**Author's note**

Story behind story: You see I was thinking, the twins mess with Ratchet with the occasional prank from Jazz or someone else. Then there is Ratchet pranking the rest of the crew who pranked him. But Prime…he is alone. Rarely pranked and rarely if not never pranked. Meet the evil side of Prime…

The evil side of Prime

Chapter 1: Prank on the Pranksters

The leader of the Autobots woke up to the usual, Ratchet screaming after the twins…again. He groaned and sat up, hitting his head on the shelf above. He'd been begging Ratchet or Wheeljack to fix it but it seemed to slip their minds. With that in mind and the screaming of medic and wailing of the twins, Optimus Prime had a thought. Not a good, leadering thought but an evil, twisted, prankster thought. If you thought you knew Prime before, let me tell you of the other side of him. The evil side of Prime…

"Ratchet, why?" wailed Sunstreaker.

"Will you three please be quiet!" Prowl ordered. Sideswipe and Sunstreaker perked up. Ratchet hissed.

"Save us!" the twins whimpered.

"Silence!" Prowl ordered, "Prime says he isn't feeling well. He is staying in bed all day, so he says."

"Want me to check 'em out?" Ratchet questioned, releasing Sunstreaker.

"He said that was unnecessary. Said it was just a little weak from the battle the other day," Prowl sighed.

"Run Sides!" Sunstreaker screamed.

"No ya don't!" Ratchet wailed, chasing after the boys. Prowl groaned, shaking his head.

Sunstreaker and Sideswipe ran down the halls of the Ark till they met a neatly laid trap. A net was smartly placed, blocking the rest of the hall. The twins had bumped into it and fell into a pile of oil. As they dripped in it, Ratchet came over and stared blankly.

"What happened?" Ratchet gasped.

"We stepped into a trap!" Sides screamed.

"Did you do it?" Sunny gasped.

"Primus no! It makes too much a mess!" Ratchet howled, lifting the two.

The twins gapped as the net had disappeared. Ratchet snickered, leading them to his lab. Meanwhile, Optimus stood leaned against the wall, a smiled lapped on his face.

"Well as the twins slowly lose their heads I still have many others on my list…" Prime snickered, strolling off.

**Author's note**

Next chapter is Jazz hating Jazz. Don't ask why but you'll see…