Chapter 11

Kurumus eyes slowly twitched open. She was laying on a bed from what she felt. "I'm back our room; and Tsukune is right-" Suddenly her mind snapped back into focus. She sat up in the bed and buried her face in her hands. "Oh my god" She thought "Tsukune is dead." She could feel the tears coming on when she lifted up her face; and then she felt them vanish when she saw her room.

It was not the room that she had known for the past few weeks. It was her room at the academy. She looked around, it was indeed her room everything was just how she had left it before she had made the deal with Ren. "What the hell?" Kurumu said to herself. She got of the bed and went over the to small dorm bathroom and looked in the mirror.

She had turned back into her younger self. She was also wearing her normal yellow academy sweater and her small skirt (Which hardly left anything to the imagination). She backed out of the bathroom and slid to the floor. "I'm…I'm back to normal!?" She said aloud. She thought she was alone in the room however that proved to be wrong.

"Hehehe; welcome back Ms. Kurono." Kurumu spun around to where the voice was coming from. There standing in the corner; wearing his white robes was the School Chairman. He smiling that weird smile at Kurumu, whose eyes were wide with shock. "Chai..Chairman! How long have you been there?" He still smiled; something about his smile was similar to Rens.

"I have been here since I fixed all of the damage that Ren caused to my School. You have been asleep for almost three days my dear." Kurumu got up off the ground. "Three days…Wait what about the oth-" The Chairman held up his hand and Kurumu fell silent. "You have no need to worry.

Moka, Mizore, and Yukari are quite all right; Their souls have been returned to them and there is no permanent damage." HE paused for a second. "Ruby is also unharmed and has returned to her work as my secretary." He went quite and simply stood there smiling.

Kurumu matched his silence and stood rock solid at the Chairman. After two minutes he sighed. "You might as well ask." He said calmly. "What about Tsukune?" Kurumu said in an anxious voice. The Chairman gave a small chuckle. "young mister Aono is alive and well…and on his way here I believe." Kurumu turned her face to the ground and sat on her bed. "What is wrong my dear I thought you would be jumping for joy at the news.''

Kurumu kept her head down as she spoke. "I can't face him…I can't face any of them after what I did. I almost got them all killed because I was selfish. I don't deserve to have them as friends." The Chairman started laughing. Kurumu looked up and stared at him. "What the hell is so funny?" She asked him. She was frustrated that the Chairman was taking this so easily and showed not the slightest signs of anger or worry. The Chairman stopped laughing enough to answer her.

"You sigh a contract so you could have Tsukune all to yourself, you don't think about the others for most of the time you were in that world you fight the devil and now after all of that you are afraid to face them." He shook his head. "That is what is so funny." He said coolly at Kurumu whose face was going red. "How could I face them after what I allowed that monster to do to them. After nearly getting Tsukune killed-"

The Chairman interrupted "Well actually he was killed but only for like half an hour, the holy energy from the sword brought him back." Kurumu face went even redder. "That's even worse. How can you stand there smiling when your school was nearly conquered and the entire world almost destroyed?" The Chairman simply responded. "Because none of them remember what happened."

Kurumu cocked her head. "What?" The Chairman smiled. "I could not just let the teachers and Students know that the devil is actually real. His existence is only known by the Three Hades Kings…and well you now. Your friends have no memory of what happened in that world because I erased their memories of it after I fixed everything."

"But why do I remember?" Kurumu asked. "Because my dear; this teaches you that there are forces far beyond that of the Academy and that there will be greater consequences next time something like this happens. So I left you memories intact as a reminder of that lesson."

Kurumu was silent for a moment. "Then tell me what happened to my daughter? What happened to Kumiyo?" "Maybe she was able to come back with us" She thought with hope. The Chairman smile faltered a bit. "I am sorry my dear. But she is not here. She was never born." Kurumu turned her head back to the ground. "But I did not even get to know her...I guess that Tsukune and I could never have had a future together." That was a great deal of sadness and disappointment in her voice.

"Not necessarily." The Chairman said casually. Kurumu looked up once again. "What do you mean?" The Chairman's smile grew wide. "You might still be able to get what you want." Kurumu looked confused. "But you said that you erased all of his mem-" the Chairman interrupted her.

