The Only One (Trory)

Here's another attempt, this is the very beginning which explains it's length. Thanks for the reviews on my other story and sorry about all the grammatical errors and missing words. I just fixed them. Well don't forget to tell me what you think.



"I'd kiss you."

"Ah" she moaned sitting up in bed cursing. She looked at the clock 5:15. She'd gone to bed a little past 12 and here it was 5:15 and she still couldn't get him out of her head. "Why is this happening to me?" she said clutching a pillow to her chest, she wrapped her arms around it as tight as she could and buried her face into it.

She wanted to cry.

All she could do was think about him. She hadn't been able to stop thinking about him since day one and she didn't know why and it was driving her insane. God when he'd said goodbye tonight, she had wanted him to kiss her more than anything. Once again however she had held back her emotions and didn't go to him.

The thoughts that ran through her mind were insane, they didn't belong to her. She'd have these crazy daydreams about him. About them being perfect together, that all his lines weren't just lines and he'd been waiting for that one girl to stop being the player he was.

"He tried Rory" a voice from inside her called out

That was when the tears came. They fell more than the time she'd broken her arm. He'd tried, but she could never let herself believe that he was telling her the truth. When he came to her tonight though.She was the only one he'd gone there to see. She'd known this because it was Paris telling his friends the story of what had happened. He'd gone to see her, she knew he didn't give a damn about the play. He'd gone to tell her good-bye. Rory just let herself cry and hours seemed to blur by and all she could do was think about all the dreams she'd had of them together and that her chance for them was now gone. Tristan was gone from her life and she was never going to get him back.