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"So can you walk through walls?" Abby asked, she sat on the chair that McGee usually occupied when they were working together.

"Yea, but I usually walk through open doors out of habit," McGee said as he sat cross legged on the evidence table.

Abby nodded, trying to figure out what her next question would be, she had been asking him all manner of questions for the past 10 minutes. She had made sure to keep her door locked so nobody would walk in on their conversation and see her talking to "nothing".

"Oh can you float?" she asked excitedly.

McGee just grinned and Abby's eyes widened as he floated a few feet off the table. "That is the coolest thing ever."

"Yea well," McGee said as he resumed sitting on the table. "It may be cool but I'd rather be alive, you have no idea how frustrating it is to be a ghost."

Abby felt bad, "I'm sorry Tim," she said.

"Its fine, the one good thing about this whole situation is that you can see me again," Tim said with a smile. He hated seeing her so upset about his death and him not being able to tell her that he was ok and still watching over her.

"Um…did…did you see Kate?" Abby asked hesitantly.

McGee's gaze softened and he nodded "She's in heaven or what I guess you would call heaven, she told me all she had to finish was to say goodbye to everyone, she said that you saw her in some goth get up."

"That was really her!" Abby asked in shock. "I thought I was just imagining her."

McGee smiled and Abby looked at him sadly "So do you think you just have to say goodbye to everyone and then you'll be gone?"

"I asked Kate and she said it was more complicated than that but she wasn't allowed to elaborate," he explained.

Abby felt relief run through followed by a wave of guilt. It wasn't fair that McGee couldn't go to heaven and he didn't even know what he had to do to get there. "They didn't even give you a hint?" she asked.

"Yea, they said it had to do with everyone at NCIS so that's why I've been following you all around, trying to figure out what I need to do."

"Well I hope you can figure it out," Abby lied; she knew she was being selfish but she wanted McGee to be with her as long as possible now.

"Yea," McGee said softly.

They were quiet for a moment, Abby just staring at him, trying to memorize every one of his features before he was gone for good. "So do you want to know anything else?" McGee asked, breaking the silence.

"Can you move things without touching them?" Abby asked.

He laughed "I'm a ghost Abs, not telekinetic."


Ziva shifted the box of evidence in her hands as she pressed the button that would take her down to Abby's lab. She sighed as the elevator doors closed and the car began to move. There had been a double homicide, a Marine Sergeant and his wife had been murdered in their home, leaving behind an 8 month old baby that was surprisingly spared.

The crime scene was a veritable bloodbath and made Ziva somewhat sick. They had to catch this bastard before he made a repeat performance. The elevator doors opened up and Ziva strode out. She frowned as she saw that the door to the lab was closed. Abby always left the door open; Ziva tried the handle and was shocked that it was locked.

Ziva knocked on the door "Abby open up, I have evidence for you," she called.

"Uh…one minute Ziva," she heard Abby call out uncertainly. Something was off and Ziva could feel it, was someone in Abby's lab with her, were they dangerous and that's why the door was locked? The Mossad Officer was ready to attack whatever was making Abby so strangely.

"Hey Ziva!" Abby said cheerily as she opened the door, throwing Ziva off. She hadn't seen Abby this happy in months. Something strange was going on.

"Hello Abby, you're in a cheery mood," Ziva said.

"Oh uh, yea must be all the Caff-Pow," Abby said somewhat nervously.

Ziva looked at her in concern before pushing past the now bouncy scientist to enter the lab. "Gibbs needs you to…dear God," she said almost dropping the box in her hands as she looked over at the evidence table.

"Hi Ziva," McGee said with a slight wave.

Abby quickly shut and locked the door behind her. "You can see him right, tell me I'm not going crazy," she asked hurriedly.

"McGee, you are alive," Ziva said in a daze.

"Not quite, I'm a ghost Ziva," he said.

"A ghost, but you are here, you do not look like a ghost," Ziva said, worrying about her own sanity.

"I know right, he looks all there, not ghosty at all," Abby said. "And you can touch him and you won't go through."

"Really?" Ziva asked and Abby nodded.

"Wanna try?" McGee asked as he stuck out his hand. Ziva hesitantly stepped closer and poked McGee's hand with her finger. She did it two more times each time harder but her finger didn't pass through him. She put two fingers on his wrist where his pulse point should be and pulled back as she didn't feel the blood pumping through his veins.

"This is incredible," Ziva whispered in awe before looking back up at him. "It is so good to see you again McGee," she said with a wide smile.

"It's good to see you too Ziva," McGee said with a smile of his own.

"Are we the only ones who can see you?" Ziva asked.

"So far yes," McGee said.

"Oh wait til Tony sees him, he'll faint," Abby said excitedly.

"That I would love to see," McGee said and the three friends laughed, before plotting a way for Tony to come down to the lab.

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