Chapter 1: The Light and Darkness Emerge

A storm was brewing outside and Harry did not like the looks of what was going on. It has been raining for what seems like a month nonstop. The house Sirius had left to Harry was repaired, and he planned on moving Ginny in next week, but there was some leaking that had to be taken care of first.

Kreacher was putting some flowers on the table and fussing about 12 Grimmauld Place, and Harry was now putting on his coat.

"Well Kreacher, let's go. We need to wait for the rain to stop before fixing up anymore," said Harry putting on his hat.

"Master, Kreacher will stay, if it stops raining while you go Kreacher will fix the leaks," said Kreacher giving a modest bow.

"Ah that sounds like a good idea, if Ron or Hermione should come around tell them I am with Ginny at the Borrow and please try to stay out of trouble," said Harry reaching for the door knob.

"Whatever Master wishes Kreacher does," said Kreacher giving a very low bow.

Harry gave a sigh and opened the door and left. Kreacher continued his chores and gently mopped up the puddles that were forming.

A figure limped heavily. A heavy black cloak clung to the slight figure's clearly feminine frame. She gave a pained gasp and fell heavily against the enchanted window of 12 Grimmauld Place. The magic around her caused the enchantment to lift, and the lonely building to reveal itself. Kreacher looked up and saw the pitiful figure barely breathing.

"Master would not like it if Kreacher let stranger in… then again Master would dislike it more if Kreacher did not help… Kreacher has no choice," Kreacher said to himself as he walked slowly outside.

Using some of his house elf magic he moved the sodden witch into the dank house. He brought the figure up to a bedroom and laid her there. She was barely breathing, but she was still alive. Kreacher removed the witch's cloak. She was dressed in the clothing of what would be seen as royalty. She wore a long royal blue silk skirt, and a white blouse covered in a rich red royal leather tunic. A pendant hung around her neck it was that of a wand surrounded by a dragon, upon seeing this, Kreacher took a step back.

"Mistress Black?!?!" Kreacher squeaked.

The girls eyes fluttered opened as she turned her head to see the source of the noise.

"I never thought I would hear my mortal name again," she sighed.

"But… Mistress Black was claimed by the dragon blood in her," replied Kreacher.

"Silence Kreacher… I need to sleep first," said the girl.

"Yes Mistress Aurora Black."

Kreacher brought up fresh fruit the next morning to find Aurora sitting up straight in bed combing out her hair with an elegant comb. Her hair was long and black, a trade mark of the Black family. Her eyes showed her dragon blood, light blue and slit, and her skin was extremely pale.

"Mistress has returned, we all thought Mistress was gone," said Kreacher.

"It was until I'm guessing Voldemort was slain. Then many of us were able to access all of our powers, for me it was my mortal powers that returned. The dragons were glad I was able to leave, for they knew I was not happy being stuck in dragon form. They gave me all they could to help me get back, including my birth right pendant. Grandfather knew even if I was heiress to the Dragon Throne, that I would not want to be kept there, so he let me leave," she said fingering the pendant around her neck.

It was then that the front door opened and footsteps could be heard.

"Kreacher it's only me. Ron is with me to help fix up the leaks. If you could can you get us some breakfast, the rain finally stopped too," came Harry's shout.

"Are those friends of my father's?" whispered Aurora.

"Mistress, Kreacher is sorry to say this, but Voldemort killed Master years ago," said Kreacher softly.

Tears were streaming down Aurora's face now. She bought up her knees to her chin and began to softly sob.

"Kreacher what's going on up there?" came a shout from downstairs and footsteps began to climb up the staircase.

Harry opened the door a moment later and saw the pitiful sight of Aurora Black sobbing into the bed sheets. Harry looked from the sobbing mass to Kreacher and rubbed his head in an attempt to think. Just then the front door opened again and two girls' voices could be heard laughing and giggling.

"Harry, Ron, its Ginny and Hermione, where are you?" came one of the girl's voices.

Suddenly the girls squeaked and screamed in alarm and powerful wing beats could be heard downstairs. Things began to crash and fall and alarmed chattering and roars could be heard from the flying creature.

Aurora looked up and gave a powerful roar. The chattering and roars stopped, and so did the fluttering wings. Then suddenly the beating wings started up again more rapidly as a small dragon burst through the open bedroom door above Harry's head. It landed heavily on the bed and began to nuzzle Aurora happily.

"Kreacher… who is this?" asked Harry as Ron, Hermione, and Ginny entered the room.

"Master, Kreacher introduces the last of the Black line and heiress to the Dragon Throne, Aurora Black, daughter of Sirius Black and Bethrile the princess of Dragon Throne. Mistress is half dragon and half wizard," said Kreacher.

The group looked at Aurora stunned and frozen, Ginny clung to Harry horrified and Hermione and Ron could only gawk at the figure. The small dragon nudged at Aurora with its head and presented its tail which had a scroll tied around it. Aurora gave a weak smile and took the scroll not yet unfurling it.

"I am sorry to show up like this, but this is the place I was hoping to call home and see my father once again," said Aurora, her blue eyes shining with tears and frustration.

Harry nodded knowing what it must feel like to know that one's loved on was murdered. "So, what does the letter say," said Harry hugging Ginny close. Hermione went up and sat next to Aurora and gave her a small hug as Ron still stood stunned.