Luxord looked down at the symbol on the floor as Xemnas spoke of what had happened at Beast's Castle. Sora had shown up. Xaldin had failed and was no more. Luxord had a feeling that was going to happen.

"Hey, Lux. You okay?"

Luxord glanced to the seat next to his. Demyx was looking at him with concern. Luxord faked a smile that Demyx saw through immediately. But, Demyx didn't say anything else.

As soon as the meeting was over, Luxord went to his room without so much as glancing at anyone else. Once there he sat down on his unused bed and stared up at the unfinished Kingdom Hearts.

He felt like crying. Something he knew he hadn't done since he turned into a Nobody. Luxord turned his gaze to the moonlit floor.

"If we don't have hearts, then why do I feel like mine's breaking?" He asked to the air.


"Sora's coming here?" Luxord asked.

"Yeah. Heard it from Xemnas," Xigbar answered.

Luxord suddenly felt very excited. He had waited for this moment. The moment Sora came to the Alter of Naught. The moment Sora arrived to finish off the Organization. The moment he could finally take revenge on the boy who murdered his best friend. The moment had finally come.

That is, if Xigbar didn't kill him first. Xigbar had good reason to take his revenge first. He had loved Demyx and Sora had killed him. Xigbar was beyond just angry. Sure, he seemed calm and collected on the outside but just beneath the surface he was spewing all kinds of thoughts of painful revenge.

"I want him first," Xigbar muttered.

"I know. If you can't so it, I will. I promise that," Luxord said.

Xigbar looked at him. He already knew that Luxord didn't like promises. He said they were worthless because being Nobodies they didn't have hearts so they didn't mean it. But, somehow, Xigbar felt he did mean it.

"For Xaldin?" Xigbar asked.

Luxord looked at him.

"Maybe," he said and turned away.

Xigbar nodded and decided that enough was said. Both needed rest if they were going to face off against Sora.


Luxord raised his arms, cards appearing all around him. A shield. The keyblade went through easily. Luxord fell to his knees. How could he have lost? How!? To this kid! To his best friends murderer!

Luxord was angry. He was furious. He promised that he would take revenge for him! He promised.

His name passed Luxord's lips.

"I'm sorry, Xaldin," he said.

Darkness fell all around Luxord. It was all he could see. All he could feel. It was terrible. Then, all of his senses failed. He no longer was. As if he was anything anyway.

The last thought to pass his mind was the vision of bright amethyst eyes.

A single scalding line fell from Luxord's eye and dropped silently to the darkness below.