Sorry for the long wait This is nearing an end and the next chapter will be in two parts. This is part a of 32 as I wanted this to be 33 chapters (Which it will be) but the last two are quite long.

"Are you sure about this?" Dean asked as I finished packing provisions into the back of my truck.

"Yes, there are some things that I have to do before I prepare to plan an attack. I need to get out of ground zero and see the carnage for myself."

"And you can't tell us your plans because…?" Sam inquired.

"Lucifer may find out. No one can know but me just yet. It is not the right time. I will contact you when it is with the details", I said as I leaned against the black door of my pickup. I mentally checked that I had everything ready. Looking around, I took in my surroundings. "I guess this is goodbye"

"For now", Dean cut in.

"I know you guys are not the huggy type but…" I trailed off as I embraced Dean and then proceeded to hug Sam.

"Take care; do not let the dark consume you. It will be over soon." I whispered in Sam's ear out of Dean's earshot.

I got into the driver seat on the left and got the car started and into gear. Off I hit the open road as I put my shades on. It was going to be a long journey out of the state of New York and to London, Ohio where I had arranged to meet Malik, outside the danger zone. Over 10 hours straight; it would give me time to come up with a plan.

Along the drive, I noticed something very peculiar…in Manhattan; the trees in the parks were dying yet the ones just outside the city were luscious and green. It was almost like they were luring passersby in yet telling them of their impending danger once trapped and unable to escape.

After 4 hours of the open road, I stopped to get hot food for my rumbling stomach. I stopped at his old style diner and sat in one of the corner booths. I lurked in the shadows and tried to keep a low profile, to blend in. after ordering, I sat back and closed my eyes focusing on the energy around me. Suddenly, there was a small ripple in the air disturbing the balance.

"Hello, Keaira." I opened my eyes to see Castiel. I shushed him.

"Jeez, Cas. You know how to freak a person out. I am trying to keep it low key."

"I know, the boys told me which is why I waited until you were out of Lucifer's home domain before contacting you. He has caused quite a stir in the past few days. He is planning something."

"Yeah, he is. There have been whispers in the dark but nothing solid yet." I said as the waitress came with the food. "Thank you", I said as she left. I eyed the food wearily. All this paranoia was not good for a person but I could never be sure. Castiel noticed my look.

"Do not worry. It is fine", he said indicating towards the food.

"Is it just me or is it that the further you get away from his zone, the more people there are?" I asked as I observed the busy bustle of the diner.

"Yes but that is not the case in the major cities where he has full control in most of the states. It is now spreading across the seas"

"Great!" I said as I began eating my warm soft fries. "Want any?" I offered Castiel.

"No, thank you", he replied. "I hear you plan to go against Lucifer."

I nodded. "Any ideas?"

"He cannot be destroyed by mortal weapons"

"Would the angel sword work on him?"

"Unlikely as he has rejected his kind."

"In any case, could you please get one for me?" I asked.


"Just trust me". Reluctantly, he agreed.

"You have a plan". Well of sorts I did. I nodded and said simply, "He is going to hell and is staying there."

Malik looked at me and asked once again. "Are you sure you want to go there?"

"Yes. To England, please, Pilot." I guess living for so long allows one to acquire some handy skills such as being able to fly a small private plane. One advantage of Lucifer's reign was the extended hours of darkness, which were playing in our advantage for the moment. The flight would be a good 8 hours and we had set off as soon as the sun had set, so we had time to travel straight there after landing. I sighed and leaned back. My body may not need the sleep but my mind needed and welcomed the break. It was a peaceful and deep sleep aided by Malik's presence.

"Why are we here again?" Malik asked.

"As Alaina lived here as a child and it is my ancestral home"

He nodded. On the skirts of Windsor, we reached the huge estate that lay in the depths of forest. He had insisted on driving, being a traditionalist and everything.

"For a long time, I felt trapped and out of control but I can breathe freely here and I hope it stays that way so we can prepare for the perilous times ahead", I said as I lay back content and Malik approached the driveway.

After he had parked, we got out of the car and walked toward the impending oak doors. I brushed my fingers along the door handle and the locking mechanism clicked, opening the door. It creaked due to the lack of use and opened slowly. Malik looked at me surprised. His left eyebrow was slightly raised. His face was bemused. He looked softer... almost human.

"Alaina's family, my family warded this place well but allowed to passage to their bloodline without the hassle of a key", I said with a hint of a smile, proud of the family that I never really got to know.

We walked in, our footsteps echoing across the wooden floors. Dust had settled across the wooden floors, over the wooden banisters, along the stairs, dust had settled everywhere. Our steps left a ghostly trail through the tinged grey dust. I decided to sort out the bedrooms whilst Malik cleared out the living room and make it suitable enough for us and clean the kitchen.

After using precious hours of the night, we were finished. Malik had even lit the old fireplace. I lounged back in the armchair right besides the detailed woodened fireplace and enjoyed the warming air that wrapped around me. It had been so long since I had endured weather this cold.

"This is not as bitter as Victorian winter", Malik said as I shivered. That was the first time he had mentioned time periods when referring to his mysterious past.

I envisioned the crowded bustling streets, markets selling hot pies and the light snow covering the cobbled street like dusting of icing sugar. "I wish I could have been there", I said as I imagined the winter wind causing the fresh snow to tumble down faster.

"You were"

Silence fell. I wondered how and when but that would open another can of worms that was not ready to be let out yet. Though I still wanted to ask but knew I should not.

"Does our connection work mentally?" I asked. "I know you can hear my thoughts but can it be more of a reciprocal thing? Which can communicate over long distances?"

"Possibly", he replied.

Time to test out a theory. I tried opening my mind and emptying it of all other thoughts.

"Shield your thoughts, please"

I could physically feel a barrier enclose his mind. It caused tingles to crawl up my arm. Focusing on a single word hello, mentally I pushed it to Malik. It easily passed through the barrier. He smiled. Hello to you, also, silky words that brushed through my thoughts.

"I assume that there is some reasoning to this", he said deciding to stick the conventional way of communicating.

"Just a theory but would prove extremely useful especially as I have it on good instinct that Lucifer cannot interfere with the bond as it is ancient blood magic of pure. ", I replied.

"A birdie told you?"

"Castiel did" His initial reaction was that of mistrust but he was quick to mask it.

"I do not know what your history with him is but I happen to trust him"

"That is not to issue." He sighed and looked down, causing his fluffy black hair to fall over his eyes like a curtain. "Keaira, I know what is to come. I am the only one and I know this trough you, the future you. I am powerless to change what is to be"

That did not sound good. Did that mean we would fall and fail?

"Do not worry the greater good is maintained at a price", he said with a bitter edge to his voice. He looked up at me, his eyes seemed glazed over: the golden flickers no longer seemed to dance but mourning what was lost.

A bittersweet relief washed over me. Relief at the fact things would be all right but worry at the price. I pondered and chewed over this thought. I barely noticed as Malik got up and walked towards me. Gently, he placed his lips on my forehead; he then walked out the room and proceeded to make his ascent up the stairs. I looked up, ready to question him for his presumption but I did not have the heart. It felt right it felt comforting.

I projected to him rest well.

Be careful, he replied quietly yet the words echoed throughout my mind.