Hi everyone!! Me again – lol. I have some award updates and more award notifications for you. First, I'm so unbelievably happy to say that Cullen Family Camping Trip has made it into the final round of the Indie Twific Awards! Thank you so much for voting!! Now please go vote again, lol. Voting over there will started tonight and goes through July 29, so you've got 4 days to vote. Again, I really and truly appreciate it and am beyond flattered – thanks. The Razzle Dazzle Awards are still going on until July 31, so remember to vote there. Choices, Desperation, and Burned are all up at The Twilight Corner's Fanfiction Awards, and Cullen Family Camping Trip is up at The Silent Tear Awards. I will list all categories and links below. If you'd rather just click on the direct link, go to my profile page – I'll always have the updated award info there, along with the direct links.

Indie Twific Awards:

Cullen Family Camping Trip has made it through to the final round of voting. Vote from late on 7/22 – 7/29

Category: Best Use of Comedy, complete


The Twilight Corner's Fanfiction Awards:

Choices: Best T Rated

Desperation: Best Collaboration

Burned: Best One-shot

Voting: July 18 – Aug. 3

Link: ./

The Silent Tear Awards:

Cullen Family Camping Trip: Best Humor

Voting: (has started) ends 9/1

Link: .com/


Choices: "Best During the Series."

Voting is open until July 31.

Link: .

Thanks everyone, and sorry to bother you!! The sequel for Camping Trip should be up soon. 