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Bella's POV

As my father gripped my hand, I could feel the breathe in my throat coming out slowly. I still couldn't get over the fact that I was here, about to marry the man I loved, that fathered my child.

It was hard to believe that seven years ago things were so different, yes me and Edward were best friends and yes I secretly loved him. But I could have never imagined that I would be walking down the isle to him. He was the boy who was my crutch, but as I grew as a person because of him, and he has never left my side, and I learned so much and I think that was part of relationships that you grow with the person and learn from your mistakes. That's how I knew this was right, that I would never regret this. Ever.

These past few years have been tough, and with this whole Jacob thing I was confused beyond anything. I felt something but I couldn't explain it, but it wasn't going to stop me from marrying Edward. It meant way to much to me, I was way more in love with Edward then I would ever be with Jacob. Edward was my Jack Dawson, Jacob was my best friend, forever. That's the way things would be.

The moment I looked down the isle into Edward's eyes which were glowing and the smile on his face was beyond anything I have ever seen in my life. It was my smile! Everything else in the entire world disappeared in that moment. Everyone in the pews stood up and the organ began to play. I smiled. Rose and Alice were standing in the front still speechless, after the bomb I dropped on them. Which I would have to deal with latter. Avery was smiling and laughing as Alice was holding onto her. Edward was smiling up a storm and so was Emmett and Jasper. My heart wasn't pounding. I was taking deep breaths and concentrating on each step and the way my lips puckerd as I smiled.

Befor I knew it I was at the end. I felt my dad kiss my check and went to sit by my mom. Edward took his hand in mine and the ceromny began. For a moment in time everyone in the church was gone it was just me and Edward, repeating our vows. My mind was blank and was going over everything that me and him went through since the one night that we conceived Avery and how much of a impact it made on our lives.

"And now the bride and groom have wrote their very own vows that they would like to share in front of all of you today!"

The priest said there were people in the room, but I could only see Edwards eyes, his half crocked smile and the single tear that ran down his face.

"I Edward Cullen vow to protect you Bella Swan with my life, to make sure your always happy and that no matter what happens now till the day I die I will be by your side, through whatever obstacles life throws at us I will be here to put a smile on your face and I vow to continue to make our love strong and grow within our hearts no matter what happens next, I vow to love you for the rest of my life"

I knew I was crying but I was to happy to worry about ruining my makeup, although Alice was most likely cringing at that fact. I couldn't stop looking into his beautiful emerald eyes. I kept thinking how much I loved him and how crazy it is that we are able to stand where we are. It still didn't hit me that I was getting married! This was nuts!

"I Bella Swan vow to honor you and be your wife, I vow to be here with you and for you. Forever. No matter what happens who comes in or out of our life, I vow to hold your hand through our highs and lows and wipe away all your tears and kiss you goodnight. I vow to never forget anything we have been through and to look forward to our promising future, I vow to also never forget our Jack Dawson, and Rose titanic adventures."

Everyone in the church giggled alittle and Edward blushed. I just had! To put that in. Its what made our love, us!

"To cherish what we have forever. I love you!"

The priest smiled and then continued on with the rest of the ceremony. It was pretty short but it was a pretty darn good feeling when I said 'I do' at that point you know…that your married! Single life is over! Your officially married! It felt so amazing, I never thought I would see the day! I couldn't help but feel butterflies everywhere!

"By the power invested in me through the state of Washington and small town of Forks, I now pronounce you man and wife, Edward you may kiss your bride!"

It was like that moment in a dream, that moment where you didn't want to wake up and usually do. Well I didn't wake up because, I wasn't dreaming this was my reality now! I was happy! All along this was what was in store, and its all thanks to Avery, if it wasn't for her I would have never wanted to change the way I was. It was fate. Edward's smile was from ear to ear, the tears were streaming down my face now. We were both just simply happy! I kissed him passionately! Like never before! Then we made our way down the isle for the first time EVER! As Mr. and Mrs. Edward and Bella Cullen!

"And here for the first time ever! Now entering the dance floor! MR. AND MRS. CULLEN!"

Edward and I ran onto the beach from behind this Curtin thing! Our whole wedding party clapping and screaming! Crying and laughing! Waving their chapmen glasses and little towel things! It was an amazing night we danced, and danced and danced! Unlike anything! I was having a blast. I talked to everyone! Expect…..


Jacob called from across the beach I ran over to him my dress being picked up by the wind. I hadn't talked to him all night and I had been dieing to! I wanted to know how I looked up at the altar and when he was going to purpose! I still felt alittle weird but I tried to ignore it best I could!

"What's up Jake?"

I asked smiling at him as he sat at a table with his family and some people o have yet to meet.

"You rememeber Sam Uley right? My dads friend?"

I looked at the grown man. He looked a lot like a older Jacob. I rememebrd Sam! Sam and Emily loved each other a lot and got married right before I had Avery. I attended their wedding.

