Shade of a king of fighter

By: Seraphim Doan.

Disclaimer: Hmm. I'll put something. It's a Ranma fic unfortunately part 1 have no Ranma. Just a note.



Author Note: Okay I know I have other series of story to work on but I have to write this story. If I don't then I won't get any sleep. So here is the story.


Part 1 Dream.

The man woke up suddenly from his slumber as the blanket slid down toward his bed until the blanket corners had hit the floor. He had sweat all over his body. The man was breathing hard and his heart was pulsation rapidly.

He was sweating all over his well define muscles body. It was one of those dreams no. nightmare and he had it again. He had the nightmare since he could remember and now it had come back to haunt him. But it was different it wasn't a nightmare it was something totally different.

He was on a field; he could sense the grass between his toes. He could feel his pigtail blowing as the blustery weather was running wild across the heavens. "Pigtail?" He thought to himself. He lingers for something; a woman beside him sat on a comparatively large boulder next to him as he stands.

The woman had long wild blonde hair that just elapsed her shoulder. Her eyes were ruby red her attire leaves nothing to the imagination. The woman wore boot that was like elf in one of that fairytale. Her pant was. well they were actually stocking that criss-cross and a tong. Holding her pant was one of those belt that clips from the back of the pants and then goes over your shoulder and then clips in front of her um. stocking (spandex). The woman wasn't wearing any shirt the belt was the only thing that was covering her breasts well actually the belt only cover her nipples.

On the woman neck she wore a five inches thick leather belt that she wore as a necklace. The woman had two more just above her hands. They waited.

"Who are you?" the man asked.

"I believe the you should ask yourself that question." Said the woman as she grazing out at the scenery, contempt he guesses.

"What? What do you mean?"

"Who are you?" the woman inquires.

"I'm Ryo of course!" He shouted in frustration.

"Really? Who is your father?"

"My father is Saisyu!"

"Is he really your father?"

"I-I." Ryo was stump he always had a feeling that his father was not his father at all.

"Well?" said the woman still gazing at the scenery ahead instead of him.

"I-I I don't know!" Ryo screams.

"Oh cutie don't get mad beside you'll find your past soon enough and then the prophecy will come true." Said the woman as her tone changes.


"You know you have to have a prophecy in order for one to come true like a imagination if you wait long and dreams hard enough one day it will come true."

"Am I in this? A part of this so called prophecy?" asked a perplexed Ryo.

"Maybe." said the woman as she turns toward Ryo with a smirk.

"What do you want from me then?"

"Oh right now I just want this." said the woman as she jumps toward Ryo and gave a passionate; lust kiss is more like it.

Ryo could feels her tongue inside his mouth as.

Ryo splash himself with water as he had just recalled the dreams.

"Urr.no more late night snack." Ryo mumbles as he stride over toward the towel rack to get one of the stack towel that was neatly folded and was hanged on the rack. Ryo started to clean his face.


Author note: This is a Ranma story. So don't ask.

Don't ya love crossover it more fun! Beside now you have to guess.

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