Summary: What would happen if Naruto attempted a jutsu that sent him to the Code Lyoko world? Watch as he fights to learn how his jutsu are different in this world, along with his physical appearance.

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A ninja's code


'BOOM!!' A large bang filled the usually quiet village of Konoha, a cloud of smoke filling the training grounds for team 7 with a frustrated blond in the middle of it all. Said blonds clothes were dirty, dusty from the previous explosion kicking up so much dust and dirt. His usually bright blond hair was darker, almost black with soot and dirt, the only thing that stood out from the blond was his eyes. A deep blue that could challenge the sky's own.

"Ah! Kuso!" The blond stood, dusting himself off. Uzumaki Naruto was not having a good day. He had far since dumped his bright orange getup, now sporting something a tad more subtle. His choice of clothing now consisted of a black, unbuttoned shirt with a fishnet one under it, revealing his toned chest and stomach. He wore some black, ankle length pants, decorated with orange stripes, which were sealed off with some bandages going into his sandals. He wore his headband proudly on his forehead with a black cloth.

As for the reason for his frustration, he was attempting a jutsu, named the hiraishin. Though, things were not going well. The hiraishin was a space time jutsu that can be used to travel to a marked point in the blink of an eye. If the mark is placed on a kunai, it can be used to instantly travel after it, making it a very useful jutsu. But, it was a jutsu that required precise chakra control, something Naruto greatly lacked.

"Alright, one more time" Muttered the hyper active blond, launching the kunai and doing the necessary handseals. A second large explosion filled the area but, when the smoke cleared, Naruto was no longer there.


Jeremie slammed his hands against the panel of the supercomputer, staring closely at the screen. X.A.N.A had them beat. He watched as Odd and Ulrich were dematerialized by a Block and a Krabe. He watched as the Scipizoa approached Aelita, binding her in its tentacles as they turned pink, showing that the process of extracting her memory had begun, "Aelita…" Jeremie softly whispered as tears threatened to fall


A figure began to materialize in the glaciers region of Lyoko. The figure fell to the ground, cradling his head afterwards, "Damn, that was one hell of a ride" Naruto mumbled getting up and looking around at his surroundings, "Huh?, where am I?, this doesn't look like Konoha" he pondered, taking in the sights. He noticed a tower in the distance behind a glacier. Deciding that would be where the people would be, he began his run in that direction.


Jeremie again slammed his hands down on the computer panel, frustrated. "No, no it can't be happening" he grimaced as Yumi placed a hand on his shoulder.

"There's nothing we can do Jeremie. We can at least watch Aelita for a little bit" She reasoned softly, getting a nod from the stricken boy beneath her. All eyes turned to the screen as they watched Aelita constricted by the Scipizoa


Aelita tried to fight out of its grasp, trying to find a way to get away. She stopped after some time, finding it pointless to keep trying. As those thoughts came to mind she heard a voice, raising her hopes. "Hey! get away from her weirdoes!" Naruto yelled out, standing on the tip of a nearby glacier, earning several surprised looks back on Earth.

As Naruto jumped down, he made his favorite cross shaped handseal and grinned, "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" He yelled out as he evened the playing field by creating 9 clones of himself. When he landed he took the time to ponder the situation, 'Ok, outnumbered by ten wasp things, 5 crabby looking things, 2 balls, a spider thing and a jelly fish'

After some consideration Naruto, along with his clones, rushed the enemies. They divided themselves, judging the strengths of the enemy by the look and size of them. Two clones went for the Tarentule; two went for the Megatanks, two for the Kankrelat, and the same going for the Krabes and Frolions. The original taking the Scipizoa.

The two clones with the Tarentule had little trouble, quickly ending it with a Rasengan to the head. The Megatanks were a bit tricky, and they took a bit of time figuring out how to kill it. Eventually though, they figured it out. It was still difficult, having to hit it just when it's charging up its attack. All the others had no problems, either ending them with a Rasengan, or with a few kunai and shuriken. Naruto grinned as the clones dispelled themselves. Reaching behind him he took a kunai and spun it on his index finger, holding it like a dagger. When he was close enough, Naruto jumped up and slashed at the Scipizoa's tentacles, causing it to immediately release Aelita and drop her to the ground before fleeing.


The reactions on the Heroes faces were…varied to say the least. Jeremie was stunned someone was on Lyoko without being materialized through the factory. Ulrich was amazed at Naruto's skills and abilities'. Yumi shared the same opinion as Ulrich and Odd was impressed at his weapons and clothing. After a while, Jeremie snapped back to reality, "Everyone saw that right? It wasn't just me?" He asked turning around. "Yeah Einstein, we saw that" Odd replied still staring at the screen.

"Jeremie, you HAVE to materialize that guy. He could prove a very useful ally. Plus, he defeated a whole squad of X.A.N.A's monsters on his own, he's got skills" Ulrich immediately told Jeremie who agreed and went back to the computer. He watched as Aelita stood and dusted herself off before talking to her, "Aelita, I want you to tell that guy to go with you. We're going to materialize him" He said receiving a nod from Aelita

(On Lyoko)

"Thank you for helping me there" Aelita told Naruto, offering him a smile, "I'm Aelita". She watched as Naruto returned her smile and fixed his headband, "The names Naruto. And Don't mention it, I help those in need wherever I am" He said causing Aelita to giggle softly, "Well Naruto, come with me and we can get you out of this computer" Aelita said before running to the tower with Naruto following


Jeremie smiled as he saw Aelita enter the code and deactivate the tower, he leaned forward and hit a switch, "Return to the past now" He said before a blinding light enveloped everyone


Jeremie watched the pods along with all the others as they materialized the mysterious person they encountered on Lyoko. As they heard a hiss, they were alerted that the materialization process was done. As the doors opened, Naruto stepped out, popping the bones in his neck shortly after


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