Set in new moon after Edward leaves Bella. After a week of zombieness, Bella goes with Charlie to a party at la push. She becomes more and more attached to Jacob, but what will happen if Edward comes back?

waking up

I woke up. I felt different this morning and decided to finally get up.

'Bella?' Charlie gave me a shocked and, at the same time, relieved look.

'Hey dad, I'm sorry.'

'It was like you were dead.'

I sat down while Charlie mumbled, 'if I ever see him again, he'll wish he was.'

Technically, he was. I felt the tears coming again. I pictured a box and stuffed all the memories in. I immediately felt a little better. Just then the phone rang.

Charlie answered it.

'Hello? Oh...hi Billy. What can I do for you?'

He paused to listen.

'Um...yeah sure. I'll see if Bella is up for it.'

He turned to me and said, 'Billy's have a party tonight in la push. Do you feel up for it?'

I nodded, 'sure.'

'We'll be there.' He said turning back to the fine.

'Okay. Bye.'

He turned back to me. 'It's an all day party, so you better get dressed now.'

I walked up stairs and went into the bathroom. I had a shower and washed my hair.

I looked in the wardrobe. I got out my blue blouse and denim skirt. I looked over at the dresser. Renee had bought me make up. I didn't usually wear it, but Alice had showed me. I put some on but not enough to show up.

'Bella, are you ready to go!' Charlie shouted up.

'Yeah, sure.'

I walked down to Charlie. He looked at me. His expression immediately changed from normal to shock to a smile. I smiled back.

'You look absolutely beautiful, honey.'

'Thanks.' I blushed.