Next Go Around.

Written By; Harley-Mac.

Inspired By; Jeff Hardy.

Part 2;

Jeff's POV;

Just looking at my girlfriend and I could see the changes in her, when she had arrived on the tour a couple of days ago, it was clear to see that she had lost a lot of weight, she had changed her hair, she had bags under her eyes from lack of sleep. But I knew Susan, she went through periods of insomnia, where she could survive on as little as three hours of sleep a night but still this wasn't her. Talking with her she had explained it all to me, the tablets the doctor was trying her on was playing havoc with her sleep pattern to the point where she was surviving some days on an hours sleep.

I couldn't help the worry from setting in but she had reassured me that she was strong and she would make it work, and I had no doubt that she would. Susan was stubborn and headstrong at the best of times, but the minute things got tough for her that is when her strong stubborn streak would show its head.

Crawling in to the bunk next to her, I positioned myself in between her legs and the long moan that came from her told me that she was more than happy about the direction that I was about to take this in.

"Fuck you're so beautiful!" I growled my appreciation.

"I'm glad that you think so handsome," She replied breathlessly.

Sliding my tongue across her slit until she was panting out breathlessly, her stomach was rising and falling desperately as her chest heaved to get the much needed air inside them, which caused me to stop mid lick.

"Mmmm!" She whimpered from the sudden lack of action.

Using my hands I spread her legs a little wider until my hand was rubbing over the outside of her pussy.

"Fuck-what-are…you-trying to-do…to-me?" She panted as my fingers slid in to her pussy.

"I just want to get reacquainted with your body beautiful!" I growled as my teeth bit down on the soft supple flesh of her inner thigh but the action still had her body arching slightly off the bed.

"Oh fuck Jeff!" She ran her hands through my hair.

My fingers slid inside her rubbing over the soft tender walls of her pussy; feeling the pulsing coming from deep inside her, feeling the way her breath seemed to slip down through her body and on to my fingers. Rolling around in circles against the softest parts inside her until she was panting desperately then just as I felt her clit tensing getting ready to release more of her juices, I removed my hand.

Looking down at me as if she were wounded her eyes watched as I slowly slid the finger that had been inside her pussy in to my mouth.

"Fuck Jeff please…don't tease me!" She pleaded with me in a desperate tone.

Just the small taste of her essence on my fingers reminded me of the way she tasted, the way my tongue seemed to know how to drive her right to the very edge. I continued on with my assault on her beautiful body, which seemed to fuel me to make her feel things that she had made obvious only I had ever made her feel.

Sliding my tongue up to her navel where I traced light circles around and around which left her panting even more out of control. Grazing up over her operation scars, running my tongue lightly against the pink, slightly raised flesh that seemed to shimmer against her milky white flesh. Luckily the bunks on this bus where slightly taller than the ones on our normal bus so I had more room to manoeuvre my way around, but it was still cramped at best, which of course made this experience much more intimate because we had to remain close together, our bodies gliding together, rubbing against each other was more erotic and enticing than anything that we had ever experienced.

I knew that we didn't have what you would call a conventional relationship but it was still a relationship wasn't it? I hoped that it was; I hoped that she saw it the way I did! After all I had, without being asked, been completely faithful to her.

Pushing the thoughts to the back of my head I continued my work to drive her in to the biggest sexual frenzy that she had ever experienced.

Running my tongue over the contours of her well-defined hips, down over her thighs until I was running the tip of my tongue over the lips of her warm pussy again. I could feel the heat radiating from inside her on my face as I used my hands to bend her legs.

"Mmm!" She purred seductively as I pushed her thighs against my head and slowly and teasingly inched my way in to her pussy. Drowning in every sweet tasting inch as I went. Driving deeper and deeper until my face was buried hard against her mound. The grip of her walls around my tongue was stronger than I remembered. Ignoring her clit I dove even deeper in to her, tasting her, licking her, exploring every inch of her insides with my tongue.

