Chapter Unus

Henry Atherton, the Queen's consort. Knight Iron Prominent, and Faerie Lord. This was his official title. But to others, he was something else entirely.

To all his family in the Analogue world, he was missing, presumed dead. He was their lost boy, and he left a big hole.

To Prince Pyrgus Malvae, he was a friend, fellow man-in-arms, and had always been his brother. Now he was really his brother!(Through marriage, of course.)

To Prince Comma, he was an old enemy, turned close friend and ally. They didn't have the same thing as he and Pyrgus, but that's how it should be.

To Prince Pyrgus's consort, Princess Nymphalis of the Forest Faerie, he was a brother-in-law, close friend, and good man. She thoroughly respected him, and found him a brave man and good husband to Queen Blue.

To the Purple Palace staff, he was a kind, brave, and just man, and treated them like equals instead of servants. For him they would give their lives.

To Madame Cardui, he was Alan's little protege, and she liked him. He was a good kid.

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for...(drumroll)

To QUEEN HOLLY BLUE(finally!), he was her best friend, her boyfriend, oops, husband now, and King. He was also possibly the greatest man to have ever walked the realm. He was kind, just, brave, sweet, strong, handsome, and her other(better) half. She loved him with all her heart, and felt as if she was one of those Luck had reserved a great lot for.

When Henry had a quick moment to reflect, he thought he was quite and ordinary. He was still shocked that Blue could love anyone like him, and just grateful he had such a great life. Sure, he missed people in the Analogue World, but he had started over again here. A new life, a better one.

And in this land, who knows where it will take him?


sorry about the crappy chapter, i just needed to get this started, and besides, it introduces some vital relationships to us. i find it helpful just to write stuff like this sometimes. next chapter will be less of a piece of crap, and THE STORY BEGINS!