Ending. Short and simple closure of the story.

The evil side of Prime

Chapter 14: Finished last

Prowl sighed, sprawling out across his desk. It had been a long, long week or so. Optimus made it to med bay, the Cons left without question, and everything seemed to go back to normal. The shattering cry of Ratchet ended Prowl's peace and quiet or thoughts of normal. Prowl sighed, pushing off his desk and getting up.

He caught the twins running past him with large grins on their faceplates and paint stained on their hands. Prowl couldn't help but smile. The two disappeared down the hall, turning right and laughing louder. They had alright gone into their normal routines. Prowl stopped by Prime's room where Ratchet and Wheeljack were doing something.

"What are you doing?" Prowl remarked.

"Dismantling the shelf," Ratchet answered. "Prime's been complaining about it for weeks."

"And you haven't done it yet?" gaped Prowl.

"Our bad," chuckled Wheeljack.

"Oh…please oh please don't tell me this stupid shelf caused Prime's processor damage," snarled Prowl.

"Uh," the two mumbled, exchanging glances.

"I'm going to kill you," Prowl hissed.

"Come now, Prowl," pleased Wheeljack. "It isn't our fault."

"Oh, really?" growled Prowl, stepping forward. "I'm sure I can piece a thing or two from you to the things that happened this week, starting with that blasted shelf!"

Prowl charged forward after the two but Wheeljack jumped over while Ratchet slipped around the side. Prowl fell forward onto the desk. He snarled, turning around and chasing after the two. Sunstreaker and Sideswipe, leaned against the wall, smiled triumphantly as the three ran down the hall. They exchanged glances.

"What happened?"

They turned to their left to see Optimus rubbing his head. He looked around wearily, mumbling something about his head aching hard. They smiled again, shrugging. Sunstreaker moved to the opposite side of Prime. The two patted him on the shoulders.

"It's alright…nothing to worry about," they assured. "Nothing at all."