545 visitors in one day, 1.61 thousand hits and only 4 reviews. I know you can do better guys.

I'm working on the next chapter now but I'd like to see more reviews before I post it. Anything you have to say on the characters, the plot or even if you didn't like it. I need your help to keep the story fresh and relevant to my audience, otherwise why post it? I need your help writing this guys.

For those of you who don't agree with posting reviews because you feel the author shouldn't have ask you are misunderstanding the point of the exercise but I can respect it. So send me a private msg instead with some kind of feedback.

Personally I'd like to thank those who did review however, some of those reviews were the best I've received yet. You really helped open my eyes and have given me new perspectives on the story. I've really taken some of the replies onboard and one of the best I received was somebody who didn't agree with my characterizations but told me why.

You all have a critic in you. Let it out!