Danny Phantom: Dark Magic

By: Jewel Beadley and Hordak's Pupil

Disclaimer: We do own DP or Fairly Oddparents they both belong to Butch Hartman. All OCs are property of Jewel Beadley.

Author's Notes: This crossover is an AU in which DP takes place 14 years after FOP. This is also not part of my Ghost Nod's Limbs saga.

Chapter I: The Calm Before the Storm


"And so as you can see thanks to the intervention of Alfred the...," Mr. Lancer droned on as I tried to stayed awake in his class. I was up for six hours last night tracking the Box Ghost and Technus. I don't which was worse the fight or listening to the egos go off. I would have been there all night if not for my cousin Danielle who came in the nick of time and was able to help me with those losers, but still I'm exhausted.

I began to feel my eyes close as I laid my head on my book and drifted off to sleep.

I soon found myself in what looked like downtown Amity Park but everything was all in ruins. "what the heck happened here?" I asked myself as I searched the hoping to find any clue as to what caused this. The place deserted not a...,"Scratch that," I said as a chill raced up my spine and my ghost sense went off.

I turned around but when I tried to change into Phantom I couldn't. My mind reeled with fear trying to figure out what was wrong.

"Something a matter Danny?" a cold voice asked as spun around to see who where was there. "You seem like you've seen a...ghost!" the voice shouted as the figure of Dan Phantom emerged from the shadows. "Like what I've done to the town, I told you it was only a matter of time," he sneered darting towards me.

I tried to run but my feet were rooted into the ground. My heart leapt out of my chest as I fought to free myself but it was it was too late.

"any last words Danny?" Dan asked as he we only inches away from me. It was at that moment I awoke in a cold sweat.

"Mr. Fenton, unless you were dreaming of the history of the English language. I suggest you stay awake in my class," Lancer said as everyone laughed and the bell rang.

"Danny are you okay?" Sam asked as she walked over to my seat and helped me up.

"Yeah, I'm fine," I tell her halfheartedly as I was still thinking about that vision and what it meant,
"I just think I need to take a trip to Ghost Zone," I tell her as I considered visiting Clockwork as he always had the answers to what was going on.


"At last!" I exclaimed as I smiled at the document on the table and laughed. It had took decades of negotiation, not to mention a little manipulation and other unscrupulous methods, but one of the keys to Anti-Fairy domination was finally mine.

"Hey hon, is that the new menu," I heard a voice ask as I turn around and saw my wife, Anti-Wanda floated into the room. "Now lets see what's to eat," she said taking the document trying to read it.

"Give me that will you!" I shouted at her snatching it away, "it's not a bloody menu," I snapped trying to get the wrinkles out of it as she shrinked away giving me the sad eyes. "Oh please, don't..." I began to say as tears formed in her eyes.

"I thought you loved me honey?" she asked as I rolled my eyes and wiped my monocle clean. I hate when she does that.

"Of course, I love you," I told her as I put my eyepiece back on and sighed, "I'm sorry I yelled at you," I said as she smiled and pounced on me.

"I love you too, my little bowl of rancid cottage cheese," she said as I gasped for air and tried to free myself from her grasp.

"Please honey, let me go," I managed to get out as she released me and smiled sheepishly. "Like I said this is not a menu but a treaty I signed with the Pixies to give us the power to activate the Big Anti-Wand," I explained smiling as she scratched her head. "That's good," I told her as she smiles and nodded like she knew what I was talking about. "I'll explain it to you at the meeting later on," I said as I went to leave, "right now it's time for me to liver and onions with fava beans and a glass of chianti," I said as left for dinner thinking about my beautiful plan.


"You know it will only be a matter of time until he escapes," an Observant chided me as I watched events unfold on the Earth through my mirror. "Are you listening to me Clockwork," he asks again as I sigh and turn around.

"Yes, but I have more important things to do besides listen to you," I tell him as I feel myself change into an old man tiring of the world and wishing for rest but knowing I will never find it. "I have things under control," I remind him.

"Yes but the council...," the Observant said before I stopped him mid sentence.

"...Has better things to do than bother me, why don't you go do something more productive," I told him as he disappeared from sight. "Finally," I said going back to the mirror and focusing on Danny.

I knew that if something didn't intervene with timeline the Observants' fear would be realized and Danny would have to come face to face with his fears. I had hoped to keep that contained forever so the boy could have peace but nothing lasts forever.

While I was pondering the future a demonic voice screamed, "LET ME OUT! LET ME OUT OF HERE!" from a dark corner of my tower.

"How many times do I have to say this- No!" I snapped at the voice as it roared and howled in response. "You deserve your punishment after all the suffering you caused," I tell him getting annoyed by his ranting.

"You make it seem like I'm a monster when you know that I'm just the way he's supposed to be. I wouldn't exist if that wasn't so," the voice reasoned with a sliver tongue as I sighed in frustration.