"That's not what I meant. Ren might be the devil however he is not nor is anyone powerful enough to create something like that world out of nothing. There had to be something there to begin with." Kurumu looked even more confused. The Chairman sighed. "Ok let me try and explain." The future that you saw was a 'What If Future'." (For those of you who also have a hard time understanding what I am writing read a Stephen Hawking book.)

"A what if future is a possible future that might happen between two people. Now then there are is Tsukune and you five girls. For each one of you there is a what if future. An outcome of what will happen if Tsukune chooses one of you girls. What you saw and experienced was a future if Tsukune chooses you."

Kurumu though struggling understood what he was saying. "So are you saying that there is chance that Tsukune and I will still end up together?" There was a definite amount of hope in her voice. The Chairman nodded. "It is a possibility that it will happen. With few more years; and no more satanic deals." He reached in his robe and pulled out a small wallet sized photo and handed it to Kurumu.

Kurumu looked at the Picture. It was of her and Tsukune 'well their future selves' together with Kumiyo standing between them. It was a family portrait picture of them all smiling happily. That was the future she truly wanted. She smiled fondly at the picture and hugged to herself as tears fell down her face.

"As I said Kurumu one day that future might come true." He then gave a small bow to Kurumu. "Now if you will excuse me my dear I have school related business to attend too." With that he vanished and then not a second later there was a knock on her dorm room door.

"Kurumu? Are you there Kurumu?" It was Tsukunes voice. Kurumu placed the picture under her pillow and rushed to the door. She braced herself and opened it. There stood Tsukune the same as ever. He was dressed in his academy uniform. And he wore that happy casual grin on his face.

"Kurumu thank goodness you are feeling better. I thought that you would miss another day of class." He said happily as he stood in the doorway. Kurumu stood there for a moment. She was resisting the urge to just hug him and cry in his chest at the fact that h was till alive. But she could not because he had no memory of what had happened. No memory of the love they had shared none at all.

"Thank you for you concern Tsukune. I'm glad that you and the others were worried about me." She said quietly. She then looked over his shoulder expecting to see the rest of the group behind him. "Where are the others Tsukune?" Tsukune smiled.

"They are already at Class Kurumu. I thought that you and I could walk to class together. You know just the two of us." Kurumu's eyes widened a bit. And a small blush was forming across her face. "Is this really happening." "You want to really walk to school with me Tsukune." Kurumu said as she stepped out of the dorm and closed the door behind her.

Tsukune nodded. "Well have been kind of ignoring you lately Kurumu. And I did kinda just blew you off when The teacher assigned that project to the class. So I wanted to make up for it. I can understand if you don't want to-" He got no further because Kurumu had grabbed Tsukune and buried his head in a breast filled hug.

"Tsukune you have no idea how long I have been waiting for you to ask me to walk to school with you." She said with absolute happiness her voice; the kind that only came when one of your deepest desires was coming true. She released Tsukune from her suffocating hug. After he caught his breath he straightened up and took Kurumus hand into his own. Kurumus heart rate increased rapidly.

"Well we better hurry Kurumu class starts soon." Tsukune said with a laugh and as he lead Kurumu out of the girls dorms and towards the academy. As they walked Kurumu mind was deep in thought. But these were not thoughts filled with sex fantasies. Nor were they ideas with plans on how to Seduce Tsukune. These where thoughts that for the first time had entered her head. Kurumu had now realized that Tsukune did care for her and that he did love her, in his own way.

It did not matter that she could not have him for her own. What mattered was that Right now they were walking together hand in hand. And that there was nothing elses that mattered at the moment. Just that they were sharing this time with each other. And she was just fine with that. As they reached the Academy. Kurumu sighed. She knew that she could not tell Anyone of the time she had spent with Tsukune in that other world but she was alright with that.

Beacuse Her name is Kurumu Kurono. She is a succubus and a student at Youkai Academy. And she loves Tsukune Aono. She knows that he is her Mate of Fate the one she is destined to spend my life with. She would make him hers in a heart beat But she could wait a bit longer. Because she knew that one day they would be together. And That's all she needed to know.


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