The softness of her walls closing in around my wriggling tongue, the heat from every inch of her enveloping me tightly, the taste of her flowing down my throat. I never wanted to taste anyone but this woman. I never wanted to be with anyone but her. I just had to find a way to approach the subject with her. The muffled sound of her moaning her pleasure fuelled me on to please her more than I ever had before.

As if sensing what I wanted; she lifted her legs and wrapped them around my head. Bringing my hand to her pussy; I slid my fingers inside her warm, walls. Instantly she began to turn more moist as my thumb pressed softly against her clit.

"Oh Fuck! Yes! Yes! Mmmm Jeff…" She panted breathlessly as I pulled away and then pressed back a little harder on to her swollen pleasure spot. "Jeff! Jeff! Jeff!" The sound of her panting my name left my tongue moving to her clit as my fingers worked deeper in to her; finding her g spot and squeezing against the buried treasure spot until she was literally coming undone in front of me.

Pressing my tongue against her swelling nub then dragging over the bud; then as she started to pant out of control, I gently wrapped my lips around the small bud and sucked it deep in to my mouth still allowing my tongue to stimulate the spot where she would cum in a wave so violent she would be screaming out my name. Letting out a soft growl, which seemed to vibrate throughout her tempestuous frame and she was exploding all over my fingers and tongue.

"Jjjjjjjjjjjjeeeeeefffffffffff!" She screamed out in a pleasurable tone that had her clit constricting more violently around my tongue.

As it began to pass; we heard the sound of the bus door opening and the other occupants that we were sharing our space with started to pile inside the interior of where we were just getting in to things. Damn it!

Susan's POV;

Using his hands he began to guide my legs around his waist as he took all his weight on his elbows; which left his face lingering dangerously close to mine. Then just as soon as we were getting ready to become lost in one another, I heard the sound of the bus door open and a pile of people load inside, taking away the quiet time that Jeff and I had been in search of by coming on here in the first place.

"You're so beautiful!" He whispered as the tip of his cock inched inside my aching pussy. Clearly it didn't bother him that there was people invading our space; if it didn't bother him then it wasn't going to bother me either. Raising my hips to him, I drew him all the way in. "Fuck you're so tight!" He grunted as he dragged his talented cock out of me only to slide back in to me in a slow, gentle and loving motion that we had never experienced before.

"You're so hard oh fuck you feel so good!" I purred reaching my hands to his and interlocking our fingers together tightly.

"No! No! No!" He growled as his hands pinned my own to the pillow above my head, as the sound of Shannon calling for us filtered to where we were giving in to everything that was between us.

The passion in which he made love to me was like nothing I had ever felt, the way his cock knew how to move was criminal. In the past we had been so lost in the passion that we were almost wild, but this was different, this was a different form of torture that he had conjured up to drive me completely out of my mind, I was sure of it.

"Guys you here!?" Shannon asked his voice getting closer and closer.

"Go away!" Jeff grunted as he stopped mid thrust and held himself deep inside me; throbbing madly against the walls of my pussy had me biting down on his shoulder to stop from screaming out. But before I could stop it a small moan escaped my lips.

"You can't possibly still be at it!" Shannon asked the amusement in his voice was more than evident.

"FUCK OFF SHAN!" Jeff roared loudly as my pussy gripped his cock in a death like grip until the sound of Shannon laughing filtered through the curtain; giving us the green light to continue.

Grinding in to me in long and painfully slow strokes, pulling out just as slow had the sweat building between us to the point where I was sure there should have been steam rising from our connected bodies. The sound of some kind of party taking place out in the front of the bus filtered back to the bunk area, as Shannon switched on his new Nickelback CD and picking one song in particular, I knew my little brother well enough to know that he was doing this on purpose.