"You sound as fatalistic as the Observants, you're just one outcome in a sea of many," I inform him, "and you should be grateful that those same ghosts are allowing your continued existence," I tell him frowning. "Now if you excuse me, I have a job to do," I say as ignore him and go back to my mirror.


"All right puny fairy students open you books to page 45 and read the section on turning into objects to hide," Jorgen said as I opened my book and sighed. I hate Fairy Academy, it boring and Jorgen is an muscle brained idiot.

I'd rather be with my godchild in training, Danni, and help her fight those ghosts again. She says that I'm her good luck charm when I go with her and help her forget her fears.

I don't know what scares her but when I was assigned to her, Jorgen said she was the 'most abused and neglected he had scene since Binky introduced the Black Plague to Europe' and that she would 'the most challenging case a fairy could have.

I sat reading the book when an idea popped into my head, "That's brilliant," I told myself as I created a Poof doll and went to find Danni. "I don't care what mom says about dad, he's a genius," I said as arrived on earth and went to find my godchild.

I found her in the cafeteria of her school eating lunch by herself, she didn't have many friends as most kids didn't want to talk to her because of the bruise she had from when she lived with her biological father who abused her. She didn't talk about it much but I know it cheers her up when I'm around.

"Hey Danni!" I shouted as I transformed into a spoon and smiled. "What are you eating? Hope it isn't anything that Lunch lady creep made," I tell her as she laughs.

"No poof, Danny's mom packed me a lunch," she said looking into her bag and frowning, "I just hope that his dad didn't help and my sandwich come to life," she told me as I laughed. "what are you doing anyway, I thought you had school you said?" she asked as I smiled.

"I decided to take a break," I told her as she glared at me, "don't worry Jorgen won't find me," I tell her giggling. "You know speaking of fairies, you haven't made a wish in a while, what gives?" I ask her curiously.

"Danny said for me not to say the W word as Desiree is on the prowl again,"she says as I roll my eyes. "What, I told you how dangerous she is," Danni told me as I sigh.

"I know, it's just the whole idea of human dying of broken heart and becoming a genie ghost is kind of offensive to a fairy," I explained, "Fairies spend all their lives training to do magic and the fact that a human comes along and just bang gets magic is just...," I fumed.

"I didn't know that was such a...," she began to say as blue mist came from her mouth. "I wish I had a place where I could transform," she told me as I smiled.

"You got it,"I said waving my wand and made a door appear, "who needs the fairy academy," I told my self as she flew out in her ghost form and I cheered her on as she went to kick ghost butt.


"All I'm saying is that you don;t look 'okay'," I told Danny as we walked back to his house. That dream had him really shaken up and was concerned for him. Usually when he has dreams like that something major is happening. "I was read a book at the Skulk n' Lurk and it said," I tried to explain to him before he cut me off.

"Sam, I'm fine, not all dreams mean things," he said as his ghost sense went off and went to see what was causing the trouble.

It was those pesky Ghost Vultures flying around, I think the Fruit Loop sends them out just to scare Danny's cousin.

"Hey it's the ghost kid maybe the boss will let us go to Florida if we capture him," one of them said as they went after Danny but he blasted them.

"I can send you there for free," Danny said told the specter as the ghost flew out of sight but came back and swooped at him.

"Ha, you can't beat us, you're outnumbered," another said as they went after Danny but something blasted them back.

"Well let's even the odds," a voice said as Danielle appeared and fired at the birds before turning to Danny. "Were you going to hog all the fun for yourself?" she asked as the vultures growled and went after her but she punched them in the beak causing them to flee.

"Shouldn't you be in school, Danni?" her cousin asked glaring at her as she smiled innocently.

"Ah, come on Danny, you leave to deal with ghosts, besides it's lunch time," she said as they landed and walked towards us. "Hey Sam and Tucker, what's up?" she asked as we waved to her. "What I can't believe you still don't trust me?" she exclaimed, "I'm done with Fruit Loops," she said as I sighed.

"You are warming up on me, but you still a way to go," I told as we continued to walk home.


"All right puny fairies, class dismissed!" I said as the bell rang and the students left so I could watch my favorite soap opera. I was just about to leave when I saw Poof was still in his seat. "Poof didn't you hear me I said GO!" I shouted but he stayed still.

I hovered over to his desk and took his book to him, but instead of finding Poof I found a doll. "When I find that puny fairy I'll teach him a lesson...in PAIN!" I shouted as I took my wand and blasted the doll to bits. "BINKY! GET IN HERE!" I shouted as my gofer poofed in with a glass in his hands.

"I know I'm late sorry, here's your mocha," he said handing the glass to me as I glared him.

"NOT NOW! I want you to find where Poof went and bring him here!" I shouted as I grabbed him by the collar. "That puny fairy has snuck out and must be brought back!" I tell him as looking Binky in the eyes zapping him with my wand but only a medium explosion comes out. "Something is wrong! Scramble the Fairies!" I shouted as I left to see what was going on.