OOoh, another Authors Note. No, I'm not sayin' I'm gonna put the story up for adoption, put it on hiatus, or simply cancel it. As utterly ridiculous as it may seem, this authors note is dedicated to all those commenter's who's input has really helped out in making the story a bit more…..realistic, as far as realism can go here.

Don't get me wrong, I appreciate each and every one of the comments I receive, and I would love to get more, but here I mention the few, the proud and the honest that helped me out a bit.

Fan of Fanfics, your little comment on the length is true enough. I've been concentrating more on my other story, so I mostly give this one a back-seat. But I'm gonna start giving each their own amount of time.

Malix2. Wow. Don't know what to say other than thanks a bunch. I guess you're right, on everything you pointed out to me, and I'm doing my best to try and fix that. Hopefully it doesn't seem worse when I try to fix it, rather than it would be if I'd left it broken

And that's it for the mentions. I've got many others in here that I should thank but, those two are the only I can remember at the moment since I'm typing this at…10:00 and I'm dead beat tired from partying at a friend's. Anyways, look forward to the next chapter, Modern Warfare (Yeah, stolen name since the game is simple win)