As he laid in bed, semi-conscious, Edge could only reflect on his recent mistakes while Reimi lectured him. It was obvious that she cared, but at the same time, she wasn't going to let him off easy for this. "What were you thinking, Edge? Honestly!"

"It was just a couple card games. Lymle didn't mention those cards were special, and Welch didn't say anything when we made them either."

Reimi sighed. "But it turns out they explode with either sharp impact, or by being thrown into the air?"

Edge nodded silently.

Reimi looked exasperated as she tried to think of her next accusation. "Of all the games you could have taught them, why those?"

Edge tried to recall his reasoning, but his head was still fuzzy from the concussion. "Uhh... I think it seemed like a good idea at the time? Look, Welch suggested Strip Poker and then disappeared. Meracle and Myuria wouldn't let go of the concept, and I almost got tasered for trying to change the subject."

Reimi's eyes narrowed at the mention of the game, and began quietly shaking in rage at the mention of Meracle. "I hadn't heard about this part. Who won?"

Edge's concussed mind failed to register the threatening note in her voice. "Arumat, actually. He has the devil's own luck."

Reimi filed that section in her mind for a later berating. "And then what? That doesn't explain..."

Edge sighed. "Well, once Sarah joined in, we figured Slapjack would be... safer."

Reimi's left eye twitched a little. "Safer."

Edge shrugged, then winced in pain. The motion stung a bit. "Well, I wasn't exactly counting on Bacchus getting so into it. Turns out that was an Explosion card. Level 10."

Reimi sank her face into her palm. "Edge, that's so..." she hesitated. "Wait. Bacchus was in on this too?"


"But... didn't Arumat win the game of strip poker?"


Reimi looked flabbergasted. "How did Bacchus participate?"

Edge blinked several times before responding. "I, uhh... I don't remember."

"Is that because of the concussion?"

"No, I think it's my brain's self-defense mechanisms. I don't think I want to remember."

Reimi looked slightly green for a moment. "Okay, I can see that. But still, one Explosion card shouldn't have done this to you. In fact, I shouldn't have been able to hear it from inside the Simulator. What exactly was that?"

Edge winced at the hazy memory. "That was Welch again. Would you believe there was once a game called 52-Card Pickup...?"