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Garnet Sky: Yes the toughest fairy in the universe and the master of time will never change.

Chapter XVIII: A Deal with the Devil

Cardinal Borelli

"it's just like that little brat to deceive you," Sophia said as I looked over my books for my Latin text books. "I've always known that child is the Devil's own," she said as I rolled my eyes and sighed. I told to remember that she too was not free sin and come Judgment Day her crimes would be brought out in the light of day. "I am blameless," she insisted as I found my Latin books and kindly told her that I needed privacy.

"God give me strength," I muttered under my breath as I looked my materials. It had been awhile since I had taught Latin to anyone but it is not out of my experience. I took out a basic book on basic Grammar and looked it but was distracted by a noise outside. "che cosa…," I exclaimed as I walked over to the door and saw that reprobate, Derek, sneaking out of the window. "Young man, I must warn you what are you doing is a sin," I told him opening the door as he glared at me.

"I don't care about your rules," he snapped as I demanded he stopped and raced into his room and demanded in the name of God that he stop at once grabbing him by the hem of shirt. Let go of me old man!" he yelled turning around and punched me in the face and escaped.

"God help that child," I said crossing myself as I slowly got up and walked out of the room to warn Fiona that the demon has escaped.


"I've never seen a ghost this powerful before since the invasion," Valerie said scanning the area with a watch like device. I asked what she meant by that and explained that an evil ghost named Pariah Dark took over the town before I came to live here. "I think we may need your aunt and uncle to help," she told me as I saw a glass on the kitchen table.

"Danni," it whispered as I looked at Val who was too busy taking reading as I signaled for my fairy to meet me upstairs before it disappeared. Making sure Valerie was distracted I crept into the living room and raced up the stairs to where Poof was my waiting for me. "Sorry for sudden entrance but I need your help," he said as I raised an eyebrow at his request.

"Yes, Danielle, it seems we need the assistance of an expert on ghosts," a cultured voice said as pair of green eyes peered from the shadows. There was something that made me uneasy and transformed into Danni Phantom and got ready to blast the owner but Poof got between us.

"Poof what you are doing, there's a ghost in a room," I said as a figure emerged from the shadows. He looked like a fairy except his skin and clothes were a shade midnight blue. A monocle was his left eye and a derby on his head.

"Don't worry child, I am not one of those bases specters," the being said, "I am an Anti-Fairy, namely Anti-Cosmo," he introduced himself as I powered down. "Your godparent in training summoned you because we…I… need your help," he explained as I looked at Poof who nodded that the 'anti-fairy' was telling the truth and agreed to listen.


"You called boss," Anti-Carmine asked as he walked into the room and sat down. "I can assure that those stupid Observants are still locked up," he said as I told him that was not the reason I called him here. "What do you need," he asked as I turned to face him.

"I need you to go to that Time Ghost's lair and see if you can find any information…," I began to say as an alarm went off. "It's the prisoners," I said as Anti-Carmine waved his wand and brought image of the cell where Dan's hostages were escaping. "Scramble the Anti-Fairies bring me the time ghost and the Fenton kid," I ordered as he left and waved my wand bring up the image of the malevolent ghost. "Dan, come in Dan," I shouted as the specter turned around.

"How's tricks?" he asked as I rolled my eyes and told him what was going, "I figured Danny would try something like this. I'll be there as soon as possible," he said as he opened a portal and left the earth as I closed the communiqué.

Portia de Garmeaux

"This is going to be so good," I said sitting at my computer and writing up a message based on the information when I heard a knock on the door. "It's open dimwit," I said as Mary walked in and told she was just in time for the story of the millennium.

"What's up you said you had to go due to something urgent," she asked as I told it was urgent as it would finally rid us of our Danni problem. "How you know if anything happens her friends would know you were behind it," she said as I told to come to the screen.

"Don't worry we're not going to hit her physically but emotionally," I said as I told about the ghost bird who gave me this note. "This is gold, think of it, no one will want to touch her once they know this," I said logging onto the internet. "We always knew the brat was dirty and here is the proof not to mention that she lied about Mayor Masters," I said as she smiled with glee at this.

"I write the beauty column in the school newspaper and I think an extra special printing will be made soon," she said as I smiled, I loved how her cruel mind work and thought of a world free that filthy girl Danielle.


"Why yes Maddie, I am a genius thank you for noticing," I told my cat as I watched the girls write their diatribe. I love it when pawns do what they do best- mindlessly do my dirty work while I reap the glory. "You are such an intelligent animal and I have a treat for…," I began to say until my intercom buzzed. "Cheese sticks," I said as responded and asked my receptionist what was wrong.

"There is a scruffy looking child to see you sir. He says he got a note," she said as I told him to let him in and went back to tending my cat until I heard a knock at the door.

"You wanted to see me," a dark voice said as Derek Toyaka lurked in to the room, "this better be good or else your cat will disappear," he threatened as Maddie hissed at him and left the room. I offered the child a seat but he refused. "Just get to the point Masters I am a busy person," he told me as I rolled my eyes. The things I do to crush my enemies.

"Yes, I have a proposition for you my boy," he said as he raised an eyebrow and asked me what I was talking about, "how would you like your criminal to disappear forever," I told him as he smiled and walked closer and asked me what the price was. "I ask you to one thing for me," I told him holding up a picture of Danielle. "Bring her back to me," I said as he scowled.

"I'm not your lost and found Master Moron," he said as I took a breath trying not to let my temper get the best of him. I told him that if she would not come peacefully he has my permission to do away with and handed her a phial of Lysoplasm. "What will this do," he asked as I explained it would dissolve her body into goo and assured him that he would be free from law enforcement interference. "I like the way you think, Mayor," he said as he shook my hand and handed him a key to unlock that ankle monitor. Yes, I so do love having pawns.


Once I assured my godchild that AC was no threat she agreed to listen to him. "An evil ghost has allied himself with an upstart Anti-Fairy named Anti-Binky and has exiled me from my home," he explained as my dad's counterpart produced an image of the ghost causing Danni to gasp that was her cousin. "Not exactly, he is a version of your template from another timeline," he said as Danielle glared at him, "What?" he asked ignorant to his faux pas.

"I am a human being not a mass of cells and organs. Danny is more than mere template he's my cousin," she retorted as her eyes glowed green but Anti-Cosmo was unimpressed. "You take back what you said about me and Danny now!" she threatened as Anti-Cosmo went on some rant about how she is not really a human being but a clone replicated from a piece of her cousins DNA. "Take that back!" she threatened blasting AC who ducked and fired back with a spell.

This went on for a couple minutes until I finally had enough, "WOULD YOU TWO PLEASE GET ALONG!" I screamed as the backed down and looked at me. "Danni, this is not the time to go ghost, Valerie is in the house and as soon she sense your ecto-energy she'll burst in here wanting to fry you!" I told my godchild as she powered down. "Anti-Cosmo may be crass with how he referred to Danny but if he wants to get his family back, he will listen to you," I went on as the parties made peace and AC continued.

"As I was saying, he is an alternate version of your cousin in which he turned evil. He was imprisoned in what you call the Ghost Zone but he escaped. Once freed he allied with Anti-Binky and captured both my family, Poof's parents, another ghost, and Timmy's cousin Taroku. We need your help on how to fight these ghosts so we can stage a rescue," he said as Danielle thought for a second and told us to follow her down to the lab where her parents kept their files on ghosts.