"Yea, Yea and Emily right?"

I said to the girl sitting to his left. Their hands were interlocked.


They both said at the same time.

Emily got up and gave me a hug. I could feel that she had a bump in her stomach. Pregnant. I thought to myself.


Emily and I both said at the same time.

I pulled away and she gave me a confused look.

"What silly! Its your wedding!"

I smiled and leaned in close to her ear.

"Your pregnant right?"

I asked in a timid voice so no one could hear.

She smiled at me and nodded her head.

"4 months and 6 days. it's a boy and his name will be Seth"

I gave her a hug and gave her stomach a quick pat. I was so beyond happy for her!

"That's so adorable!"

I replied we smiled at each other bright and just full of happiness. She was looking at me as if I were to start telling her about myself, like I was going to say I was pregnant too. I felt weird as if she could see something that I couldn't. Her smile kind of changed into a confused look as she continued to look at me.

"Sam and Emily came to visit me a lot in the city, it was a hell of a time!"

Sam laughed and sort of did this man hug with Jacob. Emily just continued to give me this really confusing look, then before I knew it Sam wisked her off saying he wanted to at least get one dance in before the night ended. She looked kind of weird, confused. I was begging to get a errie feeling but I ignored it. Jacob sat there in his seat just smiling at me. He had been starring at me for at least 20 minutes I was completely unaware of his presence. I just coulding stop thinking about why Emily was looking at me so funny.

"Bella, you okay?"

Jacob finally asked after a while. I looked at him and smiled I wasn't about to go all crazy over the Emily thing it was most likely nothing I was porbally over reacting.

"Yeah, yeah im fine just tired. Its been such a long day!"

He laughed at me, and pushed the falling hair from my up-do to one side. Even with the slightest touch I felt warmth. It felt sort of nice, like a sense of pureness and a good feeling.

"So where is Summer?"

I asked trying to get rid of the feeling and continuing to remember that I had just got married and I shouldn't be thinking about a nother guy.

"I think she is with my dad, they really hit it off im supper happy! She is just loving him so much and my sister and her are planning to like go on vacation or something along those lines!"

I was sort of jelous that Jacob's family loved this girl, but at the same time I wasn't. Jacob deserved happiness and if that's what this girl gave to him then I was so thankful for that. My heart ached alittle though, I missed him. I missed hanging out with him and eating junk food. Sitting in his grage till 4am, talking about absolutely nothing.

"Wow, that's awesome!"

He shook his head with the biggest smile on his face. A smile that I remember seeing years ago, when we first kissed. Something that I had forgotten a long time ago.

"Yeah, yeah Im happy about it. I was worried but I think its all going to work out. Im asking her"

Alittle feeling of jelous raged thorugh me but I ignored it. I wanted to be happy for him and I couldn't understand why I wasn't!

"Jacob! That is amazing! I cant wait to hear all about it!"

He smiled again and started playing with the table cloth. I could tell how nervous he was, I was scared too. But I know he would be okay. I know he would. Who would say no to him, I sure wouldn't If I was her. I placed my hand on his and smiled. That's when she walked over, she sort of looked worried like i was going to steal him away from her or something.


She said I a loud voice, she ran over to him and took his hand. He looked down at me and smiled, laughing while she kissed his neck and sort of whispered in his ear. I felt like i shouldn't be watching. She was a bit awkward, almsot like she was tryin to make me jelous.

" I will see you latter Bella, by the way.."

He sort of let og of her and crouched backed down by me, she had a worried look again like I was going to start kissing him like she did but i jsut smiled at him, a friendly smile.

"You look so beautiful tonight! Edward is a lucky man!"

The rage in her eyes was pittyful, I felt like telling her to calm down, that he was going to purpose to her so she needed to take a chill pill.

Jacob got up and wisked her off to her smile popped out. I was incredibly happy for him, but I couldn't help but feel alittle hurt,she didn't even look at me. She was in a werid state where her eyes were pinned on Jacob. I felt werid arond her. But once again I ignored it.

I made my way back over to Edward who was holding champagn and having a conversation with his grandfater. He took me by the waist and kissed my forehead, and all that crazyniess was gone in a second I felt whole again!

"MOMMY! MOMMY! Look what I got!"

Avery Rose screamed running over to me. She brought a bunch of shells and she was smilling from ear to ear. It was the most perfect thing I had seen in a long time, I couldn't imagine a day that would get any better I was the most happy I had been since she was born. I felt like my family was finally whole. And might just get a little more full, I placed my hand on my stomach eager to find out if I was to have another child. I was ready, I made my descion, I was nervouse earlier thinking that maybe it was to early, but I knew that it was never to early, not after everything that Edward and I had been through. We were both ready.

I kissed her check and took her small hand in mine. We walked over to a table and sat down looking at a bunch of different shells she had picked up. It was the perfect way to end a perfect day!

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