'I want to do it until the sun comes up, 'Til we're both so good and sweaty that we can't stand up, I wanna do it until we're about to drop, As long as we got it together, then we're never gonna stop,'

Knowing that we couldn't talk, that we couldn't let any noise escape from our bodies just seemed to intensify the building sensation between us. Our hands interlocked once again and our bodies seemed to stick together with every movement that we made as I could feel my pussy tensing towards release, getting ready to erupt over his hard, thick shaft. This was completely erotic, unlike anything else we had ever experienced together. The true feel of his body, of his structure and his muscles seemed to build an intense friction between us; it was almost like electricity sparking around the small cramped space of the bunk.

As if sensing it was closing in on me, his lips searched for mine desperately, slamming down on to me to stifle the scream that erupted in his mouth from sheer pleasure as it coursed through my veins. Letting go of my hands one slid in between our writhing bodies until he was diving deep inside me, gently his fingers pressed down on my clit and the pleasure intensified until I was sure that I was going to pass out.

'I wanna go until the neighbours all complain, because they heard someone screaming, and they think we're both in pain, I wanna go so long, your Parent's think you died, they're gonna call the cops, the CIA and then the FBI,'

"Jeff!" I whispered low and passionately as his fingers continued to press down on my swollen bud as his other hand roamed up and down my leg that was wrapped around his waist.

"Susan!" He grunted desperately obviously not caring who heard us and suddenly I didn't care either as my release reached new paralysing heights until I didn't think that it was ever going to stop.

"Jeff!" I panted. "Mmm! Mmmm! Mmmm!" I moaned out pleasurably as it began to pass but then with one solid motion of his cock and his fingers he had me cuming all over again. "Oh God!" I panted loudly not caring who heard or what they thought. I was too far gone in to pleasure that it could have been the Pope on the bus and I just wouldn't care.

All that mattered was being here with my man and giving in to the things that were between us, it had been a long few months since we had seen one another and I would be damned if I was shying away from him because there were people in the same vicinity.

"Susan! Mmmmh! Mmmmmh!" He grunted louder and louder until I slammed my lips to his; instantly our tongues matched the erotic nature of our hips.

'Yeah, we're gonna love it when the lights go down, Hold on, here we go, Yeah we're gonna go until our legs give out, Round and round we go, Yeah we're gonna do it hanging upside down, up and down we go, Yeah, we're getting ready for the next go round, round and round we go,'

The song continued around us as the sound of laughing and joking filtered through the bus, our bodies seemed to get in to that zone where we didn't even hear anything else around us other than the powerful sexy beat of the song that continued to play.

Jeff's POV;

'Shut the windows, look the doors, unplug the phone, for all intents and purposes there ain't nobody home, then we can do it until the batteries are gone, and borrow two from the remote to turn this thing back on, I wanna cover you with Jell-O in the tub, we can roll around for hours without ever coming up, I want you naked with your favourite heels on, Start John Deere across my ass and ride me up and down the lawn,'

The feel of her pussy lapping violently around my cock was more than I could bear to feel. It was always good when we came together like this but damn; it had been so long that it truly felt like this was our first time.

"Turn around for me beautiful," I whispered in to her ear before dragging my cock out of her molten walls. "Oh God!" I grunted, as desperation seemed to engulf my entire being just from the friction of dragging my cock against her grip. Managing to get her on to her side, I could feel the heat of her insides calling to me, the true magnitude of the power she held over me was taking over and nothing I did could stop it from happening.

"Mm! Mm! Mm! You feel so good," She purred pushing her upper body back against mine.

Slipping my arm under her neck and reached my hand to her breast; fondling lightly then nipping at the swollen buds then tracing my fingers over her nipples causing her breath to turn laboured and desperate as my other hand, slid round over her flat, toned stomach, sliding down to her pussy.

