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AUTHORS NOTE: This is Part II of The Observer Series.

Q returned to the Continuum and reported to the other Q that the slayers, scooby gang and others had defeated the First Evil's army and the Sunnydale hellmouth was closed forever; however, another hellmouth opened immediately in Cleveland, Ohio, after the collapse of the Sunnydale hellmouth. The Continuum peppered him with many questions and wanted to be sure that the First Evil's army was destroyed and that the First Evil at the very least was neutralized, for the moment at least. Q assured them that the First Evil was neutralized, for the time being, much to their relief.

Q was never wanted to go back to that dimension again and was glad to leave that place. That place literally frightened him. He knew the First Evil knew he was there and if it was successful Q knew it would come after the Continuum and there was nothing they could do to stop it.

In all his long years he had never seen such creatures or felt such evil. They literally from Hell, as the humans in that dimension would say. Q never thought that the safety of the entire universe would depend on human teen-age girls. He watched as those girls never wavered or gave up, and knew they would fight to the last and some of them did. Secretly, he was grateful that they saved his life.