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"McGee's gone Abby, I'm sorry," Ziva said softly. It was raining outside, just like it had the night Kate had died and when Gibbs had been in a coma in the hospital. The sky always cried when disaster stuck it seemed.

She stood rooted to the spot, Ziva's words ringing in her ears. McGee was gone…but he couldn't be, he had promised to bring her back a Caff-Pow, he always did when they went out in the field. He would never break a promise he made to her.

The tears came before the thought to cry even entered her mind. "But…" Abby tried to say but her voice failed her. Ziva looked at her with sorrowed and pained eyes, the assassins steps were faltering as she got closer to the distraught scientists. Abby broke completely when Ziva off all people drew her in close and held her as she sobbed.

"Tim!" Abby yelled out, her energy leaving her along with her tears.

Gibbs heard Abby scream out McGee's name from the confines of the now dark elevator. Ziva must have beaten him down to the lab as he was working up the courage to tell her that her best friend was dead. He should be there for her, but the guilt he felt was eating him up inside.

He lashed out and punched the metal doors in front of him. It wasn't fair, why did the young have to die while the old were left to live. That wasn't the way it wasn't supposed to work. Gibbs needed a drink badly, but right now he needed to try and comfort Abby and his team.

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