A/N: This came from a meme on LiveJournal where you put your iPod on shuffle, and write a ficlet for the first ten songs that popped up. It can be any fandom, any pairing, whatever you want, but you only have the length of the song to write it. This drabble was done using the song "We Were Made For Each Other/You Can Breathe" by Jack's Mannequin

Matt wanted so badly to believe on days like these that it was meant to be. In reality, he didn't believe in all that Fate crap, no Destiny; God hadn't decided to pair them up like this. It was all coincidence.

But how? How could it possibly be coincidence when it was just too perfect for words?

True, they had their flaws. Mello got abusive every now and then, but it wasn't really 'abuse' because Matt took pride in every bruise Mello gave him, wanted to frame them and wished they would never fade from his pale skin. And Matt was lazy, and that made Mello angry, and sometimes they would do nothing but scream each other down on the days when one would come home dripping in the blood of a police officer.

But it was perfection. Matt loved Mello, there was no doubt about it. Mello allowed Matt something resembling love (on the good days when Mello would simply hold him and kiss him and whisper into his crayola red hair), Mello painted him in purple and green like a cavas, Mello gave Matt the oxygen he needed to survive in this city.

He let Matt breathe, if only for a moment.

Matt couldn't ever imagine life without the other. Lonely, overrun with shadows and the deep blue glow of computer monitors. Nothing worthwhile. Nothing that Matt would want to keep.

He realizes this now, as he reaches up to touch his own chest, looking down with shocked eyes at the blood coating his palm. For Mello. He sees the faint blur of the cops lowering their guns, the screech of tires as they speed away. The cigarette falls from his lips and leave ash on his vest.

For Mello.

He did it for Mello. Never again would he feel those bruises. Never again would he hear the rise of irritated voices.

His vision does a 180 and he tips his head back. Maybe not. Maybe he wouldn't make it out this time. But when he thought of how much he was lucky to obtain from Mello, his Mello, how much time he'd been allowed to have, how much of Mello's air he'd been gifted to breathe…

When he thought of that…

Wasn't it worth it?