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Bella POV

It's been 62 years. 62 years since he left me. To most vampire, this doesn't seem like much, but for me it might as well have been eternity already. Not only had he left but so did my so called "family". Alice, Jasper, Emmett, Rosalie, Carlisle and Esme. They had called me friend, they had called me sister. They lied. I knew that now, I knew people like the Cullen's were only good for making you love them and giving you happiness before they tear it all away.

I made sure that the Cullens all thought I was dead. I had faked my death after becoming a vampire by making it looked like i had commit scuicide. Even though they thought i was dead, I know without a doubt that if they knew I was alive than they would think I was the same innocent, caring, stupid girl I used to be. They would be wrong. That girl was dead and she wasn't coming back.

After he left me in the woods that day, I was numb. I didn't know what to do so I stood there staring and I did nothing. I couldn't feel and I couldn't think. I didn't want to. It's a place that you feel you have no other options. Something speaks to you … drawing you in and convincing you that maybe the easiest way to be rid of the pain was to completely rid of it. The voice in my head was whispering for me to end it. I remember thats what I was thinking when she came ...


"He left, he was gone, he left, and he was gone" It was all I could think. I couldn't feel anything. If I felt than I would die from the pain. He told me he didn't love me...that he didn't want me. I guess it made sense since I was only a plain human anyway, how could someone like him want someone like me? The answer was simple: They couldn't, and Edward had proved it.

I don't exactly know how long I was there for, but eventually she came out from behind the trees. Victoria. "Hello Bella" She said coming closer and closer towards me. I just continued to stare blankly at the spot where Edward had been standing. "Why are you out all alone in the woods, there might be a very dangerous someone here just waiting for the chance to hurt you" she hissed in my face. I didn't even flinch.

"I'm going to kill you now Bella" She said. "Your Edward will pay for killing James and he'll live an eternity with the pain of losing his mate just like me" she stated, getting ready to pounce at me. I guess that would be when I snapped. I laughed humorlessly and looked at her for the first time. "Go ahead and kill me, I wouldn't care" I said truthfully. "And neither would Edward" I sneered his name. "Kill me, you'll be doing me a favor" Maybe she will I thought to myself. I honestly hoped she did. Victoria looked at me for a second before asking a question I didn't evn want to acknowledge. "Aww, did little Edward leave you Bella?" She asked sarcastically. "Yes" I spat. "Aren't you supposed to be killing me? Get it on with".

"You know, I don't think I will. I'll change you instead. Then you'll have to live an eternity with the pain of not having the one you love. You'll just have to live with your suffering" She smiled at me creuly and got into a hunter's crouch. "What?!? No" I screamed, but it was already to late, Victoria had pounced.

End Flashback...

After the fire from the transformation had left my body I had woken up with threee people watching me from a few feet away looking skeptical. Aro had come with Demetri and of course, Renata to visit his old friend Carlisle and his family. So they had come and found me changed and alone. Aro had come torwards me after he had seen me awaken and start to dry-sob on the ground. He had asked me what was wrong and I don't know why I did it but I told him...Everything.

After my story was done I had stopped crying. I don't know why but it seemed as if my sadness had gone, as id I had locked it deep into a vault inside myself that only I had the power to open. I didn't feel the sorrow of my situation anymore, I was ticked. My anger rose and rose and I felt like I was going to explode from the hate when suddenly the trees around me were up in flames.

I was shocked and that made me momentarily forget my anger. As soon as I calmed down the flames had disappeared, leaving everything charred and burnt. Aro had looked at me longingly and had practically begged me to join the Volturi. Me, not knowing who else to go to and not wanting to be alone, agreed. We had made the trip back to the Volturi with them three talking excitedly about me and with me just sitting silenty, trying to think of anything but the Cullens.

At first everyone had believed that flame was my only power, which was dangerous in itself, especially for a vampire but after being with the Volturi for only a couple hours I had slipped and thought of the Cullen's and that caused me to accidentally use Jane's power on Felix who was the closest person to me. After asking Latia, Eleazer's replacement, to analyze my power she said that I could copy the power of any vampire I came in contact with. She also said that my fire power was just a "start off" power and that I could also block out the powers of the other vampires around me. This made me very, very dangerous. As of today, I have 107 powers.