Opening her legs to accommodate my hand. Rubbing over her wet, hot opening, she thrust her hips back against my cock hungrily drawing me in to her so deeply that I could feel every inch of her throbbing around me and dragging me straight towards oblivion. The friction of a tight thrust went straight to my head and I was struggling to remain grounded in the moment, the grip from inside her was much tighter from this angle and the more I tried to just remember to move the more it seemed to be evading me.

I could feel the foreskin on my dick peeling back and the sensitive head throbbing against the pulsing veins inside her warm, moist center and it was all I could do not to cum on the spot. The pulse from her quickly managed to seep in to me and I could feel my dick throbbing in the same manner as her insides.

"Mmmmm you're so tight…oh fuck that feels good," I grunted as her walls clamped around my shaft tightly and her hips moved away from me, dragging the head of my cock against every soft spot inside her until I was thumping my head down on to my arm and growling in to the flesh of her back before biting on the soft, sweaty, milky white flesh and she purred out desperately.

I had never felt anything so sensual as I was feeling right in this moment, the soft lapping of her insides was like having my dick emerged in a mountain of silken softness, the moistness caused me to glide against her with ease until she was moaning out along with me.

"Jeff! Oh! Oh! Oh! God!" She panted wrapping her arm up and around my neck, as I brought my lips to her exposed neck.

The feel of her soft, warm centre lapping around my hard thick shaft, felt better and better with every thrust. Turning her head she kissed me passionately rendering me powerless. Momentarily paralysed, she kept the pace that I had set. Sweat beaded our naked, writhing bodies, as my stomach rubbed against her back she pushed back further and further until there was no way that I could get in any deeper.

'Yeah, we're gonna love it when the lights go down, Hold on here we go, Yeah, we're gonna go until our legs give out, round and round we go, Yeah, we're gonna do it hanging upside down, up and down we go, Yeah, we're getting ready for the next go round, Round and round we go, Yeah, we're gonna love it when the lights go down, Hold on here we go, Yeah, we're gonna go until our legs give out, round and round we go, Yeah, we're gonna do it hanging upside down, up and down we go, Yeah, we're getting ready for the next go round, Round and round we go,'

My hand rubbed over her hot, wet pussy. I could feel the heat getting hotter and hotter, until there was an almost volcano reaction inside her.

"Jeff please," She purred reaching her hand to mine and guiding my fingers in to her hot, silky smooth chamber.


"OH GGGGGGGGODDDDDDDDD!" She screamed out desperately as both our fingers found her clit, rubbing over and over the swelling nub, then circling the small piece of sensitive veins, then dragging hard against it while my other hand softly played with her nipples, gliding over the swollen bud, turning it hard and red.

Instantly the music turned off and the sound of the people on the bus started to exit quickly with the sound of Shannon singing while he moved;

"If the bus is a ro-ro-rockin' don't come a kn-kn-knockin'" Followed by the sound of a chorus of laughter.

I didn't care what anyone thought, hell if half my co-workers had to live in the kind of relationship that Susan and I lived in they would be as desperate as we were right in this moment, hell they would be like fucking animals, with no hope of letting the rest of us get any sleep.

Watching her from this angle, I had never felt so turned on; the sight of her heaving chest, watching as our fingers slid deep inside her only to pull out covered in the creamy secretion from inside her, the way it felt like we were being covered in the hot sheathe of lubrication, the way her hips rocked back and forth. The glisten of her flesh as the sweat beaded every inch of her sinful frame, highlighting the true extent of her weight loss.

Susan had never been what you would call fat, she had a real woman's body curves in all the right places, beautiful seductive hips that called for attention, but seeing her now with her ribs sticking out, her hip bones jutting through her flesh I was worried that something was seriously wrong with her but every time I tried to bring it up, she just said that it was the tablets that the doc had put her on and refused to talk about it anymore.

"Oh God…Susan!" I grunted loudly and desperately. I had always known that she was beautiful, but watching her body in the throws of passion, she suddenly became more beautiful. "I-I'm gonna…oooooohhhhhh God!" I roared as my load shot in to her in a debilitating stream of pleasure.

