This was another snippet of a one-shot, I hope it that I will have positive feedback. Also made in my freshman year, this story will be titled Tobin's Journal. The book never gave much of a clear timeline, so I had made one up.

7th Aug, 1595,

It has been two days since the day that Makenna opened the Otherworld gate and I followed them. Regg wouldn't stop smiling for leading the Goblins for once, it is endearing to see the smiling face. Erebus kept disappearing for new information with the other Bookies, looking for more on the Otherworld. Greeners and Makers started to build homes yester-morning.

The new environment has made me sick every while, not too bad, it could be worse. I could tell it got Makenna sick even though she hid it better than me.

For some reason, Makenna's magic had stopped working. I said maybe it did from the 'Dark One'; I nearly wiltered under the look she gave me. Erebus suggested it was probably storing itself from overuse to make the gate appear. Ever if it did have 200 priests' magic, she still needed a lot of her own. So she can't work anything for a while.

Some Greeners found plants that we could eat, since we hadn't found any animals just yet. I haven't seen Cogswhallop, Natter, and the others for a while now. I asked around but no one has seen them. I miss them to tell the truth.

I hope things get better soon. - Tobin