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Darkness had been slowly seeping into our world; hard to notice at first, but getting clearer by the day. As a good friend once told me, there are hundreds of seals and she has to break only 66 of them. It is near impossible to stop her; she could be anywhere attempting to break a seal. She could be a little girl or just an ordinary person. He grows stronger every day. His powers grow and his form strengthens. Soon Lucifer will again walk the Earth in his true form, bringing about eternal darkness and despair. The gates of Hell will open and demons will cause chaos and destruction. That is what I've seen but I know better than anyone that the future isn't set in stone though this future seems clearer and more certain. There is still time to change the outcome. Only a special few, who know about the risks, can change the future for the better. 'United we stand, Divided we fall.' Divided is what we are at the moment, it is crucial we work together. It is my fault on some part and Dean's on another. I can't help being who I am. I cannot change what is within my blood. It started soon after meeting Castiel in human form, when everything became more serious.

We were sitting in the back end motel that they happened to be staying in. We had just vanquished another demon, which was rampaging around the city of Manhattan. When I say we, I mean me. He was a powerful little thing; a mini beast with horns in his true form, which flickered in my sight as he grew angrier. The others saw him as the human he was possessing. He was just an ordinary man. Glimpses of his pasts came to me and caught me off guard. He had a wife and 2 children, all killed when the demon attacked and took over his body. I searched to see if a glimmer of the man's soul was still there but found there was none. None of the white magic I could control would kill him short of using potions. He was too strong for that and he had caught us unaware in the alleyway while we were tracking him.

Whilst trying to fight him off, I got knocked back hard against the cold stone wall, I was knocked unconscious. By the time I came to, Sam, Dean and the Demon were gone but they had left behind a lot of blood. I took in the scene around me as my vision cleared. I slowly got up to prevent myself from falling by getting up too quickly.

Suddenly a blood curdling scream ripped through the evening air. I ran towards the source of the noise. I ran along the cold wet pavement, avoiding the people of the night life. As I grew nearer to the source, I saw an uneven blood dripped trail showing me the way like breadcrumbs. I walked through the dark damp tunnel with the sounds of my uneven breathing accompanying me. Fear and adrenaline coursed through my veins as I walked slowly through the dark tunnel. Soon they came into my line of sight. They were beaten quite badly. The demon had a few shot wounds yet no blood poured from his wounds, confirming my suspicion of the body being dead for a while.

Sam lay on the floor, blood gushing out of the deep cut upon his right shoulder. Dean was still fighting, giving the demon all he could. He shot at him with rock salt but it did nothing but anger the beast. They did not notice me as I approached them. I stood before them thinking of the countless victims the beast had claimed and my hate for him grew. Scenes of their final hour flashed before me and all the fear and pain they felt hit me hard. He caused too much pain and suffering and didn't deserve to still be standing. I had never felt that much hate towards a creature. Instinctively I raised my hand and threw a raging fireball at him. He burst into flames and became ash, taking the soulless body with him. I stood there confused. I had never done something like that before.

I had succumbed to my demonic half. The half I spent all my life suppressing and controlling. Letting it take over could cause terrible things and me losing myself in the process. That barrier was shattered in a few seconds. Sam and Dean stared at me in disbelief; they had never seen something like that before. Dean had a look of pure mistrust and looked at me like I was a monster.

Before they had a chance to say anything, I ran through the tunnel and orbed to the motel to collect my bag. I couldn't find athame or my protective neck charm that always hung on my neck. I felt bare without it, I didn't need it but it felt nice and reassuring. I wasn't sure whether I had lost it when I was knocked out or in the room but I knew I had left my athame. I spent 10 minutes looking for it before they had come bursting through the door. I was surprised they had managed to get there so fast considering they were badly wounded. They were angry, very angry and the waves of their anger hit me at full force, it was almost as bad as the overload of hatred.

"What the hell was that?" shouted Dean.

Sam tried to calm him down whilst I tried to explain myself but he wouldn't listen, he saw me as being bad as the demons. Maybe if I had told them about my demonic half before hand then the blow may have been softened and they wouldn't be as angry as they are now.

To make matters worse Castiel came along to have a go at me, like I wasn't getting enough grief. He gave me a lecture on how it was wrong and how I was unnatural like I didn't already know that. They were acting like I had double-crossed them and I couldn't be trusted. They were so busy arguing and shouting at me that they didn't realise that Sam was bleeding excessively. The dull numb of pain coming from Sam soon became a shearing stab as he fell to the floor unconscious unable to handle the pain anymore.

His injuries must have been more serious then what we could see. All the while Castiel and Dean didn't notice what was happening behind them. Ignoring their ongoing comments, I ran over to Sam as he was falling on the floor. Silence accompanied his groans of pain as he hit the hard floor. They just stood and stared in shocked for what seemed hours but in reality couldn't have been more than a few minutes. As he lay on the floor, I knelt down and felt his arm; it was very cold and clammy. I peeled his jacket off and examined his wound. I looked at his shoulder and saw that he had lost a lot of blood which had drenched his shirt. He was going into shock; my only thought was to heal him. Light glows from my hand illuminating his shoulders and closing his wound. He regained the colour in his cheeks and skin, whilst I was looking over his recovery someone dragged me up.

"Get away from him", shouted Dean, whose arm was wrapped tightly around my wrist. I was in shock at his rough behaviour and hard words. He released me and I slowly walked away from him, keeping my eyes on Sam, who was still lying on the floor with his eyes closed. Castiel just stood and watched like a cold, hard statue. It seemed to me that not one shred of humanity existed in his being. It was as though I was being considered the inhumane one. Dean pushed me against the wall and shouted at me.

"You are not human, Keaira. You are one of them, as bad as them. You are playing with fire and soon you will get burnt, hurting the people around you. You will turn into one of them as you can't control the demon blood inside you. I won't let you hurt him, I will kill you first." His words cut through me like a knife and deep down I believed him, I would turn. It was becoming harder and harder to control my darker side as the world was growing more polluted with evil. My dark blood called to join the demons. I was losing control and myself in the process. I should be locked away where I could do no hard to my close ones. Before he could say anything else, I orbed back to my flat where I was isolated and could do no harm.