Cheaters Never Win

Disclaimer: I don't own Punch!. It's Rie Takada's.

A/N: From Ruo's POV after the end of the third volume.

The lights are hot.
The stage is set.
Step into the ring,
Our final match met.

The bell rings;
The fight, it begins.
It feels so good
To know I've sinned.

I throw a punch,
You expertly dodge.
You smirk at me,
Such a hot shot.

Thinking of Elle,
Remember her face.
I dodge your swing
Sweat streamin' my face.

Keep your hands up.
Never look back.
Elle is mine now.
A love, she'll never lack.

I took her from you.
A truth you can't bear.
She'll see me anew,
Her heart will never tear.

I'll treat her better
Than you ever did.
Take care of her forever,
She's not some little kid.

She's a woman now;
One worth your respect.
Get down and bow,
Something she'll never expect.

Say you're sorry
For everything you've done.
Say you'll never do it again
Once I've stood up and won.

I throw a punch.
This you don't dodge.
You smirk at me,
The battle lost.

Down you go,
Face on mat.
Don't get back up
You little rat.

I'll never forgive you
For what you did.
To take her innocence
Is such a sin.

Can you blame me,
A bachelor in heat,
For taking her love,
For making you bleed?

You deserved it.
A cheater, you are.
Throw a fit.
Look at your charge.

Tell her you loved her
As you went behind her back.
Tell her you needed her,
Not some woman from LaSacke.

She'll never believe you,
You lying man-whore.
She left you crying,
Begging for more.

I don't pity you.
It's something I'll never do.
You ruined your life.
You chose the sacrifice.

I took the lamb.
Saved it from the altar.
Placed it in a pasture
To always grow and foster.

Little Elle is large.
Larger than the sun in the sky.
I'm grateful for that
Every time I kiss her goodnight.

She'll stay with me
Into the long tomorrow.
Fight with me,
Our hearts never sinking to sorrow.

We've beat you together.
Our victory won.
Go back to your dog,
You filthy little mutt.


--Ruo gets kinda vicious at the end, doesn't he?! lol