had put it all aside and supported her the best way that I knew how.

But now that we were further in to our relationship, I couldn't stop thinking about getting her to move out here, where I could have her with me all the time but I guess I was scared of a rejection again to even contemplate asking her to make the biggest move of her life.

"Yes...I have thought about it, I have thought about what it would be like, I have thought about a lot of things over the times that we spend apart and it is getting harder and harder to leave her every time I visit or when she comes here, it gets harder to let her get on that plane man..."

"So the problem is?" My friend asked.

"She has a lot going on in her life right now Shan, she has all her health stuff and she has her just isn't the right time,"

"Well Claire was telling me that Mac is finished with college in about six months, there really is nothing stopping you from asking her and telling her that you can wait until she finishes school,"

Looking at him I sighed heavily before looking around the room and thinking about what I really had to offer by asking her to move here, she would have to live in my brother's house for God knew how long, she wouldn't feel comfortable and with her health it was important for her to feel comfortable and safe.

"The problem with that?" Shannon asked sensing my reluctance of his proposal.

"What do I have to offer her man...? A bedroom that is already over flowing...? A bedroom in my brother's house?"

"This isn't forever, you know that and she knows that. Look the way I am seeing it is, if you really wanted her here then you would ask and stop finding excuses to put it off, if you don't want her here then you need to be straight with her..."

"Woah, wait a God damn second, I never said that I didn't want her here..."

"Then what is with all the excuses that you are coming up with man?" He asked the critical way and the accusitory tone in his voice was enough to make me see red.

"I'm scared ok?" I snapped glaring at him.

"Scared of what?"

"What if she doesn't want me around all the time? What if she is happy with the way things are? What if she isn't ready to give up her life over there? What if she isn't as in to me as I am in to her?"

"Jesus Christ Jeffro, you really are the thickest man on the planet sometimes...that girl loves you, she wouldn't have stood by you through everything, she wouldn't have remained faithful to you all this time if she didn't love need to stop being a pussy about this and just bite the God damn bullet," Shannon accused jumping up from the bed and literally bouncing happily towards the bedroom door. "You coming to hang out with us, we are trying to figure out what to do for the Hardy Show?"

"Sure," I sighed.

Of course he was right; I had to take the step and just put it out there. I had to let her know what I wanted, we had been together two years and it was time for us to take things to the next level. I wanted her to know that I wanted her with me all the time, not just on my days off anymore.

Taking one last look at the photo of her and I lying by my bed and smiling to myself just at the thought of getting everything that I had ever wanted. Shannon was right, Susan loved me as much as I loved her, she was as crazy about me as I was about her and there was absolutely nothing to stop us from being together. Come three weeks time, I was going to be with her again and I would ask her then. With my mind set, I jumped up and charged down to the kitchen where Brittany, Claire, Shannon and Matt were stood waiting for me.

Three and a half weeks later;

Manchester, UK;

Susan's POV;

I had met up with Jeff a couple of days ago when the Smackdown roster had been in Aberdeen. Thankfully I had managed to get time off school, with a workload of work that I had to get through but I didn't mind that, I could always work when Jeff was working. All that mattered was that I was here, right by his side where I belonged.

Thankfully, Claire and Brittany were here too, which made it feel more comfortable, especially with being surrounded by the people that Jeff worked with. It was a little scary to be honest, so when I had seen my two best friends I had felt the nerves depleat in to nothing.

So here I was sitting backstage of the Manchester Arena with Jeff, in the canteen as he spoke to the Undertaker about their house show match tonight against Edge and Big Show when my phone started ringing and upon checking it, I could see my lecturer's name flashing on the screen.

"I really have to take this baby," I said leaning in and kissing his cheek softly.

"Ok baby," He smiled up at me as I got to my feet.

"It was nice to meet you Mark," I said moving away from the table and out in to the back parking lot where we were free to move around but I moved straight towards the bus that we were living on for the moment. "Mike, hi, is everything ok?" I asked leaning back against the exterior of our traveling, temporary home.

"Hey Susan, I wanted to call and let you know that your case study that you handed in just before you left, has been marked and you passed,"

"I did?"

I had been so sure that I had either totally misread the instructions on what was needed from us, or I had gone over the word count or under the word count. To hear that I had passed was like a huge weight coming off in one go and it left me slightly disorientated.

"You did, one of the top marks in the class actually, I just thought that you would like to know considering I know how much you worry," My teacher chuckled.

"Thanks Mike, it really means a lot to me that you would let me know how I did, at least now I can just enjoy my time away," I admitted.

Mike Patterson had been my accounting teacher in my first year of college but since I had gone back he had become my head lecturer and the one person that I had to go to when things weren't working for me or with the numerous hospital appointments that I had.

