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Chapter 7-Oh snap..

"I'm.." Ren tried to find the words but he couldn't.

"You're?" Kyoko looked at him confused

" Kyoko this may shock you but I'm related to Kuu." Ren spoke slowly and carefully trying not

to break eye contact. Ren knew exactly what was going to be asked next

"How?" Kyoko's curiosity rose.

"HEY! Kyoko let me show you the rest of the house! Why don't you put your luggage down." Kuu stumbled through the door. His face was almost as white as a Kleenex tissue. Kyoko then noticed she was still holding her luggage.

"Oh you're right." Kyoko set her bag on the bed then her bigger luggage with her clothes in it by her closet.

"There's one place in the house that I'm sure you'd love." Kuu smiled manically. Kyoko's eyes

got wide at his remark. Ren sighed in relief that he was saved by his father.

"Really!?!" Kyoko exclaimed

"Yes of course." Kuu lead her quickly out of the door.

Ren then sat on his bed thinking if he should tell her the truth eventually but if he did that what would happen to there relationship? Ren buried his face in his hands. She might get mad. No she'll get pissed. Ren thought to himself as he remember Shou and his idiot self leaving Kyoko. He felt anger at this thought . Wait! How can she be mad if she doesn't know that I'm her Kuon… Ren thanked god for noticing this fact

Kyoko jaw had dropped to the floor. It was as if she was her dream land.

"Do you like it?" Kuu had a pleased smile on his face once he saw Kyoko's reaction.

"Do I like it!!?!?! That's an understatement! I LOVE IT!!!! IT'S SO PRETTY!" Kyoko was now officially lost in her fantasies. She began to waltz with an invisible gentleman in the large room.

"Well that's good to know." Kuu laughed as he watched Kyoko dance in the large "party room".

The name of the room didn't even fit the elegance of the room. This large room had large windows that consumed at least 2/3 of the room. There was a sky roof and in the middle of this large circular room hanging from the ceiling was a chandelier that would cost more then your life. The marble tile was as shiny as one could get. It would be perfect for a mirror.

Kyoko now was spinning in circles imagining her self as Cinderella. She giggled lightly as she imagined the soft sounds of a symphony as she danced with the prince of the land.

Kuu's gaze was soft as he saw Kyoko seem so cheerful. Kuu was soon distracted by his phone vibrating. He fumbled to get his phone

Ren knew his time in America was going to be hell. He had to juggle with Kyoko and his dieing mother. He couldn't trust himself. He was a love sick fool. Ren was going to be weaker.

How does he distance himself from Kyoko? There was no way he could. He was sharing a bedroom with her and his father would push them together but what was worst of all that Ren secretly was happy that he was sharing a bedroom with her and his father was pushing them together. Ren sighed he had vowed to never let himself be happy but when ever he was with her he was happy, well most of the time. Ren tried many times to run away from his feeling but there was no way to,ever . He was stuck. There was only one other way to get out of his lovesickpuppytitis ( yes it's an actual disease. It's for people who are terribly in love) it wasn't running away but to embrace it but poor little Tsuruga-san didn't understand that. Ren continued to ponder about his predicament. Suddenly Tsuruga-san heard a knocking on the door. Ren got up instinctively to answer the door.

"Um Tsuruga-san, can I come in?" Kyoko said sheepishly.

"Of course it's your room as much as mine." He wanted to laugh but he knew Kyoko would give him the what's-so-funny face. He smiled slightly at the thought. Kyoko looked at him oddly, why is he amused?

"I came in to get my bag because we're going to visit Mother. Father wants you to come. I bet she's amazing." Kyoko's eyes lit up. Ren couldn't help but smirk

" Ok then. I'll come " Ren quickly picked up his jacket to his suit. He followed silently behind Kyoko through the hall ways.

Kuu, Kyoko and Ren we're now all walking down an LA hospital hallway. Kuu soon talked to the nurse at the front desk if it was possible for them to visit Julie. They followed the nurse silently. Kuu wasn't happy at all and nor was Ren but Kyoko she was ecstatic. Kyoko was like a 5 year old at Disneyland. The nurse slid the card key through and let them in. She then followed them in.

Julie laid there sleeping. Kyoko looked at the gorgeous person. She could hardly believe that some could look that good.

"Julie guess who's here to see you!?!" Julie Quickly jumped up.

"Kuu, KUON!!!!" She an expression of pure joy. Kuu quickly went to give his wife a hug and kissed her on the forehead.

"What are you doing?!?!!? Come over here and give your mom a hug!" Julie yelled. Ren walked

towards her bed and gave her a hug. Ren tried to get out of the embrace but He was trapped. Ren was then reminded of his childhood and how his mother's love abused him. Julie squealed as she hugged him. Ren finally was able to get out of her hold. Julie smiled for a bit then noticed Kyoko.

"Who's this?" She smiled devilishly.

"This is Kyoko." Kuu said

"She's Japanese. Hmm is this Kuon's girlfriend?" Julie said. She had a huge smile written all over her face.

"Kuon? Girlfriend!?!?! What!!?!? KUON!?" Kyoko was having a nervous breakdown. She tired to connect Kuon and Ren together but failed. Then there was girlfriend, where in the world did this fit in!?!

"Kuon's my son! " Julie said almost defensive.

"Kuon? Kuon?" Kyoko said repeatedly " Wait Kuon!" She said as if finally connected in her head.

"Tsuruga-san you're Kuon?" Kyoko looked at Ren. It was obvious yes , but Kyoko had to get it confirmed from Tsuruga-san before she could try to swallow the idea. Ren looked at Kyoko

"Yes." And then the switch was officially turned on in Mogami-sans head.

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