Chapter one

Her name is Kurumu Kurono. She is a succubus and a student at Youkai Academy. And she loves Tsukune Aono. She knows that he is her Mate of Fate the one she is destined to spend my life with. She would make him mine in a heart beat if only…

"Good Morning, Tsukune!" A cute pink-haired girl dressed in the uniform of the school called out to the dark haired boy ahead of her. He turned around and waved "good morning to you too Moka-san." He said with a smile on his face. Moka walked over to him and gazed at him with her bright green eyes. "Is there something that Moka-san needs?" Tsukune asked in a polite tone. Moka turned her face to the ground as she spoke quietly "well…you see I woke up late this morning and was not able to get breakfast. So I was wondering if Tsukune would let me-" "STOP IT!" Yelled out a very large breasted girl who had short blue hair, as she crashed into Moka, who had been just inches away from Tsukune's neck. "You were about to suck Tsukune's blood again, weren't you?"

That was Kurumu Kurono protecting HER Tsukune from the blood sucking attack of that vampire. However, before she would let Moka answer; She jumped onto Tsukune, his head going in between her breasts as she gave him her school renowned hug "I won't let her suck your blood, Tsukune." She said in a happy voice. "Kurumu-chan, could you possibly get off…" Tsukune pleaded, as he was very slowly being suffocated with the pressure of the breasts crushing him. To answer his request, a basin dropped out of nowhere on her head.

"Take that, you big-breasted woman! " A dark-haired twelve year old said. She was dressed in witch's attire, her wand raised, before she herself latched onto Tsukune.

"Jealous that I can get Tsukune with my sex appeal, while you have nothing in that department, Yukari-chan?" Kurumu said, making it a point by jabbing at Yukari's chest as she did when Kurumu needed to remind her that she was still a child and that she did not have the necessary 'wants' a man desired in a women.

"Tsukune…" a new, soft voice said behind Tsukune, as a girl with short purple hair dressed in striped long sleeves and a skirt dropped out from a tree with a lollipop in mouth.

"Mizore-chan…" Tsukune replied, before Kurumu knew it she was on Tsukune's arm. However, he managed to pull away from her, and went back over to Moka, she smiled as if nothing had happend, and the entire group headed to class. With Yukari and Kurumu still debating on what kind of girl Tsukune would. Of course, a few straggling guys shot Tsukune nasty looks because once again He had received the Attention from the cutest and sexiest girls of the Academy.

As all the students headed into the school no one bothered to look up and see the figure who had observed the scene below from the roof. "Hmmmm Kurono Kurumu; so your wish is to be with Tsukune. But what price are you willing to pay for it." A second later the figure vanished as if he was never there.

In class Nekome-sensei was her usual self perky and strange. "Good morning class, today in class we will be working in pairs on a project so everyone team up get started." She began explaining what the project was while everyone partnered up. Kurumu saw this as her chance to work with Tsukune. Kurumu immediately hopped over to his desk and latched onto Tsukune's arm, pressing her well-endowed chest against him. "Tsukune, why don't you work with me?" Tsukune tried to find the words to answer. "Um, Kurumu-chan…I" "…your grades are even lower than Tsukune's!" Yukari finished for him. "If he worked with you on this he would fail!"

Kurumu eyebrow twitched at this unpleasant reminder as Yukari went on. "Tsukune-kun you should work with me desu. I am the Number one genius at this school." Then from under a desk Mizore appeared "Why does Tsukune not work with me?" she said in her quiet voice as she got up from under the desk. A fight between them would have ensured if Tsukune had not stated "I'm sorry but I already agreed to work with Moka-san." He said in apologetic tone as he bowed and went over to Moka's desk. After that Yukari and Mizore dispersed to find partners but Kurumu stood there for a second in her thoughts "Why…why does he always choose her over me? What does she have that I do not have? What is wrong with me Tsukune…why will you never acknowledge me?" Kurumu was forced to be partners with another boy who spent the entire time drooling over her chest with a perverted look. Although she did not concentrate that much her mind was else where…imagining a life with Tsukune.

The rest of the day turned out to be usual. The five of use arguing over Tsukune and trying to gain his affection but they received the same reaction as they always did…a blush a laugh and complete change of topic. They concluded our meeting of the newspaper club after school and went our separate ways towards our dorm rooms. Kurumu walked once again alone to her dorm room. The boy admires had gone off to study and do other things. She watched as a few student couples walked past her."I wish I was walking with Tsukune" She murmured to herself. She had dreamed many times at night of Tsukune and her together lying in the same bed and making sweet wonderful love. "if only I could get him…if only I could make him mine…if only-" Then a voice interrupted her "If only those other girls where not in the way. And if only you and Tsukune could be the happy couple you want to be."