"That was why I called, and to let you know that when you come back, we will be starting the mock exams, just so you can get a feel of what the real deal is going to be like, but I have no doubt that you will do brilliantly when that time comes,"

I always worried about my grades, I worried that I had missed things because with the amount of time that I had to be off it would have been perfectly understandable that I could quite easily fail, but I pushed myself and pushed myself unprepared to let anything beat me.

"Thanks Mike, you know you make it easy for me to keep up to date with everything especially when I can't be there and that makes learning a hell of a lot easier for me, so thank you," I replied instantly feeling the hairs on the back of my neck standing to attention seconds before I felt the powerful solid structure of Jeff's arms wrapping around my waist and pulling me back to his frame.

I never thought it would be easy to get used to how perfect it felt to be with this man, the way it seemed like my body fit against his as if we were made to be together, the way it was so easy to just open up to him and be myself. Gently gathering my hair from the side of my neck, his soft smooth lips began kissing along the flesh until I was quite literally putty in his hands.

Since I had come on tour with him, he had been super gentle with me, it wasn't something that I was overly used to with him, because we had always been so lost in the passion between us that it was hard to remember that there were other people around. Sliding his hands up and down my frame elicited a string of shivers that I couldn't control no matter what I tried to do to remain grounded.

Once again, I was struggling to remember the world around us, the fact that we were outside, surrounded by rigging, sound techs and stage hands running around the perimeter and the fact that I was actually on the phone to my teacher.

Quickly saying goodbye and thanks for calling, he told me to enjoy my time away and we hung up. Slipping the phone in to my jean pocket as Jeff turned me around so that I was facing him and gently pushed me against the exterior of the bus as his lips crushed down on to my own.

That was it, the minute our flesh made contact I was lost in the passion, lost in this man who had been in my life for two years yet had only felt like two minutes. Everything around us faded in to non existance as I drowned in to his powerfully majestic eyes; unable to fight any more, I gave in and readily handed all of myself to this man and the things that we managed to stir within one another.

Still running his hands down over my curves, carving lines of heat and desire with every long tender filled stroke that he inflicted on me. My own hands roamed his impressive frame, feeling the strength of his muscles as they rippled under my touch, feeling the true powerful structure of his delicious frame that seemed to shiver in the exact same way that he caused my own to shiver.

"Do me-all-day?" He growled in to my ear as his fingers laced around the back of my knee and pulled it up around his waist as his body crushed further in to mine.

"Mmmm...if-its...anything-like-what-you...have been doing-to-me...I'd say-we're-even!" I panted as my head thudded back against the bus, which was seemingly cooling my body down from the heat that he had caused to flow through every vein in my body.

"Not-a-chance..." He grunted lifting me from the ground and moving to the front of the bus, typing in the password on to the keypad, he charged inside and up the steps, his lips capturing mine in an erotic kiss that I couldn't fight.

Our tongues met in a electric fashion that couldn't be contained and he slammed me in to the kitchen counter top at the front of the bus, our breaths becoming more and more out of control along the way as our need for one another was growing out of control. My body craved his the way it always seemed to do no matter how much distance was between us, my heart thudded powerfully in my chest and my mouth turned dry with a need that I couldn't seem to control.

Sliding his amazingly talented fingers up over my curves, kneading at my breasts through my corset style top, my breath lodged somewhere between my chest and my throat as a long moan escaped out in to his mouth. Then as if he wanted to drive me completely out of my mind, he lightly dragged his fingers down the front of my panting body towards my jean waistband.

Tugging desperately on the buttons, he slipped his fingers inside the material, running lightly over the top of my thong until I was sure I was going to pass out from the desperate desire that he conjured. Finally his fingers slid under the material until he was caressing against the hot, damp flesh and I was moaning out with desperation of needing that release that I so desperately craved.

Long, hungry growls escaped his mouth and flew in to my body before he began dragging his lips across my face, kissing softly along the jawline and down over the flesh of my neck; letting his heavy pant escape in to my ear and catipulating me further in to the abyss.

"You feel so soft..." He growled passionately in to me and with that his fingers gently eased my pussy open and slid in to the molten walls. Every burning desire in my body intensified to the point where I was sure I was going to pass out. "Mmmmm, so warm and wet!"

Diving his fingers as deep as possible, he always knew that for me to be able to have amazing sex, I had to be suitably turned on, otherwise it would just hurt too much and he always did everything in his power to ensure that I was dripping wet by the time it came to actually becoming one.

"Let's take...this-to-the...bunk!" We both panted at the same time as he pulled me back against his body, keeping his fingers buried deep with in my burning, aching furnace while his other arm kept me clued to his frame.

Getting to the bunk area, we stripped each other of our cloths and stuffed them at the bottom of the bunk that we had been sleeping in since I had joined them on tour. Watching the way his eyes sparked desperately as he stepped back and looked at me.

Letting my own eyes devour every inch of his perfectly shaped body, I couldn't stop the long purr from escaping my mouth and with that we were crawling in to the bunk and pulling the curtain across to give us privacy incase anyone came back to the bus.

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