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Author's Note: There needs to be more Einon love. DO YOU HEAR ME?!?! /ehem/ So this is my series of oneshots (more like drabbles) dedicated to Einon, and the love of him. From birth to death, my take on it is all here. It's short and sweet.

In The Beginning

The pain was unbearable. Aislinn would rather die than continue on like this for another minute. She didn't care if she was birthing the future king. It didn't matter one bit to her, if the only way out of the pain was to die, than she would die. She vented that pain to the sky in the form of a penetrating scream.

Then it was over. The pain was gone. Aislinn heard a shrill bawling and realized that another life had entered the world. "Queen Aislinn," she heard the nursemaid say. "You have a son!"

Aislinn sighed in relief. "His name is Einon," she faltered. "May he be a good king." With that, she knew no more.

When she next awoke, Bowen was standing over her. "Bowen," she murmured. "You've come."

"I could not stay away, my queen," he gazed compassionately.

"Bowen, no one can ever know whose son Einon truly is," she could see the sorrow and resolve in his eyes. "Do not despair; you will always be near him. No one will think anything about you teaching him the ways of the Old Code. It is natural for princes to learn of such things," her voice grew stronger with every word. "Bowen, this is the last time I can see you."

Bowen took her meaning and bowed. He leaned over her prone form and kissed her forehead. "I shall miss you, my love."

"And I you," tears formed in her eyes and threatened to fall. "Quickly, before they find you here."

He brushed her cheek with his hand and exited the room swiftly.

Soon after, King Frayne, Aislinn's husband, entered the room. "How is my future king?"

"He is doing well, as am I," she replied.

"Good, good," the king said loudly. "Just making sure," he departed in a hurried fashion, leaving Aislinn alone with her son.

"Ah, Einon," she whispered. "Pray that the king never learns of who your father is. For that would be the death of us all."