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Running to an airport in a dress was a little noticeable but i was in to much of a rush to go home and change. As i took the few steps that separated my from the plane that would take me to my death, I took in one long breath. I took in the feeling of pure bliss i was feeling. I took in that... I would no longer suffer this pain, I would never be forced to watch as the people i loved move on to some silly human girl... A girls who's eyes, Hair, Poise, and beauty exceed what i could ever achieve

But then the thought of never seeing his face again. Or Hearing his beautiful velvet voice call my name again, The thought that i would never feel his touch on my hard cold skin ever again hurt..It felt as if another hole was being punched through me. And that my already shattered heart was being broken even further; Into another million pieces.

I got the window seat on the plane.. "woopiee.." i muttered. I gazed out the window and thought back to a time when my life was good and i had my prince.

Back to a time when the person that my entire being yearned for felt the same.

Back to when he loved me.

Back to Edward

My dreams filled with vivid colors of red blood. And with the vampires that wanted to kill me, Their blood covered bodies and crimson eyes ready to end my life with the drop of a pen.

I woke up in a blur, tears filled my eyes one last scream left my lips before i recognized that the cold arms around me were not the arms of a killer. But the arms of my love, cool lips kissed away the tears that filled my eyes, His marble lips moved to my lips to quiet my sobs. His lips then moved to my ear.

His smooth velvet whispers soothed me.

"Don't worry my love.... I'm here.. please quiet your crys, stop your tears.. I'm here to protect you. Bella I'll always protect you. I love you. Shhh my love.. I love you"

I clung myself to him pressing our bodies together so tight, every inch of the front side of my body was touching his stone cold body.

"I love you.." I whimpered so quietly i knew only his ears could hear it

"Bella, the word love is a sorry excuse for how i feel for you. You are the reason for my being. The sound of your heart beat makes it feel as if my own could beat again. The sound of your voice is like a million symphonies playing for only me. Your kindness and selflessness makes all the others look as if they had no compassion at all. The way your heart flys when i speak makes my entire life.... or whatever this is worth living. There is no way to explain ow i feel for you there are no words and your human mind can not comprehend the feelings i have for you. Your like no on i have ever met in one hundred and six seven of life. I love you more than any human ever could."

I was brought back to the present to the sound of tires hitting the landing strip.

I was here... Back to the place for a few years i called home.... Italy.