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"You answer it!" Tony demanded glaring over at his partner who was currently staring at the phone on Gibbs desk with the same irate look Tony was giving her. "Make it stop!"

"You answer it," Ziva ordered, not wanting to be caught answering her boss's phone.

McGee stared at the two of them with an indecorous look on his face. He had been catching up on reports like Gibbs had asked of them three hours ago and by now he was just as irate at the two if not for other reasons. So far the two have successfully done everything necessary but the stupid reports that Gibbs had ordered, leaving it all to him. He had barely realized the phone was ringing if not for Tony's annoyed grunts and incessant whining to make it stop.

"Probie, you answer it!" Tony demanded when he realized he wasn't getting anywhere with Ziva.

"Will you two help me with the reports then?" McGee bargained.

Ziva and Tony exchanged knowing glances. "Of course!" they responded at the same time.

McGee smiled satisfied. He got up from his chair strolling over to the phone with a satisfied look on his face. Boss would be proud of him for getting the two goofballs back on track.

"Hello, Gibbs's phone," McGee answered the ringing phone.

"Dad!" the voice on the other line was frantic surprising the young special agent.

"Um…no. This is special agent Tim McGee. Special agent Gibbs is in a meeting, may I take a message?" McGee asked exchanging a confused glance over at Tony.

"Who is it?" Tony mouthed curiously.

"Is Tony D. Gibbs available?" the voice was urgent leaving McGee nearly speechless.

"Duh…uh…um…Tony Gibbs?" McGee asked outloud.

"Yeah, hurry agent McGee, I don't have time!" the voice demanded.

Tony gulped, the color draining from his face. No one in the office knew of his relation to Gibbs and both worked hard to keep it so. The only ones who knew of his relation to Gibbs were his brother and his sister who both were supposed to be at the high school in the middle of fourth period.

"Buh…uh…" McGee blinked rapidly relaying his confusion to the other two. He was too engulfed in the conversation to see the sudden paleness of his partner, or the sudden fear that had swept across his face.

Tony stood walking over to stand besides Tim, grabbing the phone from his hand.

"Tony," Tony answered the phone leaving a very confused McGee at his side.

"Tony!" Tony leaned against the desk, instantly recognizing the voice.

"Jayson? Are you ok?" Tony asked not bothering to disguise the worry in his voice. He ran his fingers through his hair looking wildly around the room in search for Gibbs.

"Tony there are people dressed like Feds here trying to take me out of school. They say they are with you. I'm hiding in the bathroom," Jason stated urgently. "Dad always said never to go with people unless it him or you so I thought I'd call.

Tony gulped. "McGee, Ziva grab your gear now!" Tony yelled out allowing the worry to get the best of him. "Jayson stay there. Dad and I are coming to get you. DO NOT go with them. I repeat DO NOT go with them."

"Hurry Tony!" the voice pleaded.

The sound of people entering the bathroom echoed through the phone. Tony gulped placing the call on speaker for the other two agents to hear.

"The kid is calling his father!" a man with a heavy accent spat out.

"Russian!" Ziva whispered over to Tony recognizing the accent.

"He's on to us," a different voice stated.

"Jayson come out and cooperate now and we won't take your sister," the first voice bargained.

"Jayson, no!" Tony yelled out.

"Don't touch her!" the telltale sound of the stall door opening deafened Tony's ears as he listened with rapped attention to his brother's desperate empty threat.

There was some sound of a struggle on the other line before the first voice snarled into the phone, "Leroy Jethro Gibbs?"

"No, Anthony DiNozzo Gibbs," Tony snarled into the phone. "I swear my brother better be in one piece…"

The voice on the other end laughed before ending the call.

"Tony?" McGee asked clearly confused.

At that moment Gibbs decided to exit MTAC a tired look on his face. He saw his team huddled around his desk, more precisely, around Tony, their gear together, Ziva and McGee exchanging looks behind Tony's back.

"What's up?" Gibbs asked noticing the distant look on his eldest son's face. "Tony?"

"Jayson just called. Someone's got him, dad," Tony watched as the color on his father's face left even quicker than it left his.

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