I don't want you anymore…

Where had I heard that before?

Does that tie as to why I am here on the forest floor burning? Why am I on fire? Why are my eyes not open.

All the thoughts filled my head as I waited for the burning to end. I knew nothing of what I was or where I was. I could hear everything around me. A teenager and her boyfriend walking in the park talking about love. Have I ever been in love? Yes…. I was in love… But with who? Who am I in love with?

The questions filled my burning head. Instead of this pain I am adding to the pain I am already in I decided to count. ..

As I was at 2,000,769,123 The burning began to lessen. My toes now felt normal. Then up my legs until finally I was fully burn free. But now a new burn sat in, in my throat now. My eyes flew open I looked around at the forest I had been burning in for three days. As I looked at the world around me a scent swirled around me. I could smell the smell of what I now recognized as blood. I looked up and saw the eyes of a mountain lion. As I looked my prey in the eyes venom filled my mouth. I jumped up instantly into a crouch. And lunged for my lunch.

I knew I was alone. And I knew I was not always alone. From my I.D. in my back pocket I knew my name was Isabella Swan. But i though Bella was much more appealing to others so I went with that name. I stayed in the woods for a long time. 50 Years actually. But once I was able to venture out into the real world I did just that. I grabbed the ATM card i had in my back pocket for all thos years and slid it into the ATM, Luckily i had guessed the code right. I Noticed that i had a bunch of money saved up that had been building interest. It now had tripled in size, Obviously I had a collage fund. That was now going to be the fundings of my life. As i glanced around at the other people i realized that i was in need of a new wardrobe. As i took a my card, slipping it back into my back pocket i began walking at the pace of the humans around me. Knowing i could go much faster. As i looked over into the street it dawned on me that i was in need of a car.

I went to a used BMW dealer, Purchasing a red C5. It looked like it had some speed. I payed in cash not wanting to be tied to any one place or to any person. I still had the feeling that i was abandoned.

As time went on i grew to realize that human blood held no interest to me. I had a strange feeling that it was wrong to have someone who looked so much like me, Someone whom i was once like for dinner. The thought repulsed me.

It had been fifty years, meaning i had been a vampire for one hundred years now. My powers were progressing. I have the power of mind reading. I could see the thoughts of everyone around me. But i also had the power to turn this off and on.

As i took my first step back into Forks high school i took a deep breath. The scent of Vampires in the air. A smile grew on my face. It would be nice to have someone to talk to again.

As i walked into my first period classroom and noticed a pair of topaz eyes that matched mine. I smiled and walked over to the small pixie like girl with spiky hair. She seemed to be in shock, Maybe she had suspected that she would find no other vampires, Let alone another vegetarian.

"Hello, My name is Isabella Swan, But please call me Bella." my voice rang like bells. My tone was warm and welcoming.

"Bella?!" she almost shouted, She instantly had her arms around me squeezing me tight.

This made me uncomfortable. I easily pulled out of her embrace. She stared at me with shocked eyes. I looked into the liquid topaz eyes and half smiled.

"I'm sorry But do i know you?"