Kurumu turned around to see an unknown figure. It was a man probably around the age of seventeen. He was a tall thin Caucasian male with dark hair that looked like it had never met a comb. He was not dressed in school uniform but all black. A black collared button down shirt, black pants and black shoes.

He started walking towards her. "Ms. Kurono Kurumu, the succubus and temptress of Youkai Academy." He said in a humbled voice. "It is truly an honor to meet you." Kurumu dropped into a battle stance and claw like nails grew from her fingers. "Who the hell are you?" She demanded. The man stopped and held up hands in a gesture of surrender. "Peace please, I am not here to do battle. I am here to make your wish come true." He said this with a smile. Kurumu lowered her hands and let the nails draw back into her fingers. The man may have been smiling but there was something unsettling about it, it sent a chill down her spine. Kurumu stared at him "Who are you? And what do you mean by my wish?"

The man gave a bow as he introduced himself. "I am Ren Takamine, and I mean your wish to be with Mr. Aono Tsukune." She narrowed her eyes and frowned. "What could you possibly know about that?" He started walking slowly towards Kurumu again. "I know that you long for him to accept your feelings. How you dream at night of him holding you close and whispering in your ear that he loves you. How you hope that the two of you can have a future together." Ren was only two feet from her when he stopped. He was still wearing that smile on his face.

Kurumu stood there rock solid. Ren whatever he was had just described every one of her dreams, her hopes, and her fantasy's. "What are you…how do you know all of this?" She stammered at him. He sighed at this question. "Alas my dear Kurumu I can not tell you the name of my breed however I can tell you that my kind has a few abilities… and one of those abilities to sense other people's desires and make them come true." Kurumu continued to stare at him. He spread his arms wide. "Ms Kurumu I am your guardian…Angle per say. Here to grant your desire.

Kurumu could not believe what she was hearing. "This guy…Ren is offering to give me Tsukune?" However she was still skeptical "How do I know this is not just a trick or something…you could just be lying." He did not answer instead he reached into his pocket and pulled out a cigarette. He snapped his finger and small flame hovered over his thumb as he lit the cigarette. "I have no reason to lie, nor do you have anything I could gain if I was." He stuck the cigarette in his mouth and inhaled. Half of Kurumu wanted to accept his offer but the other half felt something…something dark in that man. "Alright then…why do you want to help me?" She asked causally.

He dropped the cigarette on the ground and crushed it with his shoe. "I have seen you and I know that you love Tsukune more then any other girl in that group of yours. I bet you would destroy an army of Man-eating plants to get to him."

Kurumus heart was racing "He is right I would do that…maybe I should take his offer." "Ok suppose I did accept your offer, you are saying that Tsukune would me boyfriend." She asked in an interested tone. He showed no surprise at this question. "No he will not be your boyfriend. He will be your mate of fate. He will be yours mentally, physically, sexually. His mind, body, soul…lock stock and barrel. He will be all yours."

Kurumus mind was filling with fantasies of what of he said. Ren smiled. "And every little idea that is being conceived in your mind will no longer be a fantasy but reality." When she could stand it no longer Kurumu ran over and grabbed Ren by his shirt. "Enough. I accept your deal. I want it all." Ren gave a kind smile and took her hands and pulled them from his shirt. Kurumu instantly pulled back. "His touch…it's as cold as death. Like there is not a beat of life in his body." She thought. But to her it no longer mattered. "Come on make my desires come true." Kurumu said impatiently. Ren held up his left index finger.

"Oh there is just one more thing my dear." Seemingly out of no where he pulled out a paper with writing on it and pen. "I just need you to sign this little contract. It just states that gives me permission to remove all obstacles that would stand in the way of your relationship and this is what you wa-" Before he could finish Kurumu had snatched the paper and pen. "Where should I sign?" She asked.

Ren gave a small laugh. "Right by the X would be fine." Kurumu signed her full name. Kurumu Succubi Kurono. The second she had finished Ren took the paper and pen from her. He put the pen in his pocket and read the paper over.

When he had finished he folded the paper and put it away. "Everything seems to be in order." He smiled and held out his hand. Kurumu reached out and shook it. Suddenly a cold sensation swept through her arm and traveled through the rest of her body. Kurumu tried to break free of Ren but his grip was strong. Ren started laughing as the cold had completely filled Kurumu. She started to black out. But before she did; she thought she heard Ren say. "I hope it's worth it." Then darkness consumed Kurumu.

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