"Oh! Oh! Oh! Ggggggggooooooodddddddd Gggggggggoddddddd!" She screamed out as the feel of her soft insides lapping violently around my cock and fingers was enough to leave me driving in to her forcefully; drawing out my release to the point where I didn't think I could take anymore. I was in serious danger of passing out from pleasure. "Jeff you feel so amazing! You're so hard," She purred softly as her fingers helped me stroke her; in a fashion that drew her own explosion out longer and longer.

"You're so wet!" I grunted in to her ear, the feel of her hot, wetness lubricating my dick as I slid in and out of her with an ease that I had never felt with anyone but her. "Susan, you feel so good…I love you!"

"I love you too," She purred breathlessly. "I-I-can't-take-any-more-Jeff-oh-my-God-harder!" She panted out of control. "Fuck me harder!"

"You're sure?" I grunted. God knows I wanted to hammer in to her with a force that she had never known, to bury my madly pulsating cock deep with in her firey chamber but sometimes when we became so lost in one another, when we became so out of control, it would hurt her and in the end I never wanted to do that to her. Just the thought of hurting her made my heart stop in my chest for a few seconds.

"Oh God yes!" She screamed as my fingers that were buried deep with in her pussy, began to nip tenderly at her clit ensuring that her fingers were still rubbing against the small mound of flesh that could erupt with such ferocity that it was hard to keep up with her sometimes, while my other hand nipped at her nipple, causing her to buck harder against me. Hot, creamy, smooth cum flowed all around my cock and my fingers, which built my desire to please her. "Harder!" She screamed determinedly.

Doing as she asked, I rammed hard and deep, pulling out slow and steady, drove back in hard and deep. Pushing back against my thrusting, she reached her free hand round my neck, holding my face close to her ear. The sound of my heavy breathing in her ear drove her over the edge as she started cuming all over again.

"Jeff Oh! Oh! Ggggggodddddd!"

"Susan! Oh God! You feel so good! Keep cuming for me baby!" I grunted loudly in to her ear.

My own explosion was still shooting out of me to the point where I thought it was never going to end. Emptying everything I had to offer in to her. God had it really been that long that my release was intent on rendering me completely powerless in its wake?

Eventually our bodies gave up and collapsed as the pleasure passed and we were left just exhausted and panting heavily. Sliding my limp cock out of her pussy, I didn't release her from my hold. Holding her tight, I never wanted to let her go. The way we were together was what I had always wanted. She was everything that I had ever wanted.

Susan's POV;

Panting out of control, I desperately tried to get my breathing under control. The feel of Jeff's arms wrapped firmly around my naked heaving body, left me feeling safe and protected. The way we were together wasn't like anything I had ever experienced. Making love with him, I felt safe and like I could ask him to do anything and know that he would never hurt me.

Turning in his arms, my eyes fell on his, instantly I was drowning, slipping out of reality and in to the safety that they promised.

"I love you Jeff Hardy!" I purred. And it was true I loved him more than I had ever loved anyone. I hadn't thought that it was possible, I hadn't thought that I deserved someone as good, as caring, as gentle or as kind as Jeff. But here I was in his arms, feeling safe and protected; cocooned from the world that was crouching outside the bus.

"I love you too Susan," He whispered softly bringing his lips to my forehead and gently kissing me.

Nothing could have prepared me for the feeling of having the right man in my life, nothing about our first meeting had said that we would be sickeningly happy two years later but here we were, happy, content with one another and nothing could have made this moment more right than it already was.

I had the love of my life lying next to me, holding me and placing light tender kisses all over my body until I could feel his dick throbbing against my stomach and as I looked in to his eyes in shock, he nodded his head and smiled happily at me. With that we were lost in the next go around.

R/N - THANK YOU girls for the support and the understanding on all that has happened this week; you all mean the world to me and I love you all to bits.