Now, 62 years later, I was the 4th leader of the Volturi and the leader of the Volturi's stealth group called Ghost made up entirely of female vampires that I trained personally. Aro had asked me, after only twelve years, to be a leader. He probably did that because he knew I was powerful, more powerful than him by far, and he may have thought that if he shared the role of leader with me than I wouldn't just kill him and take it myself. I was grateful to Aro for giving me my life back…or what was left of it, and I would never had tried to kill him though, but still I had accepted the role of a leader and I had formed Ghost only a year and a half later.

"Master Isabella" Celia called from outside my doorway, interrupting my thoughts. "What do you want?" I asked coldly from my unneeded bed after Evie went to open the door. Its not as if I didn't like Celia (A/N: Picture on Profile) in fact she was second in command in Ghost and the only person other than my brothers who knew about my past with the Cullens, she was my only true friend, But I was cold to everyone, whether I liked them or not.

"Hey Evie" She said, before coming over to sit on the edge of my bed. Evie was my bodyguard, not that I needed one, but I usually let her handle trivial things I didn't feel like handling plus Aro insisted on it. He usually said that it kept up appearances and besides, it was nice to not always be alone wallowing in my memories since Evie was always with me.

"You need to get ready" Celia said. "For?" I asked in a bored voice. "For?" She repeated looking exasperated. "Well, Aro says its feeding time and that the banquet is almost here and that we're supposed to meet in the throne room, then he tells me to remind you that you agreed to meet with a coven that he has invited to stay here for a while and finally, after your finished with that, Ghost has a training session, which you scheduled I might add" She finished.

"I don't need to go to the thrown room to feed, you guys drink from innocent people and I refuse to do that, you guys know I only hunt human killers or rapists or anything of that nature, so why are you here? Come get me after the banquet is over" I said in an annoyed voice. "Yea, yea, yea, but Aro wants you there to control the guard if they get out of control again" She replied sarcastically. Celia was the only one who could talk to me like that and get waya with it, and she knew it.

"Fine" I sighed, getting up. "Umm maybe you should change first" Celia offered, glancing down at my clothes. I looked down too and realized I was still wearing the blood splattered clothes from my last mission. "Oh, Right."

I closed my eyes. Since we had a training session later I pictured myself in my training clothes. I opened my eyes and I was in black skinny jeans, black boots, a black and Gold sports bra and a black cape that Aro insisted I wear. Even in these simple clothes I knew I looked good, no longer my plain human self. During my transformation my face became more angular, my legs grew longer and my hair grew to my waist and darkened a shade in color but the most dramatic change were my eyes which were now a shining red color.

"Excellent" Celia approved. "Let's Go" I said and headed off to the throne room with Celia and Evie on either side of me. We walked into the throne room and most of Ghost and the guard were already there standing to the sides. Celia went to join them while I walked to the front and up the marble platform, and took a seat in my gold throne in between Marcus's and Aro's black ones. Caius, who was on Aro's other side, leaned forward and winked at me. I rolled my eyes because I knew he was only mocking the fact that I would not feed off of "innocent" humans.

After a couple of minutes of waiting for the rest of the guard to show up and talking to my brother's about future missions that the guard and ghost would have to do, we could hear Gianna leading the humans here as if they were on a tour. "This is the hallway just before the throne room where we keep our most exquisite art," She said and I could even hear a few clicks of cameras. Every Vampire was silent now and I wondered just what lie Gianna told the tourists to get them to come here this time. This place usually has an illusion around it that makes it look abandoned but i'm guessing they took it off for a bit so they would come.

"Next is the throne room," Gianna said opening the Giant, Elaborate doors. I heard some of the crowd gasp as they saw all of the people…well vampires…in the room. "And this..," Gianna said menacingly "is where you die," and I watched as every other vampire in the room pounced.

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