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Story name: Undeniable love

Main charters: Edward, Bella, Rose, Emmet and latter on Alice, jasper, Jacob and Esme and Carlisle.

All human

Story summary:

Drinking, partying, one night stand, and drugs are normal for young Bella Swan. But will she stop after something bad happens, that might just change her life forever? Will she finally realize that she has what she needs right in front of her eyes? Or wills he be a coward and run from her life?

Edward Cullen is Bella's best friend. He loves her, he knows it. She loves him but has yet to realize it. Edward would do anything for Bella and hates to see her waste her life on drinking and partying. He will save her, or is it to late? Has Bella already messed up her life enough? Can Bella be saved?

Rosalie Hale thinks she knows it all. But when something happens to her best friend, will she finally realize to much partying might just be, well to much? Can she handle what's ahead, or will she resort to confiding in one person her biggest, darkest, deepest secret. Will that one person turn out to be THE ONE?

Emmett McCarthy is one of the most popular guys in school since he lost his virginity to the Bella Swan. Emmett and Bella are like sister and brother, what will he do when he finds out that she is hiding a deep, dark secret from her? Emmett also realize that he is in love his other friend Rose, will he make a move or keep his reputation of being Mr. Player?

Everyone has their own problems to deal with in life. But in the small town of Forks, everyone deals with everyone else's problems. Nothing is what it seems. For Bella Swan everything is about to change. But thanks to Edward she will have at least one person to lean on. The whole school and her family will turn their backs on her. But Edward will be by her side. No one will comfort her when she needs help. But Edward will rub soothing circles into her back and reassure her that everything is going to be ok. Nothing will ever be the same again.

~Death is easy, Life is harder~

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