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"Bella! We're going to miss you!" Angela said, throwing her arms around my shoulders.

"Jeez Angela, we aren't going that far. Besides, we'll see you in school." I hugged her back.

"And, you'll need someone to give you rides to and from school." Angela smiled. "I see cops pulling over you and Edward, and they notice that you are underclassmen with a license. He'll think its fraud. So, Ben will need to drive you."

I groaned. "Okay, then." I looked behind me, and saw Elijah stuffing suitcases in the back of the truck. Ben was in the front, and he was escorting us to the Cullen house, and then the house that Edward, Elijah and I would be sharing for the next few years.

"Come on, Bella!" Ben called when Elijah was done, and he revved the engine.

Penelope and Kenneth came down the stairs, and they were smiling at me. "Please keep in touch." Penelope asked as she came over to hug me.

"You know I will." I smiled back, wrapping my arms around her. "Besides, we'll come over often. And I'm sure Emmett will drag us to a baseball game that features all of us." I chuckled.

"And if you don't, I'll just have Carlisle give me your information." Kenneth said. "You were the first of my new children, but I see the Cullens were the first vampire family to you."

"I just don't want you thinking that I'm leaving you for them." I sighed.

"We understand." Penelope said. "They were in your life before us. It only makes sense that you would want to be with them."

"BELLA!" Ben yelled. He must be getting impatient.

"I have to go, someone is getting feisty." I chuckled, and waved at them. "I'll call you when we are settled." I left to sit in the truck. Next stop, the Cullen home.

The drive there was quiet. I guess Ben wasn't going to say anything until we reached our final destination.

The Cullen home was dimly lighted, but that meant little. Edward assured me that he would be ready. We pulled to a stop at the porch, shortly close to the area where we had the confrontation with the Volturi.

My door opened in a very fast motion, and the little pixie that I know and love tackled me.

"You can't leave!" She yelled. "I need my guinea pig for all of my new designs." Alice pouted.

"I'm sure Rosalie would do it, and she wouldn't give a fuss." I chuckled. "Can I get out so I can see my boyfriend?" I asked, struggling.

"You mean fiancé." Edward's velvet voice said, and he appeared near the truck with two suitcases in his hand. "Unless you were talking about someone else."

"You know I meant you." I said, pushing Alice off of me so I could give Edward a large hug.

The hug erupted into something more, and soon enough Emmett was clearing his throat.

"I need to hug my little sister, so I'd appreciate it if you two weren't going at it." He smiled and gave me another one of his famous bear hugs. "I'll show you eventually who will win." Emmett whispered in my ear as he sat me down.

I had to hug every Cullen, and they all promised that I keep in touch. I told them time after time that we'd see them at school, and that we'd move with them when they had to leave.

Edward waved and he got in the truck. We drove to our final location, and it was too a silent ride. I sighed, and Edward wrapped his arms around me.

"I love you." He whispered, and he kissed the top of my head. When we reached the tiny two-bedroom house, Ben parked the car and turned to us.

"Now, I know you heard this plenty of times, but please keep in touch." He smiled. "Have a good life Bella, maybe we will cross paths again." I nodded and we left the truck. Elijah rushed to the back and grabbed a couple suitcases. Edward and I joined him, and we emptied the trunk in one turn.

I waved as Ben sped off, and we entered our home. Edward sighed and grabbed me around my waist, suitcase still in hand.

"Bella, we can finally have the family we should have had 90 years ago." He said, and his tongue grazed my ear.

"A perfect one." I said, and I leaned in to kiss his collarbone.


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